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Hornby School Log-Books 1900-94

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9th November

Cotswold Tests continued in the morning.

11th December

Pat Robinson fell in the school yard during morning break and grazed her knee rather badly.


8th January

Pauline Wilkinson fell in the playground and cut her chin rather badly. Sent her home for attention by her own Doctor if necessary.
7th March

Mr Hen visited the school and sang folk songs to the upper classes to his own guitar accompaniment.

22nd May

Visit of County Architect to view the new development site.

24th May

Mr Lindley (Chairman RDC Planning Committee) visited the school to view the site for the new development plans.

10th July

Two Architects from County Hall visited the school and took measurements of the site for the new development plan.

4th October

By today the influenza epidemic seems to have affected the school attendance. 17 out of 39 children are absent.


15th February

Secondary Entrance Examination held in the school, 29 candidates present.
9th June

Informed D.E O. of alterations to gable end of Fountain House and dangerous state of dividing wall.

10th June

The milkman reported an accident to the crate of milk. All bottles broken.


7th January

Snow. Temperature 42 degrees at 9 am.
6th February

Attendance down to 31.

19th February

School closed for mid-term break. Aldis Projector and Daylight Screen received.

17th June

Received 6 new desks. 3 at 25", 3 at 28.1/2" and six ink wells.

10th July

Received 6 new chairs for the new desks.

23rd September

Fixed liquid soap dispensers.

2nd October

Went to dinner at 11.45 am. Returned to school at 12.30pm in order to observe the partial eclipse of the sun.

17th December

Received teachers chair and table (infants room)

[end of Log Book no.2]


3rd February

A film strip of the Passion Play at Oberammergau was shown to the children by the Vicar.

16th February

Time-table suspended - Moray House Tests taken with the 3rd and 4th years.

7th March

Public Meeting in school about decision of the Managers to build a new Primary School.

4th July

School closed for Managers' Holiday. The headmaster took the leavers to the Lake District for the day.

20th July

The headmaster took the juniors to see the spiral staircase and ancient tower at the church.


26th January

Chairs(8) collected from Lunesdale Secondary School where they had been left in error.
16th February

Charles Smith and John Oldroyd collided in the yard at noon. John Oldroyd apparently lost consciousness for a few moments after falling on the ground. Charles Smith burst lower lip.

20th April

The School Dentist visited the school during the morning session and inspected the children's teeth.

27th October

Miss Bowery, School Organiser, called re: the furnishing of the new school.

30th October

Seven of the eight applicants for the Headmastership of the school visited the school during the day.

21st December

The school Christmas Party was held in the Institute on Tuesday. The children made a presentation to Mr Fisher. Mr Parkinson received a presentation from the managers and one from the children, staff and friends on his retirement.


8th January

Mr W. G. Bullivant commenced duty as Headmaster of Hornby C.E. Junior & Infant School.
29th June

School outing to Ambleside. 39 Boys and Girls, Miss Parker, Mr Wedderburn and the headmaster. Coach to Carnforth, train to Lakeside & steamer to Ambleside, returning the same route.

10th October

School buildings sold by auction.

26th October

Mrs Parkinson presented a cup to the school in memory of her late husband Mr F.S. Parkinson, Headmaster of Hornby C.E. School 1945-1961.

14th December

Mr Woolard of Education Office, called re: removal to new premises in January.


18th January

School closed for removal of furniture and equipment from old to new premises.
20th January

Sunday. Commemoration, dedication and opening of the new Hornby Church of England School in the church of St Margaret, Hornby. Opened by the Lord Bishop of Blackburn, The Right Reverend Charles R. Claxton DD MA. Over two hundred guests and parishioners present.

21st January

School opened in the new building. 57 children on roll. Staff Mr W. G.Bullivant, Headmaster; Miss M Parker - Assistant Teacher; Mrs E. Chester - Caretaker; Miss M. Wilson - Cook Supervisor; Mrs N. Willan - Dining Room Assistant; Mrs Elliott - Welfare Assistant.

19th June

School broken into in the early hours of the morning. Matter in the hands of the Police. Richard Lamb fell in playground bruising his shoulder.


14th February

June Kennan fell and cut head on table.
3rd/4th/5th March

Fourth year junior children worked standardised tests.

5th June

School trip to Chester Zoo. 50 children accompanied by Mr Wedderburn, Miss Parker and the Headmaster.

2nd October

Party of 19 children left for educational visit to Hammarbank Hostel, Windermere, accompanied by Miss Parker and the Headmaster. Four days were spent in walking tours of the Lakes.

8th October

Mrs S M Ingleby was appointed to commence duties on 1st January 1965 following Miss M Parker's resignation.

22nd October

Mr E E Clarke called in afternoon on request of the Chairman of the Managers, concerning the number of pupils in school - 65 pupils for 2 staff and one part-time. It was pointed out to him that numbers by the last term would probably reach 70 thus making teaching extremely difficult considering the age range involved. Mr Clarke suggested that the Managers should inquire for the potential intake and if it was felt that these heavy numbers were to continue then application should be made for the erection of another classroom.

20th November

Lynne Kenworthy fell over chair in playground hurting elbow.


28th January

Anthony Disberrry fell during PE in hall, breaking arm, taken to Lancaster R I .
14th July

School sports held on school playing fields followed by exhibition of work in school.

21st September

Jane Lamb fell from older sister’s back during the dinner break, this occurred on the school field. Jane was taken by the headmaster to out-patients department of LRI where she was found to have a broken clavicle.

15th November

Mr Laughlan HMI in school during the morning session re: additional classroom and numbers on roll.

29th November

Councillor Smith, Chairman of Lancaster and District Road Safety Committee, presented National Cycling Proficiency Certificates to 13 boys and girls.


15th February

Derek Lawrence, ventriloquist, entertained the children.
25th May

School trip to Blackpool Tower Circus, 67 boys and girls, 3 staff and vicar visited Matinee performance.


30th January

Builders, Barratt and Sons of Cockerham, started new classroom.
6th March

Preliminary visit by two students from S Martin’s.

17th April

Two students from S Martin’s began teaching practice. Asphalt laid in new rooms.

22nd May

School outing to York, 42 children together with the vicar, Miss Broomfield, Mrs Ingleby and the headmaster visited the Railway Museum, Castle Folk Museum and Debtors’ Prison, then sailed up the river Ouse.

3rd July

New extension occupied by the Infants class, the lower junior class moving into the room previously occupied for the Infants.


9th January

Spring term began. 80 children on roll.
17th May

Six applicants for the vacant Headship of this school interviewed by the School Managers.

26th July

After 6 years and 2 terms as Headmaster of this school I this day concluded my duties having been appointed as headmaster of Scotforth CE Primary School, Lancaster. W G Bullivant.

9th September

Mr A Webster commenced duty as Headmaster of Hornby CE Junior and Infant School. 82 children on roll.

17th October

Mr Ambrose and Mrs Bishop HMIs in school to query the possibility of further extension if numbers increase.


14th April

School re-opened after Easter break. 94 children on roll.
18th April

30 children and 2 teachers visited Wenning Silk Mill, on an educational basis.

22nd May

The School Health Visitor Mrs Storey examined children for cleanliness. 100% cleanliness in school.

3rd June

School trip to Edinburgh.


8th April

School re-opened with 94 children on roll.
15th May

Annual school trip to London. 49 children and 7 adults travelled by train to visit main centres of interest.

8th June

Parent Teacher Evening to see and discuss sex education film strips produced by BBC. Mrs Aiston, Marriage Guidance Councillor led discussion.

10th June

Today we received the sad news that Miss D J F Broomfield had died in hospital. She will be greatly missed in school.

15th June

School Managers Meeting to discuss further school extensions and advertising for a teacher to replace Miss Broomfield.

20th July

School Managers appointed Miss A Dale as assistant teacher to take up her appointment in September. Four applicants interviewed.


5th January

School re-opened for Spring Term. Six new starters, 92 on roll.
1st March

School Managers Meeting. It was reported that the proposals for school extensions (hall, one classroom & kitchen extension) had been adopted by County Authority pending a growth in numbers when additional housing is completed.

14th May

The Rural Dean, Reverend N A Cairns dedicated a new seat placed in the corner of the new school field and donated by friends in memory of Miss D J F Broomfield.

21st June

Musical Evening in school hall presented to parents and friends. A capacity audience expressed their appreciation. The collection of £14 was donated to Lunesdale County Secondary School Swimming Pool Fund.

25th June

46 children, 4 members of teaching staff and 2 members of kitchen staff went on annual school trip to the Wildfowl Trust Centre at Slimbridge. A visit was also made to Berkeley Castle. The journey was by coach and train.

16th September

County Dental Services began 2 weeks treatment of children in caravan situated on school car park.


20th April

Meeting in school of parents and other interested people to discuss suggested Middle School scheme for Lunesdale.

21st July

The school children entertained the village with songs, dancing and playing at the Village Institute to mark the retirement of the Reverend J A Wedderburn as Vicar. The school made a presentation of a folding garden chair to the Vicar.
20th & 21st November

School closed to celebrate the Silver Wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.


22nd January

Class 1 visit to Lancaster Museum to see exhibition staged by the Lune Valley Water Board.
2nd February

First meeting of school Tufty Club to give instruction in Road Safety.

14th May

Headmaster attended final meeting of 11 + Selection Panel.

4th September

School re-opened. 76 children on roll. Miss Dale attending an in-service pottery course at S Martin’s College.

10th December

Headteacher attended meeting at Lancaster concerning the Museum Service for Schools.

18th December

Visit of members of a Working Party to consider the possible setting up of an area Primary School in Hornby.


7th January

Visit of Mrs Kellet-Bowman our Member of Parliament and Mrs Lovett-Horn, Chairman of Divisional Executive, to see the school and meet the children.
5th April

Presentation of cheque and vase of flowers to Mrs Willan on the occasion of her retirement as school meals assistant after 26 years in position.

24th May

6 candidates interviewed for the post of headmaster of this school.

12th June

Visited Mr J Allen, newly appointed headmaster.

19th July

After six years as headmaster of this school I have today concluded my duties in order to take up the appointment of Headmaster at St Wilfrid’s CE Primary School, Halton. A. Webster.

3rd September

Mr J O Allen commenced duty as Headmaster of Hornby CE Primary School. There are 82 children on roll.

18th September

Mr G E Wilkes, the Safety Inspector for the Ministry of Agriculture, gave a talk to the school on 'Farm Safety' illustrated with slides.

1st October

Parents invited to join us at school assembly every Tuesday. Approx. 20 came.

8th October

Mr J Malcolm Davies, Lancaster Museum Service to Schools, gave a demonstration and talk on the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages to Miss Dale's class in the afternoon.


7th March

The headmaster attended a meeting to discuss Primary Education in Upper Lunesdale at Lunesdale Secondary School in the evening. The meeting was abandoned after Rev. Cairns, vicar of Arkholme, collapsed and died.
19th March

8 nursery assistants from a course at Lancaster and Morecambe College of Further Education visited school during the morning to be shown a pottery lesson and to discuss clay in schools.

21st March

Mrs Jill Keeling visited school and talked about 4 animals she had brought; an Australian Leaf Insect, a marginated Tortoise, a Tawny Owl and a Great Indian Fruit Bat.

5th June

School was closed as the Hall was used for the referendum on the Common Market. (EEC)

2nd July

Class 1, accompanied by the Headmaster, Mrs Bullivant and Mrs Webster, visited their pen friends at Greenfield C P School at Winsford.

17th July

Class 1 received a visit from their pen friends in Winsford.

14th October

Inaugural meeting of the school PTA held in the evening and addressed by Mr Terry Penrose (NCPTA). It was resolved to form a PTA and the constitution was adopted.


16th February

David Lamb fell and cut his head rather badly on the corner of a door. His father took him to the doctors as it was home time.
4th March

The School attended the 'Sod-Cutting Ceremony' for the swimming pool at Lunesdale County Secondary School at 3 pm.

1st April

One of the Australian Leaf Insect eggs received last year and put in the tank with the recently acquired Leaf Insects has hatched.

10th June

Class 2, accompanied by the headmaster, Miss Dale and Mrs Webster, visited Gladstone Pottery Museum, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent and Trentham Gardens.

18th June

The infant class, accompanied by the headmaster, Mrs Ingleby and Mrs Webster, visited Lowther Wildlife Park.

22nd June

Class 1, accompanied by the headmaster, Rev. H. Kellet, Mrs Bullivant and Mrs Webster visited Coventry Cathedral and Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.

16th July

Mr Robinson from the Architects Department visited school to do a survey of the asbestos in the building.

5th October

Dr Coles and Mrs Haslam visited school in the morning to re-examine some of the children. Also two nurses visited the school for a head inspection which is part of the ‘Beat the Head Louse campaign '.100% cleanliness found.


29th March

The headmaster attended an interview at the District Education Office and was appointed headmaster of Carnforth North Road County Primary School with effect from 1st September, 1977.
2nd May

The Headmaster attended a meeting of Heads, where Mr McManus, Senior County Advisor, reported on the Great Debate.

25th May

Five candidates for the post of headmaster visited the school in the morning. The interviews were conducted at the Vicarage in the afternoon. Mr R G Park was appointed.

1st June

Mr R G Park, newly appointed headmaster, visited school.

22nd July

After 3 years as headmaster of this school I have today concluded my duties in order to take up appointment of Headmaster of Carnforth North Road County Primary School. J.O. Allen.

6th September

Mr R G Park commenced duties as the Headmaster of Hornby CE School. There were 77 children on roll.

12th September

First swimming lessons of the new academic year started at the Lunesdale Pool.


10th April

School now in possession of a new Tandberg Tape Recorder, £196. Presented by the PTA.
13th November

Received a letter from Mr Hayward an elderly gentleman formerly of Hornby and the Headmaster read it to the children in assembly. In it Mr Hayward related the story of his youth and school days in Hornby. It was much enjoyed by the children and staff.


12th March

The Countryside Commission planted a hawthorn hedge containing a number (25) deciduous trees (ash, hazel, alder) along the western boundary fence.
28th April

Parent Teachers Association held a 'Hornby Dinky Trains Swap Meet' in the Institute from 9am to 5pm. The whole building was used. Dealers and buyers came from all parts of the country, refreshments were sold and over 600 people visited the meet during the course of the day. Profits went to PTA Fund and about £130 was raised.

20th July

Sixteen children left the school. One child to Lunesdale County Secondary School, one child to Casterton Girls School, one child to Bentham Grammar School, three to Lancaster Girls Grammar School, four to Lancaster Royal Grammar School, one to Penwortham High School, five to Ripley St Thomas CE Secondary School.

7th September

The oven door was broken so the Headmaster had to take the pies to Lunesdale Secondary School to be baked.

16th/17th October

The school was illegally entered between the hours of 8pm on Tuesday and 7am Wednesday morning. The entry was discovered by the cleaner in charge and reported to the Police, Chairman of the Managers and District Education Officer. The intruders made their way through the kitchen window. They forced open the filing cabinet in the staff room taking about £2 in cash belonging to the Tufty Club. They consumed 2 cups of coffee on the premises and left the way they entered.


21st April

The Education No. 2 Bill which is now law has meant 1.) school milk is no longer provided for children in primary schools except on the recommendation of the school medical officer. We have no children who qualify at this time. 2.) Local Authorities now have a statutory requirement to provide places and facilities for pupils to consume meals or other refreshments brought to school by them. This section of the law has resulted in 25 children bringing packed lunches instead of eating the meal provided from the school kitchen at 35p per head. The cooked meal provided for 35p is of the type described by the Authority as being a 'Simplified Menu' containing less bulk and a marked lack of fresh vegetable and meat. It is to the lack of fresh vegetables the parents object.
28th November

Hygiene Inspector (Heads). Five children infected.


13th February

The Hogan children admitted to school. Australian family here on temporary basis while father (Australian Headteacher) attends course at the University.
10th July

Headmaster, the Vicar, Mrs Webster and Mrs Beetham took Class 1 to York by train. The train failed to stop at Wennington Station as arranged but we made our way there by service train. Arrived home at 8pm on the special.

17th July

4.30pm. Shortly after school closed a barn which could be seen from the school set on fire and Nicholas Wood a first year junior boy from Miss Dale’s class was tragically burned to death. Nicholas had been playing there with an older boy who managed to escape the fire. This was a most tragic event for his family, the school and the whole village.


17th February

Matthew Thomas fell in the Infant class and sustained a spiral fracture of the femur. Mother took him to hospital 3.25pm.
6th May

Mr Bracken, visitor from York came to speak to the children about brass rubbing, followed by workshop. All the children had the opportunity to rub a brass.

14th May

The Lectern in memory of Nicholas Wood and David Metcalfe was dedicated in school at 3pm today.

29th June

Two police officers called to show films to warn the children about the dangers of speaking to ‘strangers’ or accepting lifts, sweets etc.

21st July

Miss A Dale retired. A presentation was made by the Chairman of Governors. She had taught at Hornby school for twelve years.

7th September

Christmas Term commenced today 75 children on roll.

16th November

Headmaster, Rev. Kellett, Chairman of Governors & Mr Barwick, Architects Department looked at problem of dampness in Upper Junior Porch. Decided to have estimates for the bricking up of west wall.


21st February

The headmaster having been appointed Headmaster of St Luke's School, Slyne-with- Hest the candidates for Headteacher came to look round this school in the morning.
7th March

Mr B.Wood, the newly appointed Headmaster of this school visited this morning.

31st March

Presentation made to the headmaster on this his last day in school. After almost six years as headmaster of this school I have concluded my duties in order to take up a new appointment as Headmaster of St. Luke's Church of England Primary School, Slyne with Hest. R.G. Park.

18th April

Mr B.G Wood commenced duties as Headmaster of Hornby C.E. Primary School. There were 80 children on roll.

7th June

Mrs Harrison, mother of Robert Blakemore came to inform Mr Wood that Robert would be leaving Hornby on 17th June to fly out to Canada to continue his education there.

8th July

Mr Edmondson, Education Officer for the National Trust visited the school and gave a talk, illustrated with slides, on the theme of ‘Conservation and Care of the Countryside’.

19th July

Mr Silvester, a parent of one of the 4th year Junior Girls was accompanied by his son to school where they gave a talk on honey bees. The talk was accompanied by a demonstration on how to handle bees, bee keepers dress and samples of honey which the children enjoyed.


27th-29th February

Mr Wood attended a computer course held at S Martin's for teachers in Lancashire who have taken up the DoI Computer Scheme.
28/30th March

Mrs Bullivant, Mr Wood and 21 pupils from Class 1 visited London for 3 days. Despite strikes the visit was a valuable experience for the pupils and everyone returned to Hornby on Friday 30th very tired but very happy.

9th May

Headteacher showed Mrs Brock a prospective parent around the school.

16th May

Headteacher showed Mr and Mrs Turvey, parents of a prospective pupil, around the school.

29th June

Mr White visited school. His family are moving into the village. They have 3 children, two of whom will begin school before the end of term.

11th July

Headteacher showed Mrs Gatrell around the school; the family are hoping to move into the village within the next six months. They have two boys aged 4 and 7.

16th July

Mr Pickering visited school. His family hope to move into the village.


8th March

Mrs E Kellet-Bowman MP for Lancaster and Lunesdale visited the school. She arrived at 8.40am and stayed almost 2 hours. She attended assembly then visited each class in turn.
3rd July

3.45pm Mr C. Whitehead called to discuss the possibility of fixing bird and bat nesting boxes within the school grounds. This was to be done during the Autumn Term.

16th July

Today Mrs V. Elliott, Welfare Assistant at the school for 22 years retired. She was presented with a cut glass vase and bouquet of flowers from the pupils and staff.


9th January

Meeting at Skerton Primary School at 3.30pm with DEO re new school governing bodies in the light of the County Primary experience.
12/14th March

Class 1 trip to London, 23 pupils plus Mrs Bullivant, Miss Hollingsworth and Mr Wood stayed at Martin Court Hotel, Earls Court on a 3 day trip, visiting many famous landmarks. Seven pupils and Mr Wood met the Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher opposite No. 10 Downing Street. A photograph was taken which was later autographed by the Prime Minister.

28th June

Village Festival Procession from Station Yard to the Primary School field took place at 6.30pm. The PTA float was decorated in the theme of the 'Royal Wedding', which involved the forthcoming wedding of HRH Prince Andrew to Miss Sarah Ferguson on 23rd July. PTA entry won second prize £10 awarded by Mr Owen Oyston of Oyston Estate Agency.

5th July

School closed for the summer holidays. In the final assembly we said goodbye to 18 pupils who were transferred to secondary schools in September. One pupil to LRGS, one to LGGS, one to Our Lady's High School, three to Ripley St ThomasCE Secondary School, three to Lunesdale County Secondary School, 9 to Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale.

17th November

Councillor Hannah visited school at 11am. This was his first visit during working hours since he was appointed a Governor of the school


5th May

Governors’ Sub-Committee met in Vicarage 6.45pm to discuss the publication of first ever Annual Report to parents.

[The log book number 3 finishes on 21st October 1987.]


25th January

D Jelly HMI in school to discuss in-service and clustering of small schools.
16-18th March

Class I with children from Tatham Fells and Forton Primary Schools on three day trip to London. Mrs Bullivant and Mr Wood with pupils. All satisfactory.

19th July

The school was broken into during the night.

21st November

Governors’ annual meeting for parents in school. At this meeting it was decided to adopt a school uniform........


3rd July

Interview for post of Nursery Nurse in school. Mrs J White appointed.
14th July

Last day of school year. Also retirement of Mrs Sheila Ingleby, Deputy Head; Mrs Jean Webster, Nursery Assistant.

5th September

Pupils return to school. There are 70 pupils on roll.


19th July

We said ‘goodbye’ to Mrs Bullivant who is taking early retirement.......She was an extremely dedicated teacher and hard worker for the school and community.

29th June

Start of Hornby Village Festival week. Procession of floats through village to Primary School field. PTA float won Ist prize for their entry ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’.

3rd September

School Roll = 62 pupils
24th September

Mr Miller, financial Adviser, in school at 10am to suggest ways of increasing school’s budget. Proposals to be put to Governors at the next meeting.

22nd October

Class I visited the Morecambe Visitor newspaper to see how the newspaper is printed.

8th November

Hornby CE hosted an afternoon visit by 36 Yr 6 pupils from Scotforth CE who were ‘evacuated’ for the afternoon. Talks were given by three villagers about their wartime experiences and their recollections of the evacuation from Salford to Hornby of many schoolchildren during 1939-40. The Lancaster Guardian reporter and photographer were present.


14th January

B G Wood attended Appraisal Training meeting at Woodlands, Chorley.
7th October

Mr Wood commenced an appraisal of a Headteacher colleague, beginning with an initial meeting this evening.

20th October

Mr Wood received a telephone call at home from Mrs Greathead, the caretaker, to say that the school had been broken into. [Detailed description] It was a shock to everyone at school that such vandalism could be done to a village primary school. It has made us all aware that nowhere is safe from mindless malicious behaviour.


2nd April

The last day of the Easter Term. This afternoon the school said Goodbye to Mrs Mary Stoneham, who is leaving Hornby to take up a new post at Arkholme CE School.
8th November

During the week visits to school by members of the Property Services team were made. The school hopes to replace rotting window frames and panels.....

30th December

School broken into.


25th March

Presentations to Mrs Batty (School Clerk) and Mrs Ferrington (Kitchen Assistant & Welfare) who retired today after 27 & 25 years service respectively.
18th July

Annual Sports Day. B G Wood presented the trophies. He did this, as he explained, because this would be his last sports afternoon at Hornby. In January he will take up a new post at Scotforth CE School in Lancaster.
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