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Information Note for Participants Social Forum Secretariat

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United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

The 2010 Social Forum

4 to 6 October 2010

Information Note for Participants
Social Forum Secretariat

  1. In advance of the Social Forum the Secretariat can be contacted at telephone: +41 (0) 22 928-9431 (Mr. Mika Kanervavuori) and +41 (0) 22 928-9448 (Ms. Katayoun Vessali) or by email: During the Social Forum the Secretariat can be found in Palais des Nations in Offices E-3060 (behind Room XX).


  1. All participants to the Social Forum should have registered in advance with the Secretariat according to instructions on the OHCHR webpage. For entry into the United Nations premises participants need to bring a copy of the registration form as well as appropriate identification documents. In addition to obtaining a badge for entering the premises, all participants are also requested to fill up the orange registration forms which are available in Room XX and return it to the Conference service personnel or the Secretariat. This registration form will be used for official list of participants as part of the report of the Social Forum.

Panel and Debate Sessions

  1. The Social Forum takes place in Palais des Nations, Room XX (door 40, third floor). A detailed Programme of Work can be found on OHCHR’s Social Forum webpage. The Social Forum is composed of panel presentations followed by open debates. The participants wishing to take the floor during the open debate on behalf of their delegation or organization are requested to inscribe on the list of speakers. An inscription point is situated on the right-hand side of the room close to the podium. The list of speakers will be drawn upon on a first-come-first-served basis and will determine the order of intervention during the open debate. Each open debate is limited in time and shared by all participants wishing to take the floor. The speaking time for all observers is set to 5 minutes. The Chairperson-Rapporteur has the discretion to close the list of speakers and to review the speaking time arrangement as appropriate.

  1. All speakers at open debate sessions are encouraged to make substantive interventions relevant to the topic under discussion. Questions should be clearly directed to the relevant quest speaker(s). Due to the limitations of time, not all requests for oral interventions may be accommodated, therefore, where appropriate, NGO coordination is encouraged in making joint statements.

  1. In order to facilitate interaction and flow of communication, the Social Forum does not follow pre-seating arrangements.

Side events

  1. Participants are encouraged to organize side events and spur further dialogue in relation to the topics discussed at the Social Forum. The Secretariat disposes of two conference rooms that can be used for such purposes. For reservation of one of the rooms for a side event, please contact the Secretariat at telephone: + 41 (0) 22 928-9448 (Ms. Katayoun Vessali).Only journalists and camerapersons duly accredited with the United Nations Office at Geneva are allowed to use camera and video equipment during side events.

Access to Social Forum documentation

  1. All information and updates in relation to the Social Forum can be consulted on OHCHR website. The documentation desk at Palais des Nations is situated by door 40 (entrance level).

NGO documentation and material

  1. NGOs can use the designated tables behind the conference room to display their documentation and materials. Distribution of such documentation at places other than at the designated tables is not permitted. The NGO documentation must carry the stamp of the organization concerned. All materials are subject to prior approval by the Secretariat and the Secretariat reserves the right to remove inappropriate and offensive documentation and to suspend the accreditation of the concerned organization.

  1. OHCHR NGO liaison is carried out by Mr. Safir Syed at telephone: + 41 (0) 22 917-9230 and Ms. Lidiya Grigorieva at telephone + 41 (0) 917 9656.

IT arrangements

  1. To facilitate the work of the participants, an information technology corner is available next to Conference Room XVII (near Serpentine Bar).Wireless internet access is available in Salle XX during the Social Forum.

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