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How it all started

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The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK

For the Ukrainian Children

Registered Charity No 1044411

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom is an entirely voluntary organisation and doesn’t have any paid staff or administrative costs.

  1. How it all started.

In 1995, the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom founded The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom (CRF).
In 2004, CRF formed a new Board of Trustees with the Embassy of Ukraine in UK acting as an Honourable Trustee.

  1. Objectives.

    To raise funds and provide essential medical, material, social and welfare support for children with damaged immune systems who are the third generation of the Chernobyl victims.

    To raise public awareness of the Chernobyl disaster consequences.

    To develop cultural and charitable exchange programmes between Ukrainian and British children and to create a young generation of activists and supporters.

  1. Trustees.

Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

The Baroness Cox of Queensbury, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords.

Canon John Devereux.

Captain Chris W Pile, Royal Navy.

The Very Reverend Archbishop Pavlo Khomnytsky.

Anthony Williamson.

Tatiana Pereverzeva- Birch.
In 2011, Mrs Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch was honoured with a state award from the Government of Ukraine for extraordinary achievements in voluntary services for the benefit of the Chernobyl victims and those less able to help themselves.

  1. CRF Activities since 2004.

  • It has provided pharmaceutical and medical equipment to hospitals where children with inherited Chernobyl related illnesses were receiving specialist treatment. Wheelchairs, heart monitors, blood separation kits, hearing test equipment, 700 hearing aids, and other medical equipment were either donated to CRF or paid for and delivered to Kyiv and Donetsk Regional Hospitals, Ukraine.

  • CRF organised and delivered humanitarian aid, including 40 containers of clothes, shoes, school clothes, toys, books, sport and entertainment equipment, bedding, towels, china, items of daily necessities, etc. (See Appendix 1 for the list of the beneficiaries).

  • Since 2006, CRF has sponsored nearly 400 Chernobyl children for treatment and respite holidays in Child Health Sanatoriums located in non-contaminated areas in Ukraine. (See Appendix 2 for details).

  • CRF sponsored and organised the stay of a group of gifted Chernobyl children at the Children Centre, Lodge Hill in West Sussex, UK. They enjoyed a range of fun activities, and also performed fundraising concerts at Arundel Castle, West Sussex before Her Grace, the Duchess of Norfolk, and at music venues in schools and colleges in West Sussex.

  • CRF initiated ‘Child-to-Child’ projects in 2004. Since then British children participate annually in the International Children Festival and International Children League of Nations in Artek, Ukraine. They have become enthusiastic supporters of the Foundation and raised thousands of pounds.

  • CRF established relations with the supporters and volunteers of the state and non-government organisations in England and Ukraine. This included meetings with the First Ladies of Ukraine (in succession), Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, Her Grace the Duchess of Norfolk, The Baroness Cox, Members of Parliaments, Ministers, Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. (See the List of Friends and Supporters of the Foundation at Appendix 3).

  • CRF continues to attract attention to its work through publications in national and international media, the Internet, and it has published more than 50 articles and produced a film about CRF’s activities that was shown on BBC TV channels.

  • To raise the profile of the charity CRF participated in Chernobyl related press conferences and state events at The House of Lords, The Scottish Parliament, The Embassy of Ukraine in UK and The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

  • CRF has designed the fundraising materials such leaflets and flyers

  • CRF created a new website and organized the competition of students of Milton Keynes College to design the logo for CRF.

  • CRF approaches potential donors, liaising with the media, local authorities, business contacts, trustees of the voluntary sector organizations.

  1. CRF Fundraising Activities. (see Appendix 3, 4 for supportive organisations ):

  • Charity concerts performed by internationally acclaimed musicians and dancers in London, Bognor Regis, Milton Keynes, schools and colleges across UK

  • VIP events at the Embassy of Ukraine, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Parliament.

  • Cross-cultural British-Ukrainian evenings, exhibitions and talks at churches, Rotary clubs, Lions Clubs, colleges, and other non-government organisations.

  • The high profile Gala Concert at Arundel Castle, hosted by Her Grace the Duchess of Norfolk. Following the concert, CRF arranged meetings with Her Grace, officials and businesspersons in Kiev, Ukraine, to discuss humanitarian issues.

  • Continuous publications and articles in local media have raised thousands of pounds.

  • Raising money through participation in London and New York Marathons.

  • Commemoration services and events at Ukrainian Cathedral, Churches in London and Milton Keynes, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, British Ukrainian Society, British Ukrainian City Club.

Appendix 1

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom organised and sponsored health and humanitarian projects for:

Zemlyaki , Kyiv,Ukraine

Hope and Good Foundation, 19, Panasa Myrnoho St., Kyiv 01011, Ukraine.Tel.00 38 044 2544801.

 Kyiv Regional Oncology Clinic,

1a Baggovutiska St., Kyiv 04107 Ukraine

Tel. 00 38 044 219 49 82

Iryna Lohvynova, Chief Doctor

Svitlana Donska, Chief of Children’s Oncology and Hematology Department

Mr. Volodimir Yelahin, Head of Kyiv Region State Administration Health Department.


Family Type Children’s Home,

3, Kyivskiy Lane, Gogoliv Brovary, Kyiv 07452, Ukraine.
Kyiv Regional Hospital for Children

83 Karl Marks St., the town of Boyarka, Kyiv Region, Ukraine.


The Kyiv Regional Orphanage

111 Karl Marks St., Boyarka, Kyiv Region, Kyiv, Ukraine

Mrs. Nataliya Vlasenko, Chief Doct

Okhmadyt All Republican Hospital of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Makeevka Rehabilitation Centre for orphans, Makeevka, Ukraine.

Fund Mercy Фонд Милосердие (71, Cheluskintsev Street, Donetsk 83000, Ukraine).

Donetsk Regional Center of Protection of Mother and Child (Донецкий Региональный Ценр Охраны Материнства и Детства (3, Panfilova Street, Donetsk 83114, Ukraine).

Religious-Educational Center “Svet Radonedza” (54, Shevchenko Ave, Donetsk 83017, Ukraine).

Donetsk Regional Association of the People with hearing imparities.

Appendix 2

  • СRF sponsored treatment and respite holidays for children listed in the following organizations:

Chernobyl Children Appeal Ltd. ( 44a, Church Street Ballymena, BT43 6 DF).

“Children of Chernobyl “Дети Чернобыля ( 34, Pushkin Avenue, Donetsk 83105, Ukraine).

-Donetsk branch of “ Union of Chernobyl of Ukraine” Донецкое отделение «Союз Чорнобыль Украины (6a, Dzerdzinsky Str, Donetsk 83000, Ukraine).

Children Educational Rehabilitation Center for orphans Rainbow Макеевский Учебно Реабилитационный Центр Радуга(Geroyi Stalingrada Street, Makeevka, 86113, Ukraine).

  • CRF sponsored treatment and respite holidays for children at the following Child Care Sanatorium of Crimea and West Ukraine:

“Iskra” in Eupatoria, “Dzerelo”in Truskavets, “Tchayka” in Eupatoria, “Volna” in Feodosia, “Zelenaya Gorka” in Odessa.

 Appendix 3. Friends and Supporters of CRF

Ukrainian Embassy in UK

The Duchess of Norfolk, Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex

The Baroness Cox, of Queensbury

All-Party Parliamentary Ukraine Group at the British Parliament

Ukrainian Catholic Exarchate in Great Britain, London

Virtual Viewing

Massandra UK Limited

Artelia, London

Ukraine International Airlines

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

The Shevchenko Library & Archive in London

“Ukrainian Thought”, the newspaper of AUGB, London

Association of Ukrainian Women in Great Britain, London

City Church, Milton Keynes

Music Group at Milton Keynes City Church

AIM Gallery, Milton Keynes

“Russian Hour”, BBC TV ,London

Windsor Education Services

Danusha Fine Arts

Department for Education and Skills

Lancing and Sompting Lions Club

Yateley and District Lions Club

Lions Club Donetsk Universal, Ukraine

Lions Club Milton Keynes Central, Milton Keynes

Bognor Regis Music School, West Sussex, UK

Ukrainian Musicians in Royal College Music, London

Young Ballet, London

John Lewis, London, Milton Keynes

and, many other organisations and individual donors

Appendix 4

The Foundation has held meetings and discussions on Chernobyl issues and worked with:

Lyudmila Kuchma, the First Lady of Ukraine.

Katerina Yushchenko, the First Lady of Ukraine.

The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation, , 22A, Borichiv Tik Street, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine.

Her Grace The Duchess of Norfolk, Arundel Castle, West Sussex, BN18 9AB.

Vitalina Yushchenko, Head of the National Charity Council of Ukraine.

    Bishop Hlib Lonchyna, Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of London

    CRF has donated nearly half million worth of humanitarian aids and specialist equipment, treatments or therapy to hundreds of sick kids in Ukraine.

    The beneficiaries have estimated the cost of donations independently.

    Information on the CRF activities is based on media reports and articles, financial documents and confirmation letters from beneficiaries, supporters and participants of the CRF projects.

Tatiana Pereverzeva- Birch

Project Managing Trustee

3 Ibstone Avenue , Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes MK13 8BA, England

Mobile:44-(0)7801 43 97 96


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