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Local Number Portability (LNP)


With LNP, end-users can switch carriers and retain their telephone number. Because ranges of telephone numbers can be used to segregate Carrier data in the E 9-1-1 database, another method must be used to identify telephone numbers and corresponding carriers. A NENA study group has developed a set of standards called the “NENA Recommended Standards for Service Provider Local Number Portability”. These standards provide a framework to allow carriers to exchange data for end-users that port from one carrier to another carrier.

The NENA standards include:
1) Every Service Order record must carry a Company ID. These ID’s are assigned

by NENA and consist of 3 to 5 alpha characters.

2) Two FUNCTION OF CHANGE “FOC”codes are used for service order input

FOC U / (“UNLOCK”) is used by the donor company (company losing the end user); and makes the Telephone Number (“TN”) available to the “recipient company” for issuance of their MIGRATE (M) request

- FOC M / (“MIGRATE”) is used by the recipient to migrate the TN from the donor Company ID to Recipient Company ID and to replace the end-user account details if necessary (for instance, if the end user has changed addresses at the same time that they have changed carriers)
When the donor company issues a ‘U’ FOC (to UNLOCK the TN), the existing E 9-1-1 record and associated selective routing record is not changed. The ‘U’ FOC symbolizes that the donor company acknowledges that this end-user has decided to change carriers, and that an ‘M’ service order record can be expected. Until the ‘M’ order is received, the existing data is to remain unchanged. Any service order activity against this telephone number by the donor company, or any other company other than the recipient company, must be rejected. The only exception is that the donor company is allowed to issue an ‘M’ order to reclaim the number.
Other rules exist that define what can happen to a record that has been unlocked. Rules also exist that protect telephone numbers owned by one Local Service Provider from being changed or deleted by the service order records (or clerical activity) of another Local Service Provider.

LNP Report Naming Conventions

  1. LNP Report Names

There are 5 daily LNP reports and one weekly report

A.    Successfully Migrated TN Report

B.    Unlock Exception Report

C.    Migrate Received/Not Unlocked Report

D.   Migrate Pending Report

E.    Migrate Expired Report

F.    NPAC Validation Report (weekly)
2.    LNP Report Naming Convention


A=LNP report A-F

??=two character state

jjj=Julian date


**** Samples of Reports can be found in the IUP document library. See “LNP and NRF reports.pdf

Changes to Service Order Processing in an LNP Environment

Please contact the appropriate National Marketing Center (NMC) if you have questions on whether your telephone number record has been unlocked. For Verizon West inquiries please call 800-888-8100

Failed Migrate Process: All failed migrates (error code 755) reprocess every hour for 10 days looking for an “Unlock” from the old Service Provider. On the 11th day, error code 755 will age into a 760 error. The 760 errors will be run through Neustar to verify ownership. If the Company ID on the Migrate (error code 760) matches Neustar, then Intrado will create an unlock service order for the TNs. Error Reprocessing will then correct the errors. Telephone service providers will receive a weekly NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center) report which will advise the action taken on 760 errors. Intrado will also provide a report to the Old Service Provider of the TN’s that were Unlocked as required per NENA data standards.
756/792 errors will have the Function of Change (FOC) changed from an “I or C” to a “M” using a programmatic method. See error code listing for description of errors. This process will run 7:30AM Mountain Time (MT) Monday – Friday.

9-1-1 NET Sample Files

These attachments are to help carriers better understand the files are available to them when they log into E 9-1-1 after their downloaded TN files have processed.

ATTACHMENT 1 is a sample of the “sta” file (statistics) that is produced when the input file has completed processing. This “statistics” file provides a summary of the number of telephone number records that processed including a breakdown of inserts, changes and deletes. It also shows the number of errors that were generated along with the error code messages.
ATTACHMENT 2 is a sample of the “err” file (error) that is produced if any of the records in the input file failed to successfully process. This file displays the Error code number and the input data that was included upon transmission, such as telephone number, address, end-user name etc. The error code numbers are displayed in this guide with a description of the error message.
ATTACHMENT 3 is a sample of the “pp” file (pre-processing) that is produced and downloaded in your INBOX within a set period of time after uploading the file.
ATTACHMENT 4 is a sample of the “sp” file (status processing) that is produced indicating that the file you have uploaded has processed.

File Processing Verification

IMPORTANT: The Carrier should go back into its Mailbox every time a file is transmitted to the Intrado Unified Portal to verify that the file processed successfully. Even if the user does not plan on working the errors until the next business day, it is imperative that the user verifies that the file successfully completed.
To check for processing completion
Retrieve the “sta” (statistics file) after the input “soi” file has completed processing.

The statistics file provides a summary of the number of telephone records that processed with a breakdown of Inserts, Changes and Deletes. It also shows the number of errors that were generated along with the error code number.

If you do not receive a .sta file, please contact This may be an indication that your file didn’t successfully process.
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