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Government of Georgia Decree №1372 September 18, 2013 Tbilisi On the Approval of the Strategy for the Development of Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti Region for 2014-2021

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Goal 2: Improvement of basic infrastructure

  • Renovation of the sections of region’s road infrastructure, not renovated earlier, and prioritized roads (internal state and local roads, including village access roads);proper coordination of the relevant activities of central government and municipalities for the renovation of the roads within their competence

  • Maintenance of the renovated local motor ways in operable condition

  • Completion of asphalt covering of the streets in municipal centers

  • Putting the region’s information infrastructure into order; installation of street names and numbers on the roads; installation of transport schedule boards at transport stations of the municipalities

  • Within the scope of technical and economical feasibility, completion of gasification works at the regional level

  • Expansion of Internet network in all municipalities of the region and access to population ; promotion of establishing of internet cafes

  • Development of urban infrastructure; improvement of infrastructure aspects of municipal centers and formation of an effective system for the regulation of architecture and construction sector

Goal 3: Effective management and use of the natural resources and material assets

  • Updating the information base of the region’s natural resources, minerals, their reserves, as well as other economic assets (land and property), their registration, systematization and estimation of indicative market value

  • Promotion of extraction and processing of mineral rocks and clays, deposits of materials required for production of construction materials and facing stones (including Lugela diabase; Jorekvali diabase; Kharkha diabase; Mestia travertine; Chuberi and Balda limestone; and Dizi, Letsave, Mukhuri and Eki deposits) ; development of the relevant raw materials basis; and study of the stocks of Zhabeshi granite and Jvari diorite deposits

  • Evaluation of the economic potential of gem stones production and resource deposits

  • Study of barite deposits in the region and estimation of its potential for the local economy

  • Given the abundant forest resources in the region and relevant environmental component, promotion of their reasonable use for the development of the timber processing enterprises

  • Development and implementation of effective plan for the planting of strictly selected rapidly growing varieties in the identified priority sections

  • Given the pure and healing ground water resources of the region, promotion, development and expansion of non-alcoholic beverages and mineral waters (Lugela, Skuri and Lebarde) production

  • For the purpose of reasonable use of the region’s resources and protection of the natural heritage, introduction and promotion of state-of-art technologies and modern management practices

Goal 4: Development of production and energy sectors

Objective 4.1. Programs and infrastructure assistance to FIZ capacity building

  • Support to intensification of the works required for attracting investors to Poti Free Industrial Zone and other activities

  • Support to private and public activities intended for the diversification of investment projects (high technologies, biotechnologies, production of building materials, engineering, steel, light industry, etc.)

  • Support to implementation of projects oriented towards the construction of financial, business and media centers in the Industrial Zone and establishing IT, business consultations and other service offices

  • Support to continuation of the works of basic stage of Industrial Zone development, including further study of soils, topological works, cleaning and fencing of the territory, etc.

  • Support to improvement of technical infrastructure in the project zone (providing a main and access roads network to land parcels intended for industrial purposes; streets lighting; ensuring uninterrupted supply of water and electricity; installing firefighting safety mechanisms, sewage, wastewaters and telecommunication systems; and providing irrigation network to the green zone)

  • Support to further modification of the container terminal

  • Development of the economic cooperation network in industrial zone; support to partnership relations between acting and potential investors on one side and local industrial and supply basis on the other side

Objective 4.2. Systemic support to the region’s production sector

  • Support to development of timber production, establishment of timber processing enterprises and attraction of relevant investments in the region

  • Given the region’s resource potential, promotion of building materials (bricks, blocks, facing plates, tiles, calcite, chalk powder, etc.) production; support to use of the locally produced construction materials by infrastructure projects

  • Support to development of canning industry and expansion of the markets

  • Initiation of inter-regional economic collaboration projects

  • Identification and development of economic cooperation with sister cities and regions

  • Initiation of private-public cooperation schemes and their use for the implementation of targeted projects

  • Maintenance of reliable statistics on the products(by types) manufactured in the region Development of the region’s production potential inventory database and its periodical updating

  • Full-capacity study of the labor market at the regional and local levels and formation of the relevant information base

  • Study and identification of the opportunities for development of industrial and other clusters in the region; preparation of the relevant projects and targeted communication

  • Strengthening of partnership relations with the chambers of commerce and business groups

  • Support to the arrangement of business exhibitions, forums and round tables

  • Conducting common marketing activities for the best food products of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Objective 4.3. Support to sustainable development of the energy sector

  • Taking advantage of the favorable natural conditions of the region for the development of a powerful energy basis

  • Regarding geodynamic potential and high danger in the region, support to operation of the new HPPs: Khudon HPP; Khobi 1; Khobi 2; Magana HPP; lekarde HPP; Nakra HPP; Khrumberi HPP; Kasleti HPP; and Darchormeleti HPP as well as construction of the new HPPs

  • Support to the effective use of solar energy, biomass and thermal water resources potential

  • Preparation of e investment proposals dealing with hydropower and renewable energy sources (potential reserves of solar, wind and geothermal water energy) based on the relevant researches and their targeted communication

  • Development of the regional and municipal plans for the use of e renewable energies

  • Promotion of wind energy use at Poti and in Khobi Municipality

  • Popularization and promotion of small HPPs, helio-systems, wind mills and combined systems

Objective 4.4. Promotion of introduction of technological updating and innovations

  • Periodical evaluation of the technological capacities and key needs of the enterprises operating in the region

  • Promotion of transfer and introduction of advanced technologies in all branches of industry

  • Promotion of extensive introduction of leasing system and relevant practices in the region

  • Priority attraction of investments oriented towards transfer of new technologies

  • Support in making partnerships between science, extensive foreign investments and local industrial subjects

  • Creation of a database of research and development, scientific and technological achievements, patents, prototypes, know-how and licenses generated within the region

  • Seeking, recording and identification of local innovators and best inventors

  • For the purpose of performing significant researches and introduction of their outcomes in the production sector, formation of network links between the public, business and academic/research &development sectors

  • Promotion of joint researches and projects for implementation by different entrepreneurial groups

  • Promotion of improvement of professional and technical basis and growth of potential of Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University to facilitate expert examination of innovative projects of small enterprises

  • Arrangement of targeted trainings and consultations on the introduction of innovations and funding opportunities

  • Initiation of inter-regional cooperation in the sphere of innovative entrepreneurship

  • Preparation of special proposals and incentives in support of innovative start-ups

  • To support systematic planning, implementation and effective coordination of the above activities, promotion of establishment of a specialized effective institution (innovation and technological center) in the region; preparation of the project adjusted to the key needs, its submission to the regional Council for approval and attraction of relevant assets (budget, private and donor)

Goal 5: Further development of transport communications and international transportation

  • Further development and expansion of the transport corridor, improvement of international transit routes to Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

  • Active promotion of the region’s involvement in the trans-Asian route system

  • Renovation of Poti Hydro-unit

  • Completion of Poti International Airport construction

  • Complex study of Anaklia Port construction issue (commercial and economic effect, stimulation of infrastructure development of the adjacent territories, impact on international carriage and cargo turnover; environmental impact, etc.); and preparation of relevant proposals to potential investors

  • Support to maximization of railway potential and providing financially attractive transport and information systems

  • Arrangement of modern transport logistic systems and systemic support to development of the regional construction logistic hub

  • Extensive support to development of warehouse facilities

  • Support to construction of helipads in some municipalities of the region

  • Continuation of close cooperation with international financial institutions (World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.), donors and transnational projects for more effective use of the region’s transit function

Goal 6: Agriculture development

  • Support to launching of private-public partnership schemes to ensure the development of priority spheres of agriculture and agri-production in the region (particularly production of hazelnut, citruses, and blueberry), development of exports and imports substituting goods

  • Support to development of plant growing and livestock development and increase of productivity through creation and development of service centers; arrangement of pilot-demonstration plots, introduction of modern technologies and improvement of population awareness

  • To fully meet local needs, providing additional machinery, including small-size machinery to mechanization center

  • Full renovation of the drainage networks and formation of an effective management system, development of the underdeveloped arable lands and improvement of soil fertility; renovation of the internal access roads; ensuring registration of agricultural lands not registered before

  • Support to development of fishing and fish production

  • Support to extension and development of rural cooperation

  • Introduction of effective food safety system

Goal 7: Attraction of direct foreign investments to the region

  • Further systematization and dissemination of information about the region’s material assets and resource potential

  • Preparation of special investment passports and projects in the region and municipalities to generate interest of foreign investors

  • For the purpose of communication with foreign investors, recruiting highly qualified human resources and their re-training

  • Promoting links and feedback between foreign and local enterprises; development of an information bank about local enterprises, their business profiles and capabilities

  • Consultations to the existing and potential foreign investors about economic potential of the region; developing optimal legal forms of investments, possibilities of establishing joint ventures, real property and other issues

  • Adapting local raw materials and products to the requirements of international markets (primarily EU market) with respect to packaging, marking, etc.

  • Organizing and conducting special business forums, presentations, marketing analysis, targeted trainings; representation of the region at international exhibition

  • Maintenance and processing of statistical data related to foreign investments in the regional context

  • Implementation of activities required for the region’s branding etc.

  • For effective implementation of the above tasks and activities, establishment of an effective institution responsible for attracting investments to the region, and for this purpose ensure involvement of relevant public, private and donor resources; ensuring close coordination of the activities of local government with the National Investments Agency and other relevant central departments

Goal 8: Development of small and medium businesses
Objective 8.1. Support to the establishment of institutions supporting small and medium businesses

  • Arrangement of professional re-training centers at the region’s municipalities

  • Forecasting the required profiles and numbers of the re-training centers on the basis of study of the actual needs of the region, with respect to vocational training

  • Establishing and supporting a modern business incubator

  • Arrangement of labor, small and family business technologies exhibition and fair (Expo-center);identification of typical organizational structure and operation mechanisms of exhibitions and fairs

  • Development of relevant projects, their consideration and approval, attracting public, private and donor funds for the above-mentioned purposes

Objective 8.2. Providing information and consulting services to small and medium businesses

  • Preparation of periodical studies on the region’s business climate, needs and development prospects of small and medium businesses

  • Development of a database through permanent collection, processing and updating of documents containing full information related to the development of small and medium businesses

  • Posting legislative, tax and other news related to small and medium entrepreneurship (including special municipal, regional and state programs), as well as other significant information and publications

  • Improvement of awareness of small and medium business subjects through arrangement of targeted trainings, seminars, business forums and providing consultations and expert services (issues: development of business plans and projects, marketing strategies, export markets, new technologies, tax and licensing legislation, foreign languages, computer skills, etc.)

  • Arrangement and support of special business forums with the participation of representatives of local small and medium businesses and banking sector present in the region to discuss the news and challenges of funding (including availability of loans, procedures, interest rates, service standards, etc) in this sector

  • Dissemination of information about new and potential foreign investments in the region (including Poti Free Industrial Zone)

  • Dissemination of information about ongoing and new state municipal programs and economic and infrastructure incentives

Objective 8.3. Support to the establishment of small and medium business entities

  • Support to the development of entrepreneurship, services, trades, crafts and other small businesses

  • Promotion of development of modern trade networks in the municipal centers of the region

  • Partnership development between local entrepreneurs in agriculture, tourism and crafts/applied arts

  • Support to hazelnut production and further expansion of their market

  • Arrangement and support to the transit and logistic systems

  • Support to the development of construction and repair companies

  • Support to the fruits and berries processing enterprises in the region

  • Support to local businesses in seeking new markets; assistance in local and export market research; arrangement of local products’ exhibitions in various countries

  • Support of partnership between small/medium businesses and large entrepreneurial subjects for the implementation of infrastructure and innovative projects

  • Study of the opportunities for stimulation and support of granting subsidized loans to small and medium businesses in the priority spheres

  • Stimulation and support to the expansion of micro-credit organizations’ networks

  • Support to development of insurance institutions network in the region

  • Support to development of the municipal and community socio-cultural services (implementation of the above activities is impossible without collaboration with commercial banks, micro-finance organizations and insurance companies)

  • Support to crafts and vocational education through promotion of dialogue between professional re-training centers and employers; development of needs-oriented curricula and providing adequate learning conditions

Goal 9: Diverse development of tourism industry

Objective 9.1. Maintenance and improvement of tourist infrastructure

  • Conservation of cultural and historical monuments, their protection and maintenance (in cooperation with Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection);

  • Proper maintenance and development of Anaklia and Ganmukhuri coastal recreation zone infrastructure

  • Completion of Mestia tourist infrastructure renovation works

  • Support to the projects in the recreation zone at Maltakva coastal zone

  • Promotion of eco-tourism at Tobavarchkhli Lakes (Tsalenjikha and Chkhorotsku Municipalities); to support tourist visits and hiking, development of information and camping infrastructure; and roads marking and allocation of trash bins

  • Ensuring proper conditions for the development of sports, boating and rafting at Martvili caves and Enguri River

  • Improvement & development of Zugdidi Botanical Garden infrastructure and re-branding of its tourist image

  • Renovation & development of the local access roads to the tourist sites and historical and cultural monuments and their development

  • Support and promotion of fast food facilities, camping points, lighting systems, public water closets, car parking and gift shops at tourist points of interest

  • Improvement of the region’ information infrastructure; installation of signs and sign-boards displaying tourist points of interest (directions) in Georgian and English languages in the cities, villages, roads and highways

  • Installation of bilingual (Georgian and English) sign-boards with transport schedules at the official stations of municipal transport to facilitate tourists movement in the region

  • Promotion of transformation of real rural houses into family hotels in small and remote mountainous locations, and supply of ecologically pure agricultural products

  • Support to construction of hunting and fishing lodges, recreation pavilions and stables

Objective 9.2. Support to incentives programsand their implementation

  • Development of municipal programs for tourism development (identifying and specifying local priorities of development in this sphere)

  • Periodical assessment of tourism potential in the context of the region and municipalities; support to creation of a system for proper recording of the tourist flows and information collection

  • Proper study and identification of the opportunities for the development of tourism as a complex industry (infrastructure, personnel, production, services, clustering, etc.)

  • Promotion and popularization of various types of tourism

  • Support to tourist agencies, relevant staff and organized inflow of the tourists into the region; establishing partnerships with tourist agencies, chambers of commerce and other business organizations

  • Development and updating of versatile tourist routes in the region

  • Support to visual processing of tourist packages, to include: natural sights, recreation centers, environmental routes, shelters, cultural and historical points of interest, ethnographic collections, fine art centers, traditional festivals, fairs etc.

  • Popularization of local natural products and local production; their advertising and marketing via websites, billboards, advertising leaflets, brochures, tourist exhibitions, etc.

  • Organization and development of various sports events, competitions, folk festivals, Olympiads of different sizes

  • Involvement of private structures in the implementation of potential state grants and state programs for effective tourism management

  • Increase the level of involvement of local population in the activities for the development of tourism infrastructure and relevant policies

  • Exploring new sites with tourism potential

  • Preparation of special investment packages aimed at investors; target market gaining strategies

Objective 9.3. Improving standards of services provided to tourists

  • Establishing and equipping tourist information centers in the region

  • Implementation of professional training and qualification improvement programs for the personnel of tourist entities; support to training and re-training of tour guides and other specialized personnel employed in the sector

  • Support to the improvement of tour guides services through providing highly qualified ethnographers speaking in foreign languages, and special performances

  • Promotion of availability of financial capital on favorable conditions (soft loans and grants) for new businesses in tourism (family hotels, tour operators, etc.)

  • Promotion of quality based pricing of services; identifying and rewarding the best tourist entities, service providers, managers and personnel

  • Support to quality control of food products

  • Support to placing additional ATMs at the municipal centers of the region to provide better banking services to tourists; attracting banks’ interest, initiation of cooperation between local self governments and banking staff

  • Preparation and dissemination of tourist maps, guides and brochures

  • Support to production of samples of local fine arts and gifts

Goal 10: Improvement of utility and other public services

  • Supply of high quality potable water through central systems, high quality uninterrupted electricity and uninterrupted natural gas to the population at full extent;

  • Improvement of the sewage systems in municipal centers, towns and resort settlements;

  • Construction of domestic and wastewater treatment facilities;

  • Introduction of effective hard domestic wastes disposal in the municipalities, ensuring disposal of wastes from all settlements;

  • Development of regional strategy and action plan for waste management, ensuring disposal of wastes to landfills with environmental permit, enabling waste processing and composting, Elimination of “uncontrolled” landfills

  • Providing regular cleaning of the streets in municipal centers, towns and resort settlements

  • Improvement of public transport infrastructure, in accordance with modern standards, between municipal centers, providing passenger carriage between the municipal centers and relevant settlements to full extent

  • Providing high quality and cheap internet communication to all settlements

  • Equipping the fire emergency & rescue services according to modern standards

Goal 11: Formation of the effective system of social security and health care

  • Further expansion of the state insurance package and significant improvement of financial affordability of health care for the population

  • Development and implementation of effective projects to improve the demographic situation (social assistance based on needs to families with too many children, compensation of costs related to pregnancy, child birth and neonatal care)

  • Ensuring full availability of services of social homes for the vulnerable groups of population (children deprived of parents’ care, elderly, and disabled persons)

  • Development of infrastructure adjusted for the disabled and ensuring compliance with relevant construction standards

  • Providing accommodation to the IDPs

  • Ensuring the geographical and financial accessibility of hospitals staffed with highly qualified personnel for the region’s population

  • Rehabilitation of the community ambulance services infrastructure and launching an effective system for the improvement of village doctors’ qualifications

  • Updating emergency crews’ equipment according to modern standards

Goal 12: Development of education, science, culture and sports

  • Full renovation of the public schools and pre-school education infrastructure according to modern standards and formation of an effective system for the improvement of qualifications of teachers and administrative personnel

  • Updating the material and technical basis of Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State Teaching University and its capacity building

  • Based on local needs, establishment of multi-profile professional re-training centers in the region

  • Rehabilitation and development of the cultural and sports infrastructure in the region

Goal 13: Implementation of effective environmental activities

  • Development of an action plan for the management of natural disasters risks and emergency situations, and formation of a system of monitoring of the particularly vulnerable territories

  • Development and implementation of measures for the mitigation of negative climate change impact

  • Development and implementation of a plan for coastal area stabilization measures

  • Development of emergency forestry measures and restoration of the wind-protection zones

  • Improvement of the qualifications of relevant governmental staff and improvement of population’s awareness to ensure sustainable forest management

  • Elimination of uncontrolled grazing problem

  • Providing quality control of water at Black Sea coastal zone and expansion of Paliastomi Lake monitoring network

  • Establishment of a quality monitoring station

  • Improvement of the population’s information and awareness in environmental issues

  • Ensuring involvement of trans-border and inter-territorial environmental cooperation and activities

Goal 14: Development of mass media and civil sector and reduction of gender inequality

  • Fostering of close collaboration between the government and civil sector/media and promotion of cooperation between business sector and civil sector

  • Planning and implementation of measures promoting gender equality
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