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Hornby School Log-Books 1900-94

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18th August

The children 11+ went to Burton Senior School today.

7th September

Mr Illidge late headmaster of this school passed away today in his 82nd year.

19th October

Saw Mr Moore, the agent of Hornby Castle Estate, with regard to a Nature Study Plot in place of the school garden. He was willing to allow a plot at 5 shillings per annum.

11th November

Took the children on why we have 'Armistice Day'.


8th March

Received letter from the District Clerk informing me that the Director of Education had granted permission for a boy, who is mentally deficient at the Guardians' Institution, to attend this school till the midsummer term, when he can be transferred to the Burton Senior School. The boy referred to is over 12 years of age.
6th May

Kenneth Titterington fell in the school yard and cut his knee and eye.

23rd May

The school reopened after Whit holiday. The wall in the boys' yard fell during the night.

14th June

Muriel Kitchen fell and cut her eye in the girls' yard this morning. Kathleen Barnes fell and hurt her arm. Joy Broomfield was knocked down and had her head cut. I sent her home on the bus.

29th August

Eric Stubbs fell in the yard and cut his head badly. I sent him home.


Copy of Report of HMI M.C.Morris Esq. "Since August 1931, when the children over 11 years of age were transferred to Burton in Lonsdale Endowed School, this had been a school for juniors and infants ..... "

29th October

Sidney Curwen fell in the yard and cut his lip badly.

31st October

F. Eddleston fell in the yard and badly bruised his eye and leg.


18th January

Owing to the severe epidemic of influenza and only 27 children being present, some of whom are showing symptoms of the disease, the medical officer, Dr Acheson, decided to close the school for one week.
23rd February

Geoffrey Kay got his fingers crushed in the infants' porch door, when it was being shut.

16th June

Several children away from Claughton because the bus conductor refused to let them travel for a penny. I reported the matter to Mr Hartley, the school attendance officer who promised to visit the parents.

20th November

Joy Broomfield fell in the yard and badly cut her right knee.


9th October

Wrote the District Clerk re: the provision of milk for school children. As only three children were desirous of being supplied I decided to take no action in the matter and informed him of such decision.
29th November

Holiday in honour of the Duke of Kent's marriage with the Princess Marina of Greece.


13th February

The Clerk also informed me that the joiner's bench was required for Cockerham School and that he would send instructions at some future date for its removal.
25th March

Received notice from the District Clerk that owing to Alan Halhead being unable to stand the bus ride to Burton Senior School he could be readmitted here.

3rd May

School closed for two days to Commemorate the King's Silver Jubilee. The Vicar presented each child with a medal.

24th May

Took 10 children to Edinburgh. Holiday all day.

21st June

Mr Ingle the carrier called and took away the woodwork bench and supply of tools. I understand that they are going to Cockerham as this is no longer a school for older children.

1st October

Elsie Parker got severely burned yesterday. Her dress caught fire when standing in front of the fire at home. She was conveyed to the Lancaster Infirmary. Her condition is very critical.

29th October

Dennis Emery fell against the radiator in school and cut his head rather badly.

6th November

Holiday for Duke of Gloucester's wedding.

17th December

The school is exceptionally cold the temperature being 44 degrees. The children were marched and drilled to keep warm. Donald Bell was sick through being cold.


23rd January

Dennis Emery fell in the boys' yard and hurt his head on the ice.
28th January

School closed for the late King's Funeral.

7th July

Lancaster Corporation sent a man to repair drain which had been damaged by their workmen when laying the electric cable.

7th September

Alan Halhead left having won a Junior Technical Exhibition to Storey Institute, Lancaster.

7th October

Mrs W Richardson presented a stuffed otter in case to the school.

18th December

Nancy Norris fell in the girls' yard and cut her elbow very badly.


15th February

Received 50 books from the Lancaster Co-operative Society for the school library.
18th February

A gentleman gave the children a lecture on the League of Nations. The Vicar also added a few remarks.

11th May

The vicar presented the children with souvenir spoons in commemoration of the crowning of King George VI.

16th June

Lady organiser from the County Offices called during the morning to make arrangements about the children's dinner hour and the provision of small tablecloths etc.

18th June

Miss Law gave a lecture to the children on the value of milk.

31st August

John Kenyon was knocked down by a car and had his leg broken when leaving school today.

10th September

Owing to the workmen coming to tar spray the yard the school was closed in the afternoon.

1st November

Received notice from Lancaster that Margaret & William Bainbridge were being supplied with free milk - the supply is to commence on November 1st 1937.

29th November

Commenced supplying the children with milk.


10th January

Miss Bank away ill. Mrs E Fox, uncertificated teacher, commenced duties temporarily in her place at a salary of £135 per annum.
18th January

Eric Richardson fell in the yard and cut his knee badly.

1st April

Miss Burrows a former teacher called during the afternoon.

27th April

Sergeant Cubbon lectured the children on "Danger on the road".

12th May

Sergeant Stackhouse spoke to the children on road safety.

14th September

PC 287 lectured the children on Road Safety. The danger of riding a pedal cycle.

11th November

Bernard Holliman fell in the yard and bruised his head and knees.


19th January

Ronald Procter fell in the school yard and hurt his leg.
22nd February

Only 16 children present.

27th April

Received word from the "Daily Herald" that Ronald Nicholas had won a special book prize for writing.

24th August

Jean Johnson fell in the yard and hurt her left hand.

1st September

School closed all day owing to being a receiving centre for children from evacuated areas.

4th September

School closed for one week by Government Orders.

11th September

School reopened. 39 children from St Ambrose School, Salford and 9 senior children from Burton in Lonsdale admitted.

13th September

Miss Rome called during the afternoon session to enquire about the evacuee children.

27th September

Joan Mashiter fell in the yard and damaged her knee.

17th November

PC Harris lectured the children on the Black Out.

27th November

Received 14 dual desks, 4 folding tables and 8 chairs from Salford.


8th January

School reopened. Elsie Norris fell in yard and hurt her head.
29th January

Owing to a very heavy fall of snow very few children came to school. The snow which had drifted to a depth of over 3 feet had to be cleared before the children could get into school. Out of 87 children on the roll only 21 were present.

9th February

Miss Parker, one of the Salford teachers, left this school to take up duties at Caton. We are left with 13 senior and 11 infant scholars from Salford.

6th March

Received notice from Midland Railway Co., Hornby that a short ladder had arrived. As it was badly damaged I refused to accept it.

14th May

School reopened by order of Government proclamation given out by wireless.

24th May

Forwarded to the Overseas League Tobacco Fund for cigarettes for the soldiers the sum of £1.13.0.

12th July

Forwarded by the vicar a rough plan of the school and the steps taken for Air raid precautions.

7th October

Received 2 postcards from HM Navy thanking children for cigarettes they provided.

30th October

Owing to a bomb being dropped near Manor House several children from Claughton were late to school in the morning session.

15th November

A Red Air Raid Warning. Took children into the porch until the All Clear was sounded.


6th January

Evacuation of school children. Five more admitted from St Ambrose and 22 from Trafford Road School, Salford. Miss G S Hardacre accompanied the children. Miss Wolstencroft, the headmistress came with the children on Saturday Jan. 4th. She came to school on Monday and Tuesday to see after their welfare.
13th January

Mr Dowse and Mr Whittaker called to see how arrangements can be made for accommodating the new influx of evacuees.

24th January

Received the following stock from Salford. One cupboard, one blackboard, one easel, eight small chairs - one chair was broken, two tables, infants, eight small dual desks -one desk broken. The desks are very old,only two being up-to-date.

20th March

Received notice from the Director suggesting that owing to the congestion in the infants department staffing arrangements should be rearranged and that the upper division should be under the headmaster.

8th April

I wrote back informing (Miss Wolstencroft) that it was the wish of the foster parents that the Salford children should be treated as the local children and have the Easter Holidays.

21st April

The windows have been covered with protective covering against air raids and the floors have been washed.

15th September

School reopened after holiday. Refused admission to 12 children from Hornby Hostel until I received instructions from County Council.

22nd September

Admitted 12 difficult children from the Hornby Hostel.

25th September

Wrote Director of Salford for particulars re: 'Government Evacuation Scheme for School Children'.

10th October

Patrick Doran and Christopher Lawler - 2 boys evacuated from Salford to the Hornby Hostel failed to return to school in the afternoon session. Evidently they have run away from the hostel. Lawler only entered this school on Monday.

29th October

Sent several gas masks to Mr Lamb for repairs.


5th January

School boiler had serious leak not discovered until 4 pm. Sent for local blacksmith who said the boiler would have to be taken out to repair.
6th January

Assembled children in school and then dismissed them for the rest of the week because blacksmith said it would take four or five days to repair at least.

13th January

Took children at 2.30 to see a Ministry of Information Film in the Institute.

2nd February

Mr Whittaker, District Clerk called in afternoon re: transport of "Difficult Children" to Hostel School. He informed me the school would start on Tuesday 3rd February.

12th April

School closed for Easter holidays. Miss Ward, the Caretaker, ceased duties on March 31st. The office has not been filled.

8th June

Distributed to the evacuee children various gifts presented by school children of the United States of America.

24th June

Half-holiday in the afternoon to take the evacuee children to Morecambe.

15th October

Forwarded to Mrs Southworth, Garstang, 1.3/4 cwts Horse Chestnuts and Rosehips. Sent by rail.

22nd December

The children had their Xmas party in the afternoon. This year owing to rationing they provided their own food.


18th May

In the drawing competition for 'Wings for Victory Week' in Lunesdale David Richardson was first and Alice Hopton second in their respective classes. David Richardson received 15shillings. Alice Hopton received 10shillings.
26th May

Forwarded £1.8s.9d to Overseas Tobacco Fund, London.

15th November

Owing to an air lock we had to put out the fire in the stove.

17th November

School re-opened. Admitted 25 children from Hornby Hostel.

18th November

Mr James, County Organiser, called in the afternoon, to discuss the position with regard to the difficult children. Not more than 25 to be admitted. No teacher - no children.


3rd April

In the 'Salute the Soldier' drawing and slogan competition Audrey Crayston won the first prize 15shillings certificate in class C of drawing and in class A of slogan Malcolm Cowell was 1st - 15 shillings, Alan Davies 2nd - 10 shillings, Audrey Crayston 3rd - 5 shillings.
24th May

Forwarded to Overseas League Tobacco Fund the sum of £1.9s.

3rd July

Caught some of the Hostel children pouring their milk down the girls lavatory basin. Found that 10 bottles had been wasted. I reported the matter to the Matron who informed me that the children were too well fed and did not require the milk.

21st July

Sent stirrup pumps to Mr Whittaker for repairs.

20th September

Mr Dowse, County Organiser, called to say arrangements had been made for all the Hostel children now in school aged 10 and upwards to be transferred to the school at the Hostel. The infant children there to attend this school.

3rd October

Forwarded 45 pounds of rosehips to Lischer and Webb Ltd, Liverpool. Inspector Price of Morecambe Constabulary lectured the children on the dangers of handling incendiary bombs etc.

12th October

Forwarded another 7lbs of Rosehips. This brings the total amount to date to 52lbs.

3rd November

Several children who come from a distance supplied with wellingtons and shoes.

17th November

Irene Larkin, a child from the hostel, fell near the school gate and hurt her knee badly. Sent for Matron who took her home.

6th December

Muriel Renshaw, Mary Kelly, Alan Davis and Vera Johnson, Salford evacuees, returned to Salford today.

15th December

Bernard O'Hara, a refugee, returned to Manchester today.

21st December

I, F E Longbottom, terminated my duties as Head Master of this school after 34 1/4 years service.


8th January

School reopened. Miss Banks in charge as no temporary teacher available.
1st February

Commenced duties as headmaster [signed] F S Parkinson.

21st March

Old scholars of the school made a presentation to Mr F E Longbottom and Miss M Banks on their retirement. The vicar made the presentation at a social evening held in the Institute.

28th March

A presentation was made by Ann Dixon, the smallest girl in the school, of an envelope containing £4 4s subscribed by the headmaster and scholars to mark the retirement of Miss M Banks who terminated her duties today after 38 1/2 years service in the school.

9th April

School reopened at 9 am. Salford furniture collected.

1st May

During the period between commencement of the afternoon sessions and playtime, three lengths of guttering fell off the outbuildings.

8th May

VE Day. The school was closed for 2 days.

11th June

Marie Hopton having been legally adopted by Mrs Herring has had her surname changed to Herring.

14th June

Sum of £5.5s.6d has been raised for the School's Red Cross Fund by some of the senior children. Their effort consisted of 3 plays, produced and presented in a large hut at Bridge End Farm - entirely their own effort.

24th August

Received word that senior scholars were not going to Burton in Lonsdale Modern School on September 4th but would be returning to this school.

4th September

The caretakers (Mr & Mrs Skeats) have given in their notice and the school is now without a caretaker.

14th September

Handed 12lbs of rosehips to Miss Atkinson who called to collect them.

21st September

Another 80lbs of rosehips handed to Miss Atkinson.

27th September

During the dinner hour Frank Bainbridge fell off his cycle and bruised his head. He apparently fainted and was attended to by Mrs Fisher, Bridge End.

29th September

Thanksgivings Savings Week commenced. Annie Skeats was elected Savings Queen, Mary Ashton, page, Ann Taylor, Ann Dixon, Jean Little and Evelyn Norris were Attendants. A fancy dress parade and sports were held for the children at Hornby Hall. Afterwards tea was provided in the institute.

12th October

24.3/4lbs of rosehips handed to Miss Atkinson making a total of 164.3/4lbs for which 41shillings has been received from Miss Parker the area organiser and put into school funds.

29th December

Mr F E Longbottom late headmaster of this school passed away today, aged 68 years.


2nd January

The headmaster and older scholars attended the funeral of Mr F E Longbottom.
23rd January

The children from the hostel are all absent this afternoon as they have all gone to the Pantomime in Morecambe.

11th February

Rev. W G Swainson retired today, from the post of Vicar, Chairman and correspondent of the managers.

4th April

During the morning session Mr A MacDonald, LMS representative, spoke to the upper classes on railways.

23rd May

Visit of Mr John Simpson, headmaster of this school from 12th February 1883 until 31st July 1883.

29th May

A lecture on Safety First, with lantern slides, was given in the Institute this morning by and officer of the Lancashire Constabulary. All the school attended.

5th June

Visit of Miss Graham (school meals organiser) and Mr Barrett (County Architect's Department) re: provision of school meals.

9th December

Mrs Richardson, the caretaker, reported that she fell down the boiler-house steps and twisted her ankle.


10th February

Boiler sprung a leak during the weekend and the pipes were emptied by Mr Titterington who will attempt to repair the leak today. Temperature at 10 am 33 degrees F.
24th February

Boiler not yet fixed. School closed until further notice.

22nd September

Provision of Meals. Dinners commenced at Hornby Institute - 20 children.

16th October

Robert Fish caught Michael Dillan in the left eye with a garden fork - which he had taken against strict orders. Sent Michael home to the Hostel.

19th November

A party was held at the Institute to celebrate the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.


26th April

School closed for the afternoon on the occasion of the Royal Silver Wedding.
1st November

Visit of PC Stead (Lancashire Constabulary), who gave a puppet show on Safety First.

25th November

School closed this afternoon for one day's holiday in commemoration of the birth of a son to HRH Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.


20th September

Mrs E G Richardson the caretaker and welfare assistant absent on a journey to Italy to see her son's grave.

25th January

Electricians arrived to install electric light in the school.
15th March

Stanley Bowden and Michael Hall collided in the playground during the afternoon break. The former lost a tooth.

7th July

Only 23 children present all week. Tonsilitis at the Hostel. Mumps in the village.


10th April

School closed for the day. Children visited Lancaster by coach to see the King and Queen and Princess Margaret.
3rd May

Ascension Day. Timetable rearranged to hear Ascension Day and Festival of Britain Services.

4th September

School re-opened. Eight children admitted from Aughton School.

15th November

Headmaster absent at Royal Lancaster Infirmary for X-ray examination.


23rd January

Wireless set received - no loudspeaker.
26th January

Loudspeaker arrived.

14th April

Copy of HMI Report. Since reorganisation in 1931 this has been a school for juniors and infants taught by the Head Master and an experienced Assistant Mistress. The building was created in 1872 and accommodation consists of two classrooms and two very small cloakrooms. Playground surfaces are not in a satisfactory condition. 17 of the 57 children on roll are from a Lancs. County Council Children's Home in the village. This is mainly a temporary home for the children who are deprived of a normal home life, until suitable private accommodation is found them. During the past year 38 of them have been admitted to the school.

19th June

The whole school visited the Odeon Theatre, Lancaster to see the film of the Queen's Crowning. 'A Queen is Crowned'. The school was closed for the whole day.

8th July

School closed for two days as an occasional holiday to enable farmers' children to go with their parents to the Royal [North of]? England Show at Blackpool.

30th November

Jeffrey Farrand and Patrica Robinson collided in the playground. The latter fell on her paralysed right arm and complained of pain in her upper arm. Sent her home at playtime (pm).

10th December

The last of the children from Hornby Children's Home left the school today. The home will now close.


2nd February

On the way to school dinner at the Institute, Barbara Lambert stumbled over a bicycle standing outside the Post Office, and knocked back the little finger on her left hand. Her mother took her to the Doctor who bandaged it tightly.
3rd March

Heavy snow fall. No children from Aughton as the coach could not make the journey.

29th March

Alan Robinson sustained a cut in the right cheek through walking under a swing in the playing field at 12.45pm. He had been repeatedly warned not to go near the swings when in motion. He was sent home for attention. Mrs S Newhouse, welfare assistant, was in charge of the children.

9th September

It was reported to me by the Welfare Assistant that John Robinson fell off the see-saw during the dinner hour and complained of hurting his left shoulder.

2nd December

Floods at Gressingham Bridge, Claughton and Mearsbeck have prevented children from Aughton and Claughton coming to school. Coughs and colds are keeping a number of Hornby children away. There are 10 children present (5 upper, 5 infants).


19th February

Examination for selection for secondary schools. 15 children sat. Caretaker has difficulty in raising the temperature of the school owing to severe weather.
22nd February

School re-opened. Attended church 9.30 am. Visit of photographer.


23rd February

Nurse Owen visited the school for a list of those 8 years of age and under with a view to the circularising parents about vaccination against poliomyelitis.
29th February

Visit of photographer.

18th June

Continuous dripping in the large classroom due to faulty lead flashing in the gully at the north-east corner. Reported to the vicar. At a Manager's meeting on 11th June, a new development plan for the school was submitted to the managers, approved and forwarded to the Authority.

19th July

In the afternoon the upper classes visited the brickwork's at Claughton.

16th October

Five children were sick after dinner but there appeared to be nothing wrong with the meal.

8th November

Part of the timetable suspended in order to take Cotswold Tests.

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