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Godinez fundamental high school

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3002 Centennial Road Greg Rankin, Principal

Santa Ana, California 92704

(714) 433-6600 phone

(714) 433-6731 fax

August 2010.

Dear Parents,

I am excited to work with your child and explore the fascinating world of chemistry together! This course is highly engaging. It combines laboratory investigations with group activities and supportive, interactive instruction. This course follows the California Standards for Chemistry and is accepted for credit at four-year universities as a laboratory based science class.
In order to ensure the safety of your child please read and discuss the laboratory safety contract with him/her then sign and return the paper to indicate that you have read and understand the importance of appropriate conduct in the laboratory at all times.
Expectations are high for your child. My grading policy and classroom expectations are reprinted on the reverse of this letter for your information. In order to ensure the success of your child please encourage him/her to:

  1. Attend class every day.

  2. Participate fully in all activities.

  3. Complete homework assignments every night.

  4. Ask questions when unsure!

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions. Feel free to call before school, from 7-8am or after school, from 3-4pm. Also, I would be honored if you would consider visiting our classroom AT ANY TIME.


Marie-Claire Siddall,

Chemistry teacher.

Room 2-110.

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