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Career Objective:To take up the responsibilities of a Specialist in a renowned organization wherein my skills and abilities will enhance the growth and development of the organization.

Core Competencies:

Possess more than twelve years of professional experience in handling audit and accounting tasks
Strong analytical and organizational skills
In-depth knowledge of internal audit and accounting
Excellent command over Business English
Multitasking skills with ability to work in independently and as a part of a team
Familiar with the rules and regulations of taxation laws in China

Technical Proficiencies:

Knowledge of Microsoft word, excel, tally, PowerPoint, vertex, Fasttax, BNA and CD-ROM based programs

Educational Summary:

Diploma in Accounting from XiAn University Of Finance And Economics in the year 1992
The Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) (ACCA) in the year 2011

Professional Experience:

Chang Ling Joint - Stock L.L.C ,ShanXi Province ,China
1999 - 1999

Prepared financial statements, PST/GST and tax related statements
Researched specialized questions and prepared recommendations
Supervised tax interns and tax staff
Worked on international tax schedules
Reviewed and prepared both separate and consolidated company, and multi state corporate tax returns
Planned and researched on various tax issues like analysis of proposed legislation and new tax laws
Involved with government tax audits and correspondence

Baoji Audit & Consultation Firm ShanXi Province , China
1999to 2004
Staff Tax Accountant

Prepared individual, corporate, partnership and other types of tax returns
Researched on various tax related matters
Handled the tasks of responding to client and government inquires regarding tax related issues
Prepared payroll, sales, commercial and property rent returns
Handled the responsibilities of annual property tax reporting and quarterly sales tax reporting

YuRun Corporation ,NanJing City ,Jiangshu Province ,China

2005 to 2013

Internal Auditor

According to IIA and the coporation of regulation ,evaluate the adequacy and effectivness of the internal control system in responding to risk within the corporation of goverance ,opreation,and information system regarding the Reliability and integrity of financial and opreation information Effectiveness efficiency and economy operation

Safeguarding of assets and compliance with laws regulations and contracts Ascertian the extent to which opreating and program goals and objectives

Have been established and conform to those of the coporation

Review operations and program to ascertain the extent to which outcomes are

Consistent with established goals and objectives to determine whteher operations and programs are being implemented or performed are intended


2014 to JUNE 2015

Being in charge of revenue and expenditure record on day by day basis

Prepare statement of financial position ,statement of comprehensive income

And statement cash flow monthly

Reading Novels, listening to soft music,

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 17/07/1970
Employment Status: Permanent
Marital Status: Single

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