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Homework: Football Transfers

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Homework: Football Transfers
Sorry non-football fans but most other sports people just don’t earn enough to challenge your intelligence!!

Learning Goal: To write the values of English Premier League football transfers as numbers eg Jordan Henderson transfers to Stoke for $3.27 million = 3,270,000
Task: Practise writing these large amounts using place value columns.
Johnny Gorman moved from Wolves to Plymouth for nine thousand dollars.
Heidar Helguson moved from QPR to Cardiff for eight thousand, five hundred and forty dollars.
James Collins moved from Aston Villa to West Ham for ninety eight thousand, four hundred dollars.
Rafeal van der Vaart moved from Tottenham to Hamburg for nine million dollars.
Luka Modric moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid for thirty million dollars.
Matt Jarvis moved from Wolverhampton Wanderers to West Ham United for seven million five hundred thousand dollars.
Eden Hazard moved from Lille to Chelsea for twenty three million dollars.
Charlie Adam moved from Liverpool to Stoke for five million, three hundred and twenty thousand dollars.
Dimitar Berbatov moved from Manchester United for Fulham for nine million, five hundred and sixty four thousand, six hundred and forty dollars.
Javi Garcia moved from Benfica to Manchester City for sixteen million, three hundred and seventy two thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine dollars.

Hugo Lloris moved from Lyon to Tottenham for eleven million, eight hundred thousand dollars.

Scott Sinclair moved from Swansea to Manchester City for six and a half million dollars.
Robin van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United for twenty two million, eight hundred thousand dollars.

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