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In the Bowels of the Golden Bear

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In the Bowels of the Golden Bear

As he walked in from the galley carrying some food that he prepared much to the annoyance of the boy that had fought with Ivan, Werner looked across the impromptu office that had been set up in the Naval Barracks at the steadily increasing stacks of scrolls that were spilling across Juergen’s desk. Vladimir was muttering something about finding out where a merchant and his family lived. Ivan sat on a coil of rope studying the raven headed staff that he had been given to look after by Siegfried. Sat in the darkened corner he noticed Malamir watching all that happened around the room on minute detail in a way that suggested he could see things that the others could not see.

“Food’s ready!” his coarse voice rasped out “It might be a good time to discuss what happens next, for this lull is just the eye of the storm passing over. This has already been seen with the announcement of the Prince’s new bride to be. We have reached a crossroads do we go our own ways or do we continue our journey together. We have much unfinished business here that can be taken care of. I know that some of us want to get away from here.” He looked over at Malamir.
“Still” he looked over at Vladimir “There are some people in town that need dealing with. I am sure you shouldn’t go without saying hello to Dransfeld, Max and Oscar. I have my own business to conclude with the Black Riders not for what they did to Dagmar but what they did to Wanda and this land. Just like what is happening in the Empire is happening here the enemy within is moving to meet the enemy without. The man we saw in the stocks on the way to the Winter Palace was in fact a Black Rider that brought Dagmar in town and I have spared his life for now. I need to tie up some loose ends permanently before I leave town or concern myself with other matters. Still eat up before it gets cold.”

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