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Guide to Getting Around the Troy Area

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BMEGC Guide to Getting Around the Troy Area
The following is a list of common stores and restaurants most students frequent in the Troy area and directions to each of their locations.

  1. Restaurants in Downtown Troy:

I Love NY Pizza (good pizza with cheap prices…a campus favorite)

  • From the Union (at the corner of Sage & 15th St), cross over 15th St and continue down the hill

  • At the stop sign make a left onto 8th Street

  • Follow 8th street to the end, and make a right onto Route 2

  • At the second light, make a right onto 4th street

  • I Love NY Pizza will be on the left


Brueggers Bagels

  • Follow the above directions for I Love NY Pizza onto Route 2 – except, don’t turn onto 4th street.  Brueggers will be on the right about 2 blocks down (across from Russell Sage College)


Fresno’s (Tex-Mex & American food)

  • From the Union, make a right onto 15th St

  • At the next light, make a left onto People’s Avenue

  • Go through the next 2 lights

  • At the 3rd right, make a left

  • Fresno’s is on your right; Franklin Square Inn (hotel) is on your left


Brown’s Taproom – formerly the Troy Pub (pub food & home brewed beer)

  • From the Union, make a right onto 15th St

  • At the 3rd light, make a left onto Hoosick Street (also Route 7 West) – there will be a Hess Station on the corner across from you

  • After you go through the next light, (Friendly’s/ Big Lots – at this light on the left), stay in the left lane

  • At the next light, you will see the road split and go down into downtown troy, or (to the right) go to Route 7 – you want to go downtown

  • Take this road to the end, and make a left

  • Follow the road along the Hudson – the Taproom will be on your right

  1. Shopping Centers and other Restaurants in Troy:

To get to the Wal-Mart, Price Chopper (food store), Subway, and Blockbuster closest to campus:

  • Make a right onto Route 7 East (Hoosick Street)

  • The Subway will be on your left followed by the Price Chopper Shopping Center, Blockbuster, and the Wal-Mart Shopping Center all on your right

  1. Latham Farms Shopping Center in Latham:

This Shopping Center has a Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Hannaford (food store), Staples, and several other stores.


From the Union:

  • Make a right onto 15th St

  • Make a left onto Hoosick Street (also Route 7 West)

  • Stay on Route 7 West until you reach the Latham Route 9 exit (second to last exit)

  • At the end of the exit ramp, make a right onto Route 9

  • Latham Farms entrance will be on your right (2nd light once you’re on Route 9 – there is a big sign)


If you follow the main road through Latham Farms – there will be another sub-plaza on your right which will have a Staples and Panera Bread (good sandwich place).  If you keep driving, (Panera on the right, Wal-Mart on the left) you will reach a light which is Route 2.  If you go left onto Route 2, there will be a Dakotas (steak place on the corner on the left) and an Applebee’s on the left.  If you go right onto Route 2, cross over Route 87 (the road becomes Route 7 / Troy Schenectady Road) and bear off to the right you will get to Target (there is also a Cabrera’s (Mexican Restaurant) & Ruby Tuesday’s that you will pass)


To get back to Troy, you can take either 87 North to Route 7 East (if you’re closer to Route 2) or you can go back out of Latham Farms the way you came in and take Route 7 East back.

  1. Other Local Points of Interest:

Wolf Road has a lot of restaurants: Macaroni Grill, Real Seafood Company, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Buca Di Beppos, Chilis, Denny’s, IHOP (these restaurants are extremely crowded on Friday/Saturday nights…just to warn you)


To get to Wolf Road, take Route 7 West and instead of getting off at the Route 9/Latham exit, stay to the left. 

  • After you go around the bend, go all the way to your left and merge onto Route 87 South (if you were to stay to the right, you would be on what is called alternate Route 7 – which brings you up to a light – to the left is Route 2 and to the right is Route 7 / Troy Schenectady Road – see the directions above)

  • Take exit 4 (for the Albany international airport)

  • At the light make a left

  • At the next light make another left

  • At the next light, make a right onto Wolf Road


If you continue on this direction on Wolf Road, you will eventually hit Route 5.  If you make a left onto Route 5 you will see a Mall (Colonie Center Mall) on your left and a strip of stores on the right which has a Target.

  • The mall has a Sears & Boscov’s.

  • If you turn right and go into the plaza with Target and bear to the right (going around the right side of the strip) you will eventually hit a BJs.  


You can also reach Colonie Center Mall / Target / BJs by taking 87 South to exit 2E.  When you get off the exit, just stay straight through the light and the mall will be to the left, Target to the right.  This way is much quicker than taking wolf road if you are going directly to these stores.


Also off of Route 87 S is Crossgates Mall.  This is the main mall that everyone goes to.  If you continue on Route 87 S past the split off for 90 (87 continues to the left, 90 splits off to the right), take the first exit for Crossgates Mall Rd.







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