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Graham – McFarland

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Graham – McFarland

(J.W. McFarland of 1856 Bible given by mother Harriet Lowe)
Isaiah Graham, wife Nancy (Lindsey), West Pennsboro Cumberland County, died June 17th 1835.

Daughter Martha McFarland, who married John F. McFarland

Daughter Nancy Graham, not married in 1835.

Daughter Elizabeth Kilgore.

Sister in-law Jane Lindsey

Sons Samuel and James H. (Cumberland County Judge)

Isaiah had farms in Frankford and Mifflin Townships.

September 10, 1850 Ligonier Borough Westmoreland County Census

House # 15:

Ann Blades, 30 years old, born in PA, about 1820

Sarah A., 13 years old, born in PA, about 1837

John, 7 years old, born in PA, about 1843

Sonny (?), 3 months old, born in PA, about June1850

House #20:

John McFarland, 47 years old, farmer and manufacturer, born in PA, about 1803

Mary, 17 years old, born in PA, about 1833

Josephine, 15 years old, born in PA, about 1835

Martha, 12 years old, born in PA, about 1838

Thomas Yest, 47 years old, boat builder, born in NJ, about 1803

Martha Graham, daughter of James Graham (died 1807) of West Pennsborough married John F. McFarland
Jun 12, 1880 Ligonier Township Westmoreland County Census

J. O. (John) Mcfarland, 37 years old, born about 1843, farmer, nothing on births

Ann Blades, mother, 64 years old, born about 1816, all things PA

Steuart Mcfarland, brother, 22 years old, born about 1858, school teacher, all thins PA

Alex Melvill, brother in law, 25 years old, born about 1855, farmer, all things PA

Louisa Melvill, (Melville) sister, 26 years old, born about 1854, all things PA

Annie Melvill, niece, 6 months old

William Graham, nephew, 7 years old, born about 1873, helps on farm, all things PA

Ann – Mother – born 1816


John O. – born 1843

Louise – born 1854

Stewart – born 1858

Unknown Sister – married Graham

Everyone and their parents were born in PA.

Ann Blades would have been the name from Ann’s second or third husband or an affair, before 1850, the first husband most likely would have been a McFarland. William would have been a son of John Stewart’s sister (??), who most likely married a Graham. No sister is listed in their family between 1860 and 1880, who most likely married in the 1850s to a Graham.

In the Ligonier Borough census there is a Sarah A. Blades (most likely A is for Ann). Sarah is the most likely female that married a Graham, who had a William that showed up in the June 12th 1880 Ligonier Twp census.

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