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Hornby School Log-Books 1900-94

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21st September

Admitted Harold Sawyer, a Skerton boy, taken by Mrs Brennand of Thornbush Farm for a few months. Admitted Charles Taylor of High Salter. He was a scholar at Tatham School but has attended no school since last Xmas. His home is 4 miles away in the Fells. During the week he lodges at Butt Yeats.

30th November

Louisa Norris a half-timer has left and gone to farm service.


9th March

Puppy Show Day at Hornby Castle, 13 children absent from school on that account. William Johnson left school it being his 14th birthday.

28th April

The master absent in Lancaster on the afternoon of this day for examination in Cottage and Allotment Gardening under the Royal Horticultural Society and the County Council.
3rd May

Medical Inspection of School children took place today. [Among the cases of illness etc. is "William Hayton excluded from school. Bad dandruff. Parents advised".]

17th August

Sent John Latham Norris home at noon in a handcart. He was suffering from pain in lower part of abdomen on the left side. He was unable to stand upright or walk.

4th November

Received aquarium from Mr Jowett this afternoon. I was asked to thank this gentleman on behalf of the children.

16th November

AE Thompson an old scholar called to say 'Good-bye' before sailing for Canada on Thursday.

17th November

John Kelsall and Joseph Kelsall, old scholars, called to say 'Good-bye' before sailing for New Zealand on Thursday.


10th January

School opened on this date. During the holidays new and larger heating apparatus has been fixed by Fenton & Co of Lancaster. Took the names of Gerty Kitchen & Ed. Parr off the registers. The latter has removed to Bristol, the former for home work on the farm.
24th January

Many children are absent today owing to the fall of snow and sleet which make the road very sloppy.

28th January

Master fell in girls' yard this morning and has much pain in right hand when attempting to write.

24th May

Tuesday was Empire Day and was celebrated by hoisting the Union Jack, singing the National Anthem and a few words on our duty to the King and country.

31st May

Census figures for Parish of Hornby with Farleton including servants and lodgers is 392.

10th June

Scholars of standards 1, 2 and 3 were out for a walk and gathering of flowers up Moor Lane.

17th June

Mr Morphet retired farmer of Ingleton but born in Hornby visited the school. Spoke to the children on their opportunities now in comparison to those he had sixty years ago.

20th September

Miss Goth late infant teacher in this school was present with other old pupils and friends. The children's present, a spirit kettle, was presented by the Master and the children gave three cheers for their old teacher. A half holiday will be given on Thursday afternoon to see the wedding.

18th November

Clay modelling was taken at the request of the children, instead of drawing this afternoon.


26th January

Miss Brown of the C(ounty) C(ouncil) Farm gave a lecture this evening on breeding and rearing of poultry for egg production.
12th May

School meets at 1 o'clock this afternoon to allow the children to see a menagerie which has visited the village. Mr Strachan the clerk to the Board of Guardians has very kindly paid the admission charge.

13th June

Messrs G & T Smith brought piano down from the station and unpacked the same.

26th June

School re-opened this morning. Received notice of science object lesson on 'Alcohol' to upper standard on Thursday next, at 2 o'clock by W.A. Batley, lecturer.

20th September

West Yorkshire Artillery went through the village at noon today. Many boys absent in the afternoon.

10th October

Miss Cheyne has been sent for by the managers of Cold Coniston School for an interview as the result of her application for Head Teacher's situation.


19th March

Master was absent this afternoon for about an hour to attend the funeral of Mrs Foster the lady manager of the school. The teachers and children sent a wreath to show their sympathy with the relatives and mark their appreciation of the lady's many acts of kindness to them
1st October

Mr Winder visited the school to complain of boys climbing over the garden wall and knocking pears off the trees and stealing them. The following were punished at the request of Mr. Winder. Lawrence Stuart, Joseph Procter, Herbert Foxcroft & Berty Fisher had pears in their pockets when he came to school. In addition to the above Frank, Dick and John Bainbridge, George Sedgwick, Thomas Miller, Joseph Taylor, Will Richardson, Alfred & George Hayward, Alfred Cooper, Ben Hartley, Robert Moore, Harry Croft, and Hector Beck was there yesterday afternoon. This statement was read out in school and will be kept for future reference.

24th October

Dr Atcheson's prize of one shilling for the best list of birds' names was won by Robert Moore.

26th November

Yesterday the 25th the master was called away for one and a half hours as juryman touching the death of Mr Beckett's son who was run over by Motor Car on October 14th.


27th January

Canon Grenside's death was announced this morning.
30th January

At 3.30 this afternoon the children of Day and Sunday school were taken to the Castle to receive presents of toys and oranges.

3rd March

There are several cases of whooping cough reported to me this morning: Richard Dodding and two younger members of the family who are of school age, Isabel Morris of Farleton and another in the same family. Two members of the Bainbridge family of school age, George Miller & Nelly Croft of Claughton.

15th April

The top pane in the classroom window was broken at play time this morning by a rubber ball.

30th June

Sewing and the work of Thursday was taken this afternoon to get the garments finished.

1st September

The Vicar, correspondent, after communicating with Mr Noar and the other managers, visited the school and ordered the exclusion of all the Claughton children to prevent the spread of Scarlet Fever of which there are three cases.


9th January

A very wet morning. The rivers are in flood and the roads are impassable in place.
10th August

School met again after 5 weeks holiday.

31st August

Paid rent for the school house and gave a key to GPOrmandy, correspondent manager.

23rd September

This afternoon the Master retires from official duties connected with this school of which he has been Head since August 6th 1883.

1st October

I, Frederick Edwin Longbottom, commenced duties at this school.

2nd November

In the afternoon sessions school now commences at 1 pm and is dismissed at 3.30pm. This will continue during the months of November, December, January and February.

6th November

The attendance this week considering the wet weather has been very good. Cleaned out the Museum and added several articles of my own collections.

20th November

The children have subscribed over 14 shillings towards buying wool for knitting socks for the soldiers.

4th December

The amount subscribed by the children for socks for the soldiers now amounts to over 21 shillings.


3rd February

Five local young men, who are serving in the Army, called in school to receive the socks and scarfs which have been knitted by the scholars. They are going to the Front in a few weeks time. Frank Bainbridge cracked a window during the play hour with a stone.
10th February

I caught a fine specimen of a Red Admiral Butterfly in school this afternoon.

19th February

Received advice note from the North of England School Furnishing Co. Ltd saying that they have despatched one blackboard and one easel with pegs and pointer.

22nd March

This morning I had to exclude 7 children who came from homes where chicken pox was prevalent.

24th March

Today I forwarded the sum of 3 shilling to R.L.Barclay Esq. towards the providing of tents for the soldiers on Active Service.

21st April

I intend taking the upper classes for a nature walk during the morning session from 11 to 12.

3rd May

School furniture rather crowded owing to a stage being erected for concert in evening. This did not interfere with the usual lessons for the day.

14th May

This week we sent 110 respirators to Miss Welch for her to forward to the soldiers in the trenches.

18th May

Sent six pairs of socks to the local soldiers at the Front.

21st May

Forwarded the sum of 7 shillings to 'Overseas Club' London in aid of presents for the soldiers and sailors.

10th June

Miss Welch brought sample sand bag and supplied a quantity of material for the girls and boys to make into bags for the soldiers.

24th June

Mr Irving Alderson - one of the local territorials - called in school during the afternoon to thank the children for the socks they supplied.

25th June

Forwarded to Miss Welch 28 sandbags which had been made by the upper girls.

9th July

Took upper standards for a Nature Ramble after play.

13th August

May Pole fixed in the yard.

1st September

Afternoon session commenced at 1pm in order to enable some of the children to leave at 3.30pm as Miss Welch wished them to take part in a Patriotic Pageant at Arkholme.

8th September

School commenced at 1 o'clock in order to allow some to the children to attend a pageant at Thurland Castle.

22nd November

At a concert held in the school on Friday 19th a profit of £3 14 shillings was made. This money is to be used for the benefit of the local soldiers.

17th December

Forwarded socks to the following soldiers. H. Shuttleworth, J. Alderson, J. Hodgson, J. Cartmell, E. Hardcastle, J. Baldwin, J. Corless, E. Norris, I Stubbs, D. Hayward, E. Goth, J. Richardson.

22nd December

Received notice that the amount raised for the "Serbian Relief Fund" by the children of this school was 19shillings and 6d.


2nd May

Raised £2.6s.7.1/2d for Mayoress of Lancaster's Fund for local soldiers by the sale of flags.
16th May

Sent Miss Welch one dozen sand bags which had been made by the boys.

26th May

Forwarded to the 'Overseas Club' the sum of 5s 6d for cigarettes for soldiers.

23rd August

Took the upper standards 4 to 7 to Claughton to see the old Church and Claughton Hall in the afternoon from 2.45pm to 4.15pm.

7th September

Sent Miss Welch 12 sandbags which had been made by the boys. This brings the total made this year to 37.

25th September

School flag hoisted at half-mast in memory of Irving Alderson who has been killed at the Front.

1st December

Forwarded to Overseas Club the sum of 6s 6d for cigarettes.


8th May

Reported J. Shepherd for bad attendance. He has been away 30 times out of 91 possible attendances.

2nd October

Great explosion at White Lund. Many children away from school. Children very excited so took them for a walk in the morning.
11th October

Sent notice to the Director of Propellant Supplies re: collection of chestnuts in this school.

7th December

Forwarded about 20 stones of chestnuts to the Ministry of Propellant Supplies.


29th May

Reported J. Shepherd for irregular attendance to Mr Danson. This boy's attendance is creating a bad impression on the other children's parents who say they also have a right to keep their children away from school if this boy can stay away.
5th July

The headmaster gave the children a lesson on 'How to use the Ration Books'.

30th August

School closed for one week to enable children to help in the harvest field.

18th October

Nearly all the children away from school owing to outbreak of influenza so acting on instructions from the medical officer the school was closed for one week.

11th November

News coming to hand that Germany had signed the armistice the headmaster gave the children a short outline of the war and then hoisted the flag and sang patriotic songs.

15th November

Holiday in the afternoon to commemorate the signing of the armistice.


19th February

Today 4 French lady teachers under the care of Mr Grime HMI visited the school during the morning session. The examined the children's work, heard an oral lesson, seemed highly satisfied with what they saw.
17th March

Took children in gardening.

2nd April

Seeds for school garden arrived in good condition.

9th July

Mr Sowman, school gardens instructor, visited the gardens today and expressed his pleasure with the work that had been done, also with the ready manner with which the children answered his various questions.

23rd September

Produce in the school gardens has been partly ruined by Mr Yates's cows.

20th November

Received notice from the Director of Education that the following trees had been ordered for the school garden - 2 apple trees, 6 gooseberry bushes, 3 blackcurrant bushes, 3 redcurrant bushes, 12 raspberry canes.


26th January

Received the following tools for gardening - 7 spades, 7 forks, 2 watering cans, 5 Dutch hoes, 5 rakes, 4 hoes, one wheel barrow, one bill hook, one shears, 7 trowels, one skirrit line.
2nd July

Mr Tomb, the school doctor, examined the children during the morning.

13th July

Garden Report

Since the establishment of the school garden on the present site, considerable improvement has taken place in the condition of the surrounding allotments and cottage gardens.
30th August

The school has been colour washed and painted both inside and outside.


31st January

Mr J H Carr from the Training College, Lancaster, came for two weeks training.
10th February

Mr Pigg, Principal and Mr Brown VP of the Training College called in the morning to hear Mr Carr teach.

6th April

Took gardening children to Castle Orchard to hear an address on grafting.

8th April

Let children stay in school yard from 9.15 to 10.30 to witness the eclipse of the sun.

19th July

Anthony J Tomlinson, overcome by the heat, fainted in school this morning. At 9am the temperature was 70 degrees.


9th January

School re-opened after two weeks and one day holiday. The floors have been scrubbed and the windows cleaned.
28th February

Holiday all day for Princess Mary's wedding.

3rd March

The vicar presented 25 story books to the school library.

30th March

Master at closing down of Lancaster training college.

10th May

Owing to visit of Bishop of Manchester we commenced afternoon session at 1pm and closed at 3.30pm. [ed. was this to dedicate the new bells?]

24th May

Empire Day. Gave children a lesson on the Empire and why we keep this day. Children sang patriotic songs in the yard followed by an extra playtime.

29th June

Received information that James Norris had been awarded a five years Bursarship tenable at Lancaster Boys' Grammar School.

30th June

Half holiday in afternoon in Honour of J. Norris wining a Bursar ship.

10th October

Twenty children away from school owing to being excluded through measles.

13th February

Received seeds for school garden. Dr Tomb called and informed me that he had passed two children from the Guardians' Institution as fit to attend school. Viz. Benjamin Kershaw and Thomas Dalton.

10th May

Ascension Day. Holiday in the afternoon. Walter Taylor fell off his bicycle when going home and broke his arm the previous evening.

24th May

School re-opened. Flag hoisted in honour of Empire Day. Miss Welch lent record and Mr Foster his gramophone in order that the children might hear the King's and the Queen's address to his school children.

13th November

Very wet day. The rivers Wenning and Lune in flood. The highway from school to church under water. The road to Claughton was also flooded. Only 41 children present in the morning and 42 in the afternoon.


7th April

Mary Johnson Standard One was found to be suffering from Diphtheria. I sprayed the school with Jeyes Fluid and flushed the drains.
26th September

Copy of report from Mr P Lavender HMI. "This is a well built country school with 72 scholars. The older children standards (1 to 7) are taught in the main room by the master and an experienced supplementary teacher while the infants are taken by the uncertificated assistant in the classroom. A useful and noteworthy addition to the equipment is an oil stove with oven, for providing the children who stay dinner with hot drinks and for warming the food they bring with them."


20th January

The infants porch is again used as a store house by the caretaker although she has been asked to desist storing coke there. I have had the place cleared again today.

24th July

During the afternoon session the staff and scholars presented Miss Stephenson with a clock on the occasion of her coming marriage.
5th November

Concert in afternoon by the 'Lancashire Tour Party ' and organised by the Lancashire County Council. The following schools were represented Hornby, Melling and Wray. Hornby children subscribed 8s. 4d.


13th January

Mumps and German Measles have broken out and some children are away from school suffering from the infection.
12th April

School re-opened after Easter holidays. Admitted 7 boys from the Institution. These boys are weak minded.

21st May

Previous to closing the school for Whitsuntide, Miss Welch of Hornby Hall presented each scholar with a medal in commemoration of Empire Day. The vicar made a speech and Mr Towers handed each child a medal.

19th July

Took gardening children down garden to plant out.

13th September

The floor in the upper room is strewn with match stalks and cigarette ends. The flags outside the girls' porch have not been swept this morning and are covered with mud.

11th November

Altered lessons in the timetable during the morning session in order to take special lessons on Armistice Day and The Great War.

25th November

Erick Harrison fell off his bicycle on his way to school and damaged his elbow. I took him to the doctor but he was not at home. As the boy was wet through I sent him home along with H. Pickthall.

23rd December

Prizes for clean boots were won by John K Halhead and Mary Croft, for nature by Mary Tomlinson, and for needlework Gladys Shuttleworth and Ethel Mattinson and for good conduct by Walter Taylor. The former were given by the Master and the three latter by Mr and Mrs Illidge.


28th February

School closed for Shrove Tuesday. Nelson Tomlinson had a fit during the dinner hour in the Station Yard. He was carried into Mrs Pedder's house - the doctor called in - but was still unconscious at 3.30pm. Nelson Tomlinson passed away about 4pm. He never regained consciousness.
3rd March

School closed in the afternoon. The upper standards attended the funeral of Nelson Tomlinson.

20th June

Mr Beckett sent a microscope for use in the school. It is out of repair and will require renovating.

1st November

Children from Wray, Melling and Hornby we entertained by artists who are giving concerts in various parts of Lancashire under the auspices of the Lancashire County Council. The collection amounted to 12shillings 2.1/2d made up as follows: Hornby 6s.6d, Melling 3s, Wray 2s. 8.1/2d. Miss Rome and Miss Welch attended the concert.

3rd November

The registers were not marked this morning as not half the children were at school at 9.30am owing to the wet weather and the roads being flooded owing to the rivers Wenning and Lune overflowing their banks.


19th March

Commenced examinations.
27th March

Mr Grime, HMI, called for complete sets of examination papers and written answers which had been set a term ends.

24th May

Brought wireless into school for children to hear the Earl of Meath's address. Gave children an address on the Empire from 10 o'clock till 10.45.

31st August

Boys broke a window in the Infants Department. Mr J Richardson was asked to repair the damage.

11th September

Annie Clarkson has been awarded a scholarship to the Girls' Grammar School by the Disabled and Soldiers Society. Grace Harrison has also been awarded a County Council Scholarship.

20th November

The Vicar left the Parish today.


28th February

The stove is leaking. The blacksmith has repaired the stove and ordered new bars as the ones in use are done.
8th April

The boys WC's do not flush properly and the basins are never properly clear of dung.

3rd May

Very poor attendance this week owing to the prevalence of whooping cough.

16th May

Took the gardening class down the garden during the morning session. Also in the afternoon as the peas wanted sticking and early potatoes covering with soil in case of frost.

14th October

John Hoole fell in the yard and cut his head very badly.

10th December

A Managers' Meeting was held on Monday with reference to the formation of a senior school at Burton.


3rd February

Received six dual desks from the North of England Furnishing Co. One was broken.

I notified the company and the district clerk.

17th July

Let the children out early 3pm to attend the Sports at the Camp.

15th September

Took gardening class into the gardens instead of taking the science lesson. Sam Lomax lifted a potato (Field Marshall) weighing 1lb 14oz.

30th September

Dorothy Harrison on her way home was knocked down by a passing car.

11th November

Armistice Day. Took a short service and gave a short account of the horrors of war. Mr John Halhead - a Manager of the school - hanged himself at Butt Yeats this afternoon.

18th December

The children had their Xmas Party today. A large number of parents were present and were entertained by the children.


6th January

Kenneth Lamb fell in the yard and cut his knee very badly.
7th January

Mary Halhead fell in the yard and cut both her hands.

15th January

Bobby Lamb fell and cut his hands.

20th January

Mrs Shuttleworth presented the school with a new school bell. She noticed that the old one was cracked.

3rd March

Miss Burrow went for an interview Re: Wilson's Endowed School, Kellet, Carnforth. The vicar of Kellet called in the morning with a view to seeing her teach.

30th March

Geoffrey Kay fell in the yard and cut his mouth very badly.

1st April

Miss Burrow tendered her notice as she had been appointed to Wilson's Endowed CE School, Over Kellet.

21st April

Bert Driffield fell on his way to school and became unconscious. The headmaster found him lying near a stone heap not far from Butt Yeats Farm and had him conveyed home. Irene Schofield fell in the girls' yard and damaged her leg.

13th July

Mr Hartley called and informed me that all the children 11 and over had to go to Burton School after the holidays.

16th July

Let the children out at 3pm to witness the Sports at the Military Camp.

17th July

Dennis Bell fell in the yard and cut his head very badly. Miss Morton washed and bound up the wound.

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