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Information on the Results of Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Mari El in 2012

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on the Results of Socio-Economic Development

of the Republic of Mari El in 2012

In 2012 in the Republic of Mari El ensured a steady growth of the main indicators of socio-economic development.

The enterprises of the republic dispatched industrial products worth 92.7 billion rubles in 2012, the production index was 110.3%. According to the index of industrial production the Republic Mari El took 2nd place among the regions of the Volga Federal District for the year 2012, among the subjects of the Russian Federation - 11th place.

The growth of volumes of the industrial output

ensured by modernization and technical re-equipment of production, increasing of the range of output products, attracting investors and the creation of new industries in the territory of the republic.

In 2012, the increase in the index of production achieved in core activities: textile and clothing industry - 149.5%, manufacture of food products - 126.9%, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products - 123.9%, vehicles and equipment - 123.6 %, electrical, electronic and optical products - 113.5%, production of leather, leather products and footwear - 110.9%, manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products - 109.7%, manufacture of machinery and equipment - 108.3 %, manufacture of rubber and plastic products - 107.3%, production of petroleum products - 104.5%, pulp and paper production, publishing and printing activities - 104.4%.

The republic continues to implement investment projects aimed at the creation of new industries, modernization and technical re-equipment of production.

In 2012, in the territory of the republic 27 investment projects worth $ 3 billion were implemented, in which about 700 new jobs were created, among them:

CJSC "Mariyskoe" – on the modernization of production of broiler meat

Ltd "Tekhnotekh" – on the production of fiberglass,

Ltd "Firm" Souvenir " – on the expansion and modernization of production

JSC" Shelangerskii chemical plant "- on the construction of the workshop for the production of tinting pastes,

Ltd “Transtekhservis “ – on the construction of the 2nd and 3rd stages of the automotive village.

The volume of agricultural products on farms of all agricultural producers for the year 2012 amounted to 25.4 billion or 114.3% in the comparable estimate for 2011.

The rate of growth of production of agricultural products the republic took 1st place among the regions of the Volga Federal District for the year 2012, among the subjects of the Russian Federation - 2nd place.
Compared to the year 2011 in the republic potato production has increased by 16.2%, vegetables - by 6.5%, meat production increased by 34.8%. In the structure of meat production is observed the increase of poultry meat to 52.3% against 45.3% in 2011.

In 2012, two large investment projects were implemented to the industry: the construction of the pig farm with a full cycle by CJSC PZ "Shoybulaksky" in Orshanka municipal region and 5th stage on the reconstruction and modernization of the production of modern poultry complex Ltd "Poultry Factory Akashevskaya" in Sovietskii and Paranga municipal regions.

By estimate in 2012, to the development of the economy and social sphere of the republic by businesses and organizations of all forms of ownership was directed investment in fixed assets in the amount of 30.6 billion, which is more than the level of 2011 by 10.1% at constant prices.

In 2012, the republic continued active work with the federal government on attracting state investments by federal targeted programmes. On January 1, 2013 the republic received 5.6 billion rubles to 16 federal targeted programmes, 3 government programs and non-program parts.

To the construction of the objects of social sphere and engineering infrastructure, co-financing of the construction of the facilities, included in the federal targeted programmes, within the republican targeted investment programmes from the national budget was directed 1.8 billion rubles.

In 2012, were commissioned such social facilities as school building with the gym of Krasnookiabrskaya Secondary School in Medvedevo municipal region, were built Resurrection and Gogol pedestrian bridges over the river Malaya Kokshaga, the Spasskaya Tower, the Palace of marriage in Yoshkar-Ola, 11 kindergartens in the regions of the republic for 935 seats were commissioned and reconstructed. Continued the construction of the National President Comprehensive boarding school for gifted children, Mari National Theater of Opera and Ballet, the universal indoor athletic arena, the Resurrection park, the Republican Puppet Theatre, the building with canyons of radiotherapy of the Republican Cancer Clinic, the complexes of physical culture and leisure in the municipalities of the republic, was reconstructed the embankment of the river Malaya Kokshaga in Yoshkar-Ola. Also, in the second half of 2012 in Yoshkar-Ola started the construction of the new building to house a business incubator with a total area of more than 3.0 thousand sq m.

In the republic annually is growing entering of residential homes.

For 2012 housing of total area 351, 4 thousand sq m was introduced, which is more than in 2011 by 11.6%. By the rate of growth of housing for the year 2012 the republic took the 1st place among the regions of the Volga Federal District, among the subjects of the Russian Federation - 15th place.

Much attention is paid to the gasification of the republic.

In 2012 the gas network of length 164.1 km was built, or 121.9% compared to 2011, which allowed increasing the level of the gasification in rural areas to 67.0%, while the overall level of the gasification in the republic is of 84.3%.

In 2012, the country introduced roads paved length of 28.8 km, which is 3.6 times more than in 2011, the water-supply network length 20.0 km.

The positive trends achieved and at the consumer market.

The retail trade turnover in 2012 increased at constant prices by 6.9% compared with 2011 and amounted to 56.1 billion rubles. In the structure of the retail trade turnover share of food products was 50.6%, non-food products - 49.4%.

The foreign trade turnover grows. By estimate in 2012 the foreign trade turnover of the Republic of Mari El was 639.8 million (136.6% compared to 2011), including exports - 545.0 million USD (144%), import - 94, U.S. $ 8 million (105.3%).

The main trade partners of the external economic activity of the organizations of the republic remain the companies from far-abroad countries, their share in the total foreign trade turnover is about 77%.

In 2012, the republic preserved the growth in the standard of living of the population.

Average per capita income for 2012 compared

to the year 2011 increased by 9.0% and amounted to 12 343,4 rubles, including the December - 18 126.4 rubles.

The average monthly salary for the year 2012 compared

to the year 2011 increased by 15% to 16 075,4 rubles, including

December - 20 727.3 rubles.

In 2012, in the republic was exercised the implementation of measures aimed at increasing employment, creating new jobs.

Continued implementation of the Integrated programme of measures to create new jobs in the Republic of Mari El for 2011 - 2015, under which it is planned to create more than 15 thousand new jobs.

In 2012, the number of employees of the organizations recruited for the additionally introduced places was 4667, of whom in the industry - in 1339, agriculture and forestry -

749, construction and housing - 303, transport and communications - 278, wholesale and retail trade - 914.

The situation in the labour market improved.

On 1 January 2013 the level registered unemployment amounted to 0.97% of the economically active population, the number of unemployed people registered at employment offices decreased compared to the beginning of the year by 1.5 times and amounted to 3635 people, the number of job vacancies has increased 1.8 times and amounted to 6339 units.

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