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How I met my roommate for the first time

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How I met my roommate for the first time

How time flies! I was simply shocked when I recognized that more than two years has passed since I entered the university. The past sweet memories were still fresh in my mind, especially the scene that I met my roommate for the first time.

Two years ago, with the expectation to the new environment and new friends, I entered the university which I dreamed for a long time. It was my first time to leave my lovely home and my mother. When I opened the door of my new dorm, Room730, where I would live for four years, nobody was in. “Oh, maybe I am the first arriving” I smiled to myself then began to tide up my luggage, at that time a girl appeared in front of me. She was medium tall and a little fat (but she thought she was just chubby, she told me later). With a full hand of stuff, she seemed a little tired and didn’t show any welcome to me. With passion of getting along well with every new friend, I greeted to her warmly, “Hey, nice to meet you! I am a new student here. What class are you in?” “Class 7”. “Well, it’s great! You know what? We are classmates! Hope to make close friends with you.” I said to her honestly. However, to my surprise, she was almost indifferent! And what she said made me totally disappointed. “Well, it seems that all the students in the Room 730 are in the same class, including you and me.” She replied without any other words, then jumped onto her bed and started to crew the boiled corn in her hand like a monkey. “She is a hard-going girl” I thought.

That was my first time to meet my roommate, a little disappointing, but it did not affect the development of our friendship at all. Now we have been very close friends, and I find that my first expression to her was totally wrong because she is such a sunny and easy-going girl, even a little talkative and naughty sometimes. Once I asked her why she was so cool when I met her for the first time and she said she did not know either. But does it matter? Sure not, because we are CLOSE friends now.

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