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Information Lionel Messi trains longer with clima 365 Herzogenaurach/Germany, May 2011

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Lionel Messi trains longer with CLIMA 365
Herzogenaurach/Germany, May 2011 – The adidas Men’s Training collection has an exciting new face to represent one of its main ranges in fall/winter 2011. The two-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winner, footballer Lionel Messi is the new ambassador for the CLIMA 365 range, the most personalised functional training gear available with adidas technologies to keep you cooler and drier, no matter how hard you train.
Football is a passionate sport where decisions are made in an instant. The same passion is necessary away from the field, so I work hard wearing Clima365. It keeps me cool and dry and it let’s me train longer, bringing me more benefits from my preparation.” says Lionel Messi.
The CLIMA 365 collection is the must-have gear for training sessions helping you getting better in your own favourite sport or simply supporting you to achieve your daily goals in the gym. Its main technology, ClimaCool®, ensures your body temperature is regulated in order to keep your skin dry and comfortable 365 days a year.
The CLIMA 365 technology provides ultimate body support to optimize human performance. The complete 365 gives you a year round solution for performance. In warm environmental conditions, ClimaCool technology helps to maintain your core body temperature at 37°C and keeps you cool to further push your performance. ClimaWarm keeps you warm and comfortable during colder winter days.”  explains Dr. Maarten Hupperets, adidas innovation team (ait).
Based on thermoregulation, different mesh fabrics are used in the critical body sweat zones to transport perspiration, ventilate heat zones, protect from the elements, or retain warmth to moderate the body’s temperature for peak efficiency and comfort. CLIMA 365 always makes you feel comfortable no matter how long or in what conditions you work out.
The CLIMA 365 line hits retail stores in June 2011, including adidas Sport Performance Stores and selected sport retailers around the world.
For further information please visit adidas News Stream ( or contact:
Rita Gonçalves - adidas Global PR

Tel.: +49 9132 84 3255

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adidas CLIMA365 is an umbrella concept which encompasses all the CLIMA system technologies: CLIMACOOL®, CLIMALITE®, CLIMALITE® COTTON, CLIMAWARM™, CLIMAPROOF® - providing a head-to-toe approach to temperature optimisation. In turn, this allows athletes to stay dry and comfortable and perform at their optimal body temperature of 37ºC in any given temperature or weather condition. This is why they can do sports 365 days a year.

CLIMA 365 Signature Line

The CLIMA365 Signature Line uses CLIMALITE® COTTON as a featured fabric in the collection making the apparel pieces feel soft and cosy without compromising on the look. The colour range is more traditional in the cotton pieces: phantom, dark and medium grey mixed with high red for the first autumn months and pure uniform blue for later on in the colder season.


CLIMALITE® COTTON feels as soft as cotton, while enhancing the body’s natural temperature regulation functions. By combining cotton and synthetic fibres, this fabric wicks and transports liquid sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation.


CLIMALITE® is a light and breathable fabric that transports sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation, thus enhancing the body’s natural temperature regulation.


CLIMAWARM is lightweight, breathable insulation that keeps you dry and comfortable in cold weather conditions by using densely woven synthetic fibres to trap warm air close to your skin. These fibres are dense enough to trap air and at the same time spaced far enough apart to allow heat-sapping sweat to escape easily through evaporation.


CLIMAPROOF® is breathable weather protection that optimises body temperature and keeps you at peak performance level in even the harshest wind, rain and storm conditions by acting as a barrier to these elements, while allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation.

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