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Hello everybody, -please read this: there are some important announcements

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Hello everybody,

Here is the list of multiplechoice questions. As you can see, it’s a long list, and my ‘study advise’ would be to use it as a ‘test’ for your knowledge on the book. First read and study the book, then use the questions to check if you know it! To learn every question by heart seems to be a lot more work…

Some other things:

I will be in the office (room 8 Berkey Hall, this is in the basement) from 3pm till about 4:30pm (but longer if a lot of people show up with questions). If you have questions, but cannot make it during that time for some reason, let me know, and we can try to set another time (but since this is during our class time, I do not expect any problems…).

Then: the composition of the final:

  1. 15 to 18 mc-questions from the list (I am still working on it…)

  2. 2-5 mc-questions that I make (total for mc questions: 40 points)

  3. 3 essay questions on the course pack/lecture (2 for 15 points, 1 for 10 points)

Make sure you bring a pencil: I am using the scoring office for the mc-questions. You will get those results through the scoring office. I will grade the essay questions as soon as possible, and I will put the results on the web site: this will be by student number, and it will be the total that you received of the 40 points.
On Thursday, I will give you back all other assignments when you are done with the exam. Please email me when you have questions on those: don’t ask me in class that day since other students will still be working on the exam.
Good luck, and see you on Thursday.
Karijn Nijhoff
PS The server was acting up again, please let me know if there is something wrong with this document.

What is a recently new phrase used by McDonald’s corporation in hopes for foreign conquest?

Economic Globalization

Cultural Globalization

Global Realization

Corporate dumping

In the ten months that the USDA had been testing ground beef intended for school children, roughly 5 million pounds were rejected because of what?
Ebola Virus


Tape worms

Mad cow disease

Which did not occur when McDonald’s fired all their carhops in 1948?
Prepared food with a new method

Increase of management

Closed the restaurant

Installed larger grills

What state used its McDonalds Corporation as a test sit for other types of restaurant technology?
Michigan State University Florida



None of the Above

In what city was the meat packaging plant that slaughtered about 50 cattle an hour?

Los Angeles


Of the following which did not join Peter Lowe onstage for his “success seminar”?

George Bush

Barbra Walters

Colin Powell

Denzel Washington

Mario Cuomo
The American cattle, meatpacking, meat-processing, feed-manufacturing, and rendering industries immediately opposed the FDA’s ban on feeding remains of animals to cattle (in reference to the outbreak of Mad Cow’s disease) because:
There really wasn’t a serious threat to American herd animals.

There was substantial evidence that the risk to humans was negligible.

It would interfere with these companies’ abilities to retain high profits.

Mad Cow’s disease was confined to Europe, so it was senseless for the FDA to impose bans on companies in America

None of these options are correct
The expansion of fast food restaurants in the United States primarily benefited from:
The overabundance of cows on American farms, which made it very cheap for restaurants to buy beef.

The customers increasing interests in the healthy organic foods that these restaurants offered.

The growing infatuation with and dependence on automobiles as a mode of transportation and as a way of life in America.

The attractive female carhops that drew thousands of teenage boys and their wallets to fast food restaurants.

Automation and jobs that require little skill benefit fast food chains by:
Making the quality of the food nearly identical in multiple locations.

Making the likelihood of errors in the kitchen far less.

Allowing management to no longer depend on the individual talents and skills of its workers, making them increasingly interchangeable.

a & b

a, b, & c
Pick the statement that is FALSE. Natural flavors:
are chemically identical to some artificial flavors, but are produced by different means.

are often more healthy and pure than artificial flavors because they come from natural sources rather than from a laboratory

and artificial flavors are produced and manufactured at the same chemical plants.

Both a & c

All of these are true statements
The Reagan Administration DID NOT support which of the following policies related to the activities of the “meatpacking giants,” such as ConAgra and IBP.
Anti-trust laws meant to prevent the monopolization of the meatpacking industry

Laws meant to make it easier for companies to consolidate and merge in order to control more of the market.

Laws that made it easier for the giants to either put hundreds of smaller companies out of business or to swallow them whole

They did not support a, b, and c

They supported a, b, and c
What of the following are true about the expansion of McDonald’s in the rest of the world.
It opens 5 new restaurants every day, 4 of them in foreign countries.

It imports entire agricultural systems and specially modified seeds to grow its product in foreign countries.

It helps homogenize and assimilate existing cultures into American culture.

All of these are true

In what decade did African Americans attack McDonalds Corporation fro opening restaurants in minority neighborhoods without giving minority businessmen the opportunity to become franchises.



Which fast food chain profits the most outside the U.S?

Mc Donald’s


Burger King

Both A and B

None of the above
Who does Mc Donald’s target in the overseas market

Senior Citizens


Young Children

According to marketers the reason advertisers target market children is there?
Children are easier to fool

Nudge factor

Pestering power

B and C

None of the above
What does O.S.H.A. stand for?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Occupational Security Heating Agreement

Occupational Safety and Hearing Association

Occupational Safety and Health Agreement

Under Colorado new law, how much money does an individual receives if they lose their arm in the work place?




none of the above
1.IN 1976 the U. S. Department of Agriculture stated that each American consumed how many pounds of ground beef?
55 lbs



94 lbs
What was the price that Carl Karcher paid for his first hot dog cart?




The fast food industry is employed by more _________ than any other Industry.





The J.R. Simplot Dehydrating Company was a principal supplier of food to the American military during what event?



Great Depression

The Industrial Revolution
Serious permanent disfigurement to the head, face, or body parts in public view entitles you to how much money in a law suit?




Super Size Fries at McDoanld=s contains _____ calories and ______ grams of fat?




Every month more than _______ % of the children in the United States eat at MCDonald=s?




In Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation”, McDonald’s divided the food preparation into separate tasks performed by different workers. To fill a typical order, one person grilled; another “dressed and wrapped; another prepared the milk shake; another made the fries; an another worked the counter. This process is an example of:

Speedy service

Labor separation

Division of labor

Integration of labor

Instead of relying upon small, stable, well-paid, and well-trained workforce, the fast food industry seeks out:
Elderly workers

Highly skilled workers

Unskilled Workers

Former waitresses

Amid a barriage of criticism over the amount of cholesterol in fries, McDonald’s switched to what cooking oil in the 1990’s?
Coconut Oil

Vegetable Oil

Animal Lard

Cottonseed Oil

The late night cleaning crews of America’s slaughterhouses employed by sanitation companies, whom are considered to be “independent contractors” are mostly made up of:
Skilled worker’s

Illegal Immigrants

Licensed Sanitizers

Meatpacking Line Cr

In March of 2000, the annual Restaurants and Institutions choice for best food quality was awarded to which fast-food chain?

In-N-Out Burger



Due to the elevated consumption of fast food the U.S. has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation. Which statistic matches this trend?
The rate of obesity among American adults today is twice that of the 1960’s.

Has steadily decreased since the 1960’s

Obesity rates have remained unchanged since the invention of fast food.

Has slightly increased since the 1960’s

The wide expansion of the McDonald’s franchise during the 1970’s is compared in the book to:
the personal computer boom of the late 1900’s

the monopoly of Microsoft in the 1990’s

the number of churches built during the 1980’s around the U.S.

the monopoly of Q-Tips cotton swabs

French fries were McDonald’s greatest money-maker in 1965 and for many years to come due to:
the surplus of potatoes in the United States at that time

they did not require any additional ingredients making them cheap to process

the reduced cost of starting with a frozen French fry.

America’s increasing demand for salted foods

With the addition of a new menu item in 1983, McDonald’s became the second-largest producer of _______ in the United States.




The company talked about in Chapter 7 named “ConAgra” is a combination of two Latin words meaning….
Congress of Agriculture

supreme goods

partnership with the land

monopoly of beef business

A dangerous beef disease that causes food poisoning facing the United States today is:

E. coli 0157:H7



all of the above

A + C only

Federal officials and meatpacking executives claim that the country with the safest food supply in the world is:



United States

Congress enacted food safety legislation in 1906. The reason for the legislation was:
Congress just wanted to legislate something

Working conditions were so poor that something needed to be done

The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, prompted a public outcry for change because of its detailed accounts of the deplorable conditions in meatpacking plants

There was no food safety legislation in 1906, it wasn’t enacted until 1922

Both b & c
According to the chapter in the book that discussed meat contamination and the E. coli virus, which age group is most likely to suffer from illnesses caused by the pathogen?
Children under the age of five

The elderly

People with impaired immune systems

Teenagers and young adults

Choices a, b, and c
Schlosser feels that the rise in hiring migrant industrial workers, who are often illegal immigrants, poses a threat to democracy. Which of the following is not a reason?
Workers who are illegal immigrants cannot vote

Workers who are illegal immigrants have little ability to defend their legal rights

Poor and illiterate illegal immigrants are often exploited by companies

Illegal immigrants don’t have the same taste in food

Which of the following is true?
The aroma of a food can be responsible for as much as 90 percent of its flavor.

Studies have shown that the color of a food has no effect on how its taste is perceived.

The aroma of a food has no effect on the food’s flavor.

The taste buds can detect thousands of tastes.

Which of the following is not true?
70 percent of fast food visits are “impulsive”.

Ray Croc flew in a Cessna plane to determine new sites for his McDonald’s Restaurants.

There is a manual known as “the Bible” detailing everything from how many burgers to place on the grill at once, to how thick the french fries should be.

Adults in their mid-twenties have long provided the fast food industry with the bulk of its workforce.

What was the original price for a hamburger from “McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers”?
35 cents

60 cents

15 cents

5 cents
E. Coli 0157:H7 is ?

form of sunbock

nasty germ that infects chicken

nasty germ that infects beef

cool new ride at Cedar Point

Veggie libel laws are laws that?

give vegtable the right to vote

make it ok to slander veggies.

Makes it illegal to eat veggies.

Make it illegal to criticize agricultural commodities without proof.\
Which automobile company or companies secretly purchased trolley systems in the early 1900’s in an attempt to wipe out railway competition?


General Motors

All of the above

None of the above
In 1999, Burger King, Mcdonald’s and Tricon Global Restaurants employ 3.7 million people worldwide and open a new fast food restaurant every
2 days

4 days

2 hours

2 weeks

In 1990, McDonald’s switched the type of oil they used because of criticism concerning too much cholesterol in the oil, and a new ingredient was added to the fries to try to keep the flavor unchanged, this new ingredient is
Artificial Flavor

Natural Flavor

Special Seasoning

Beef Flavor Extract

What is considered to be the most dangerous legitimate job in America?
Auto Assembly Line worker

Maintenance at a Fast Food Restaurant

Meat Packer

Factory Worker

McDonald’s targeted what group of consumers with their foreign advertising as they also do in the U.S.
Old people

Middle aged people



None of the above
One of the Bush administration’s first food safety decisions was to stop testing the National School Lunch Program’s ground beef for


Mad cow disease

Mad McChicken disease

Moth balls
Ray Kroc and the fast food industry lobbied congress to pass the McDonald’s Bill, this bill would allow
Fast food employees to pay fewer taxes

Employers to pay 16 and 17-year-old workers less than min. wage.

Fast food companies to not abide by all food codes.

All of the above.

The McDonald’s Corporation uses Colorado Springs as
An example of urban sprawl

A test ground for new types of restaurant technology

The basis for all of their comparisons

A test ground for teen-run franchises.

McDonald’s hired a/an _____ to help them redesign the franchise buildings.



None of the above.

Which novel highlights the problems of the meatpacking industry?
In Dubious Battle

The Grapes of Wrath

The Jungle

None of the above

Recently, beef production has been responsible for
Half the employment in agriculture.

Recent food poisoning outbreaks.

An increase in demand for hamburgers.

None of the above.

Schlosser states that many of America’s greatest accomplishments stand in complete defiance of the free market. Which of the following are examples?
Creation of national parks

Establishment of the minimum wage

Construction of roads, dams, bridges, and churches.

All of the above

What ultimately led to the expansion and change of lifestyle in California?
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