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This man’s disciple was captured in the Hôtel de Ville by Paul Barras. This mentor of Louis de Saint-Just replaced Jacques Hébert’s Cult of Reason with his own Cult of the Supreme Being and ordered the execution of the leader of the Indulgents, Georges Danton. A new [*] calendar with months like Fructidor and Brumaire was introduced by this man’s Republic of Virtue. This man, known as “The Incorruptible,” was executed during the Thermidorian Reaction. For 10 points, name this French Revolutionary leader of the Committee for Public Safety whose death ended the Reign of Terror.

ANSWER: Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre

After the first instance of this holiday, the Peter discussed the moon turning into blood and the sun becoming covered with darkness, reciting the prophecies of Joel in an address to the crowds near the Temple Mount. According to Acts, events on this holiday affected Parthians, Medians, Elamites, Mespotamians, and Judeans. This holiday is also known as [*] Whitsunday and occurs ten days after Ascension Thursday and seven weeks after Easter. The first instance of this holiday involved the appearance of tongues of flame and the ability to speak in tongues. For 10 points, name this holiday celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

ANSWER: Pentecost [accept Whitsunday early]

This process can be detected via MS2 hybridization or a Northern blot, and its beginning is one homology between archaea and eukaryotes. This process’s namesake unit must contain at least one gene, and it is the process by which the subunits of the ribosomes are made. RNA is made longer lasting with a variation of this process which produces cDNA and is done by telomerase and the [*] HIV virus, called reverse this. This process is done from the five prime to the three prime direction, unlike DNA replication. Performed by RNA polymerase to make products to send to ribosomes, for 10 points, name this process of the creation of mRNA from DNA.

ANSWER: transcription

This organelle contains pheophytin and is located in the antenna complexes. This organelle uses Tic and Toc complexes to process transit peptides, and certain structures within this organelle are connected by lamellae. In this organelle, stroma fluid surrounds grana, which are stacks of [*] thylakoid disks, and P680 and P700 are the reaction centers of photosytems I and II. One process occurring in this organelle uses NADPH and rubisco to convert carbon dioxide to glucose. The site of the Calvin cycle, for 10 points, identify this green plant organelle, the site of photosynthesis.

ANSWER: chloroplasts

This figure was called upon to foster war between the Nephilim. This figure is described as having 140 wings and aided the Prophet Daniel by helping him interpret his dreams. In Voodoo, this figure is associated with a natural curio for female reproductive health and reportedly aids women with childbirth. In Mormonism, this personage lived a mortal life as the patriarch Noah. In the Bible, this figure [*] blows a horn signaling the Final Judgement and dictated the Qur’an to Muhammad over 23 years. For ten points, name this archangel who announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus.

ANSWER: Gabriel [accept Jibril; accept Gavriel]

One proof of this theorem exploits the fact that there cannot exist two homotopic curves that don’t cross zero with different winding numbers. This theorem can be proven with a theorem stating that a bounded function over the complex plane is a consta nt, named for Liouville. D’Alembert’s proof of it is incomplete, [*] Gauss tried proving this theorem geometrically, and Argand’s proof was the first to account for non-real coefficients. Implying that the field of complex numbers is closed, for 10 points, name this theorem stating that every single-variable polynomial with complex coefficients has a number of complex roots equal to its degree.

ANSWER: the fundamental theorem of algebra [prompt on “FTA”]

This man’s avenger was Benaiah, and several years before his death he sent his servants to kill his older brother Amnon, who had raped their sister Tamar some time before. Although he was honorably returned from exile, he led an insurrection against his father at Hebron which ended when his force was crushed at the Battle of Ephraim Wood where he was [*] executed by Joab after getting lodged in a tree. His advisor defected from his father to join him, and together they name a satirical work by John Dryden. For 10 points, name this third son of David and brother of Solomon, a figure from the Book of Samuel and friend of Achitophel.

ANSWER: Absalom

In one myth, this figure was disguised as a very large cat by Utgard-Loki, the giant king, and when Thor tried to lift this character, he could only lift one paw. One story says that this character was enticed by the head of an ox and was eventually cut off a [*] fishing line by Hymir the giant. In another myth, this character is killed but the slayer dies after walking nine paces. This entity, along with Fenrir and Hel, is a child of Angrboda and Loki, and is mortal enemies with Thor. For 10 points, name this creature in Norse mythology, also called the World Serpent or Jormungandr.

ANSWER: Midgard Serpent [accept Jormungandr or World Serpent early]

This piece opens with six horns and col legno strings, and this work’s fourth movement was adapted to fit Cecil Spring-Rice’s song “I Vow to Thee, My Country.” The penultimate movement of this work features several timpani solos, and the final movement includes a wordless women’s chorus in an adjoining room that fades out; that movement is known as [*] “The Mystic.” Colin Matthews added an eighth movement subtitled “The Renewer” to this piece, and its first movement is an ostinato military march in 5/4 time. Consisting of seven movements, including “Jupiter: Bringer of Jollity” and “Mars: Bringer of War,” for 10 points, name this orchestral suite by Gustav Holst.

ANSWER: The Planets

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