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H21 elf: english as a lingua franca or international english

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  1. What is the consequence that the global spread of English has on its future development? (p. 7)

  1. What does the term ‘English as an International Language’ stand for? What are other possible labels used? (p. 8-9)

  1. What are the 4 characteristics of ELF as defined by Brutt-Griffler and explained by Seidlhofer? (p. 9) How are they supposed to challenge the idea that English is a ‘killer language?

  1. Is ELF present in school curricula across Europe? What is the prevailing objective of English teaching? (p. 12-13)

  1. What are the pragmatic features of ELF communication? (p. 15)

  1. What are the phonological features of ELF as far as teaching targets are concerned? (p. 16)

  1. What are the main aims of the VOICE project? (p. 17-18)

  1. What are the ‘common’ grammatical mistakes, eradication of which seems to be a waste of time in terms of successful communication in English? (p. 18-19) Would you be willing to stop correcting them when teaching English?

  1. What is the impact ELF might have on the way levels of proficiency in English are assessed, e.g. on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages? (p. 19)

10. What might be the impact of ELF on scientific publications? (p. 19)

  1. Why the teaching of English is still based on the native-speaker-like proficiency as a goal? (p. 21)

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