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In this Issue… Page 1 From the Director Debbie Lane Pages 2-3 Three’s News

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Canton Community Nursery School


2008/2009 March 2009

In this Issue…

Page 1 - From the Director

Debbie Lane

Pages 2-3 Three’s News

Michele Kucia and Debbie Lane

Pages 3-4 Four’s News

Nancy Iskra, Debbie Lane and Michele Kucia
From the Director - Debbie Lane
Welcome back! I hope all of you enjoyed your time with the children. We’re ready to settle into the last third of the school year. Yes, the last third of the year. It’s hard to believe we have only 3 months remaining.

Rock ‘n Bowl is this Sunday at Blue Fox bowling in Simsbury 1:30-3:30. Hope to see you. A huge thank you to Mary for organizing our Rock ‘n Bowl event.

IMPORTANT TO OUR 4’S FAMILIES School Closed March 4th/ Morning Drop-off

The school will be closed on Wednesday, March 4th so that Nancy, Michele and I can take the second class being offered SERC. We will add the additional day on to the end of the school year.

It has been very exciting watching our four’s class sign in their names to “check-in” these past two months. Now that some time has passed, we ask that parents continue to drop off and say good-byes as quickly as possible. This will help us to start our day in a more efficient manner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Cryan

Paul will be coming to the school April 16th for the 3’s and April 17th for the 4’s class to photograph the students. Siblings may be brought in at the end of class to have their photos taken if you choose. Paul will not shoot the children in a family all together. The photos are strictly done as singles only.

Family Fun Night

Come in your P.J.’s if you choose. This family event will include Story Time, a Craft, an Egg Scavenger Hunt and a Snack

Mark your calendars for April 7th 6:30-7:30 at Barns & Noble.

Hope to see you there!

Vision and Hearing Screening

The Farmington Valley Visiting Nurse will be out on March 25 &26 to conduct vision and hearing screenings for the children. I need your paper work allowing or not allowing your child to be screened by March 15th. If you choose not to have your child’s vision and hearing checked please write me a quick note so that I’m not pestering you for your paper work.

Thank you

Thank you to the Dean, Raymond, Kane, Blais, Robison and Antarsh families for providing our class pets with vacation homes.


Our first on–line registration took place on Saturday the 7th. Julie Keen, we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work in getting the school up and running with this process. We could not have done it without her guidance and expertise. At this time, we have 3 opening that remain in our three’s program for next year. The 4’s program has 4 openings that remain. Please continue to spread the word about CCNS to your family and friends.

Board Positions

At next month’s board meeting we will have board members available to answer questions in regards to board positions for next year. If you are at all interested in serving on the board please try to make this meeting.

Follow up Conferences

Any family wishing to conference again prior to their first installment for tuition of the 2009-2010 school year, please speak to one of us, a.s.a.p.

Parking Lot

As all of you know the upper area of the parking lot does not melt as quickly or easily as the paved area below. PLEASE continue to take it slow when entering and exiting the parking lot. We do have it sanded daily in most cases but it still remains slippery.

Outside play

Please continue to send in snow clothes for your children. Whenever possible we will go outside. We know that the path way leading out to the playground ices up. We will continue to ask the children to go around that area as they play outside. We will also continue to tell the children that they may not stay to play at pick up on certain days even though they have put on their snow clothes. As we continue to say, the practice of getting on our clothes is a lesson in itself. The hope is the more we do it the quicker we’ll get cutting down on the time it takes for us to all exit the building. We know that by the time clothes get on and we exit the building that it may be right at our scheduled pick up time. The choice to play outside is yours at that point.

Pick-up and drop-off

I know that the weather can make it challenging to arrive on time for either end of the day at times. Please continue to make every effort to be prompt and call if you will be late or not attending school at all.

Shaw’s reward program

Thank you for continuing to give us your Shaw’s receipts. Cindy Morello- Blais has taken on the duty of submitting your slips to the company for the school. Cindy has reported that Shaw’s will be going to a system like that of Big Y’s; please check your e-mail for information from her regarding Shaw’s reward program. Thank you again Cindy, we have received our first check for the year. Thank you all again for your support.

Big Y Express

If you have not yet listed CCNS as your school of choice for express rewards, please stop by the courtesy desk next time you’re in to shop so that the school can receive points each time that you shop at its store. Our I.D. number is 7418.

Three’s - Michele Kucia and

Debbie Lane

Welcome to the unpredictable month of March when Mother Nature “roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb!” Since spring officially begins in March we will discuss the changes in weather, and observe the changes on our playground. Please continue to send in appropriate outdoor clothing, especially footwear, as the playground can be wet and sloppy this time of year. We appreciate your help in making sure that your child is prepared to enjoy outside playtime.

Our theme for March is dinosaurs! It is usually a favorite. We will learn some dino songs, listen to dino music, and create a dinoland bulletin board complete with plants and a volcano! Using our extensive collection of dinosaurs and dinosaur books, we will have lots of fun counting and sorting miniature dinosaurs as well as learning about meat eaters and plant eaters. We’ll even chart what our favorite dinosaurs are (the children always have a favorite)!

On Tuesday, March 17 we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by creating a green collage. Please have your child wear GREEN, and bring in something green to contribute to our class collage. It could be a picture from a magazine, a scrap of yarn, fabric, ribbon or even a button. Have fun and be creative! We will also go on a leprechaun hunt. You never know what they might leave behind – a pot of gold perhaps? It is always a magical time for the children, and some are convinced that they have actually had a glimpse of a leprechaun!

On Thursday, March 19 we will say hip, hip hooray as we welcome SPRING! As much as I love the snow, I’m ready for the freshness, and energizing feeling that spring always brings. We will read a springtime story, and create a beautiful, spring masterpiece!

On Thursday, March 26 the Canton Visiting Nurse Association will be visiting us to do a vision and hearing screening on the children. This is an optional, no cost service they provide for you. Permission slips will be distributed soon. At that time you may check yes or no. Please note a signature is needed for both sections (vision and hearing), and is needed for both a yes and a no response. We’d be happy to have an extra pair of hands to assist the children up and down the stairs. If you are available, and would like to help please let us know. Thank you.

3’s Dates to Remember:

Four’s –Nancy Iskra, Debbie Lane, and Michele Kucia
 There is a saying," March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb". We will be using that as a springboard to determine its accuracy this year. The children will become meteorologists and chart our weather each day. We will talk about the weather and determine if it is a lion or a lamb day. At the end of the month we tally our results and compare then with the familiar saying to see if it holds true and how many of each type of day we had. As March progresses, let's hope for lots of lamb days!! Please continue to send in appropriate outer wear - especially the boots. Our outdoor space can become very muddy.

We sure had lots of fun with our castle theme. The large castle in the changeable area was a favorite destination. Debbie and Michele are castle designers extraordinaire!! The knights costumes were constantly flashing about and the princesses were right alongside! It was a delight to see all the role playing - the imaginations are boundless. We went on a dragon hunt and a castle hunt around our room. We have such a great variety of theme related puzzles that were tried by many. The castle floor puzzle was assembled many times, the Playmobile castle was a big hit (especially the crossbow!), and some challenging Ravensburger puzzles brought out great determination.

To begin the month of March we will join in the Read Across America celebration. March 2nd is the birthday of "Dr. Seuss". On Monday, March 2nd, please have your child bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss book. There are so many to choose from. I think I can recite parts of some of them in my sleep!! Also, there will be no class held on Wednesday, March 4th. Debbie, Michelle and I will be attending an all day workshop. Mark your calendars! Class will be held as usual on Friday.

From dragons we will move from the imaginary into the "extinct" with our new theme of Dinosaurs. We will talk about plant eaters and meat eaters - even using the terms herbivores and carnivores. Somehow the term vegetarian always comes up as well. Our castle land will morph into "dinoland" with lots of plastic dinosaurs. We have some great dinosaur puzzles, games like Dinosaur Lotto & Dinosaur Dominoes, felt board dinos, dinosaurs to count and sort, and lots of neat dinosaur facts to learn. The children will enjoy singing "It's Great to be a Dinosaur"! So get ready for our excursion back into prehistoric times!

As Daylight Savings Time begins again, we will be on the lookout for all things Spring. While the official first day of Spring is March 20, who knows what we might see beforehand! We will read "Pussywillow" by Margaret Wise Brown and maybe even do a springtime still-life painting! If you have a pussywillow bush or forsythia, please bring in a branch or two so the children can see them. When you think March, you think of the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Please have your child wear a bit of green on Wednesday, March 18. We will be on the look-out for leprechauns and maybe have a green snack. It is always amazing to see how many children actually "see" leprechauns! Magic!

We are in the process of planning a field trip - details will follow. On Wednesday, March 25 the VNA will come and do a free vision and hearing screening. Check the Director's section for details. Now to round out the month we will celebrate Hat Day on Monday, March 30th. Please have your child bring in a special hat to share at our circle time. The hat can be occupation - related (police hat, nurse's cap, etc.) hobby /sports related hat (golf cap, skiing helmet etc.) or special occasion hat (wedding veil, tiara, safari hat). Let your child's imagination or something special in your family dictate the choice. I have several hats that I will share as well.

It is a full month, so mark your calendars for all the special events. As always, we are always available to share your concerns and any suggestions that you may have. Your input is ever so valuable. Happy Spring!

4’s Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, March 2 - Dr. Seuss Day - bring favorite Seuss book.

  • Wednesday, March 4 - NO SCHOOL - teacher workshop.

  • Sunday, March 8 - Daylights Savings Time Begins

  • Wednesday, March 18 - St. Patrick's Day Celebration

  • Friday, March 20 - First Day of Spring (possibly a costumed visitor)

  • Wednesday, March 25 - Vision and Hearing Screening

  • Monday, March 30 - Hat Day

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