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God our ruler, christ our redeemer central indiana association

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Joyce Coffey, Cozetta Sprowles, Wilma White, Dianna Underwood

COMMITTEE: Sis. Barbara Floyd, Sis. Robin Abbott, Sis. Kentrina Freeman


South Kentucky Association


Separate Baptists in Christ, Inc.
The South Kentucky Association of Separate Baptist in Christ sends greetings to the Central Indiana Association of Separate Baptists in Christ when in session on September 8th and 9th, 2006.

We are pleased to meet you with letter and delegates. Our delegates are Rev. Danny Bailey and Rev. David and Sister Joyce Coffey.

The 222nd South Kentucky Association was held August 11th, and 12th, 2006 at the camp ground in Russell Springs, Kentucky. It is always good to fellowship with our sister churches each year. Our camp meeting was held July 30th thru August 9th. Brother Casey Davis, pastor of the Shady Grove Church and Brother Troy Coffey, pastor of the South Fork Church were the evangelists. We are so truly blessed to have young ministers who will stand for our Lord.

We had a good youth camp in July with Brother Matthew Lawhorn bringing the message each night. We sincerely thank God for the willingness of our people who give so graciously of their time who make this camp such a success.

The Historical Committee completed the display of all ministers names in the South Kentucky Association beginning in 1785 until the present. There are 389 names. This is a beautiful display and a rich history of our association.

We pray for your association as you meet to conduct business for our Lord and Saviour.

Yours in Christ,

The South Kentucky Association

Rev. Donnie Coffey, Moderator

Rev. Donnie Smith, Ast. Moderator

Sister Carol Simpson, Corresponding Secretary
Nolynn Association
The Nolynn Association of Separate Baptists in Christ sends greetings to the Central Indiana Association convening at Midway Campground on September 8th & 9th, 2006.

We greet you with letter and delegates. Our delegates are: Bro. Olyn and Sis. Cozetta Sprowles; Rev. Melvin and Sis. Dianna Underwood; Bro. Noah and Sis. Pat Vance; Rev. Troy Arnett; Bro. James and Sis. Wilma White.

Our annual Youth Camp and Bible School was held June 18-23, 2006. We were privileged to have Rev. Doug Baldwin of South Kentucky as our evangelist. We’re thankful for the four that were saved and the one rededication.

Our associational revival just ended on August 25th. To quote our moderator, we were blessed to have Bro. Jim Polston with us as our evangelist. Bro. Jim delivered messages from God’s Word that was food for our souls and stirred up our pure minds.

We invite you to our Association on held at our campground on September 15th and 16th, 2006.

We thank God for all our Christian brothers and sisters. Let us continue to work together and strive to do more for God in the future.

Rev. Jim Goff, Moderator

Bro. Wendell Benningfield

Corresponding Secretary

Ministers and Deacons Institute
The Ministers and Deacons Institute has met four times over the past associational year. Our regular time is the Friday night before the fifth Sunday at 7:00PM except in case of conflict with other associational meetings. Our attendance has increased over the past year but our numbers are still few. Our meetings this year have been both instructional and educational with very good discussions on four different topics: (1) Homosexuals, (2) The DaVinci Code, (3) A brief history of the Separate Baptists and (4) The King James Bible.

We pray that God will continue to bless us, and that even more participation will take place in the coming year.

The officers for the coming year are:

Chairman Bro. Benny Walden

Assistant Chairman Bro. Allen Wiggington

Secretary / Treasurer Bro. Mike Hardwick

Assistant Secretary / Treasurer Rev. Steve Palmer
Bro. Benny Walden, Chairman

Bro. Mike Hardwick, Secretary

Fifth Sunday Meeting

The Fifth Sunday Meeting was held three times this year. We dismissed August 2006 meeting due to Camp Meeting. We had an average of 8 Ministers and 3 Deacons present. The meetings were very inspirational and uplifting.

Financial statement as follows:
Balance on hand: $179.37

Offerings: $199.25

Total: $378.62

Donations to Kitchen committee: - $200.00

Balance as of Sep’t. 8, 2006 $178.62
Margaret C. Waltz – Secretary

Homer Whited – Chairman

1. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the infallible Word of God and the only safe rule of faith and practice, using the King James version of the Holy Bible. * II Tim. 3:16-17; I Cor. 10:11; II Peter 1:20-21

2. That there is in the God-Head three divine personages; Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. I John 5:7; Matt. 28:19; Matt. 3:15-17

3. That man is in a fallen state before God, and is unable to liberate himself by any ability we possess by nature. Isa. 63:1-5; I Cor. 15:22; Ps. 51:5; John 14:6
4. That salvation, regeneration, justification, sanctification and redemption are through faith in the life, death, resurrection, ascension, and intercession of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. John 17:19; Acts 13:39; Titus 2:14; Rom. 3:24-26

5. We believe that he who endures to the end the same shall be saved. Rev. 2:10; Matt. 24:13

6. That the joys of the righteous and punishment of the wicked will be eternal. Matt. 25:46; Dan. 12:2; Rom. 5:21
7. We believe that baptism, the Lord’s Supper and feet washing are ordinances of Jesus Christ, appointed in the Church, and none but true believers are proper subjects, and the only proper mode of baptism is immersion of believers. Matt. 2819-20; Acts 2:41; John 13:14; I Peter 3:21; Matt. 3:14; I Cor. 11:23-26

8. We believe in the sanctity of the first day of the week or Lord’s Day, which ought to be observed and spent in public or private worship of God and that we should abstain from worldly concerns except in cases of necessity or mercy. Acts 20:7; I Cor. 16:2

9. We believe in the resurrection of the body, both of the just and the unjust, but every man to his own order. Those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of damnation, and that God hath appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ. I Thes. 4:16; I Cor. 15; John 5:28-29
10. That it is our duty to be tender and affectionate one to another and in honor preferring one another, to study the happiness of God’s people in general and do all we can to support, promote, and spread the Gospel. Rom. 12:10; Luke 14:23

11. We believe that Jesus Christ, by the grace of God, tasted death for everyone, and that all may partake of his Divine benefits through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, infants and those who have never developed the mental ability to receive regeneration, are included in the covenant of God’s grace. John 3:15-17; Acts 4:12

* the King James Version of the Bible being the choice for English speaking people.

The name of this Association shall be called the Central Indiana Association of Separate Baptist in Christ, Incorporated, and we agree to be governed by the following Constitution:


Section 1. This body shall be composed of lay delegates sent from different churches, and Ministers, Deacons and the Sunday School Superintendents from Sunday Schools of the churches comprising the body, if they are members of the Separate Baptist Church.

Section 2. Each church comprising the body of this Association shall be entitled to 2 lay delegates for the first 25 members or fraction thereof; one lay delegate for each additional 25 members or fraction thereof.


Section 1. The officers of this Association shall include the following: Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer, who shall be elected and hold their office one associational year, and a Board of Trustees composed of five members selected by vote of delegates appointed by the churches; each church to be allowed one delegate. No church is to have more than one Association Trustee serving at one time. If a trustee is from your church he will automatically be the voting delegate when the new trustee is to be elected. The Chairman of the Trustees will preside over the meeting. Members of the first Board of Trustees shall serve 1,2,3,4 and 5 years respectively. Thereafter, each member shall be elected for five years, one members term of office to expire at each annual session.

Section 2. The duties of the Moderator shall be to preside at all meetings, be it either business or divine worship, and to appoint all committees except the Constitutional Committee, and to cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.

Section 3. The Assistant Moderator shall perform all duties of the Moderator in the absence of the Moderator.

Section 4. The duties of the Clerk shall be to make complete written record of the proceedings of all meetings of this body and keep a file record of the same, and carry on all correspondence.

Section 5. The duties of the Assistant Clerk shall be to perform the duties of the Clerk in the absence of the Clerk.

Section 6. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to receive all money and pay out the same upon order of the Trustees.

Section 7. The duties of the Assistant Treasurer shall be to perform the duties of the Treasurer in case the Treasurer is not able to perform his duties or is deceased.

Section 8. The duties of the Board of Trustees shall be to decide all questions arising under the constitution and by-laws of the association and to have the responsibility of the care and upkeep of all associational properties.


This body shall meet once each year (or more often) if called by the Moderator.


No delegate shall absent himself from this body while in session without permission from the Moderator.


No person has the right to perform the Ordinance of God’s House unless legally ordained according to the mode adopted by the Separate Baptist Association.


Section 1. This association shall have a Mission Board consisting of five members. The members of this Board, shall be appointed by the Moderator.

Sections 2. The duties of the Mission Board shall be to solicit the support of our churches and ministers, and to organize new churches and Sunday Schools. The churches of the association shall raise a fund necessary for this. The Mission Board shall solicit each church for support.

Section 3. The duties of the Mission Board shall be also to take care of any mission money sent in by the different churches.


Section 1. This body shall have a Presbytery composed of five ordained ministers appointed by the moderator.

Section 2. The duties of the Presbytery shall be to attend the examination and ordination of all candidates for the ministry and deacons in the churches.

Section 3. If any church of this association wishes to ordain a deacon, they shall notify the Presbytery by letter, not less than three members of the Presbytery shall be present to examine the candidate and if found worthy to set apart or ordain. The Presbytery then may, if needed, ask any ordained personnel of this association to assist in the ordination only at which time the candidate shall be given a certificate of ordination.

Section 4. The qualifications required of those seeking ordination to the ministry are set forth in the by-laws of this association. The duties of the board shall extend from one session to another, and said board shall make a report at each meeting.


This association shall have a Young Peoples Department, to be known as the Young Peoples Separate Baptist Union. It’s officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It will include all the Young Peoples Separate Baptist Unions of the association and will hold at least one meeting a year for the purpose of promoting the Young Peoples Work. Other meetings may be held upon call by the President. All officers shall be elected at the regular annual meeting. The Union may draft its own by-laws, but no by-laws shall be accepted which will conflict with or be in disagreement with the belief of the Separate Baptist Church. Said Young Peoples Separate Baptist Union shall make a report at each association.


This constitution, By-Laws and Articles of Doctrine may be changed or amended by a two-thirds vote of the association after an amendment has been submitted by a committee selected by the association for that purpose and after having been tabled for a period of one associational year. All amendments shall be submitted to the committee before being voted upon by the association. Said committee shall be composed of three members elected by the associational delegates. Members of the first Constitutional Committee shall serve one, two, three years respectively. Thereafter, each member shall be elected for three years, one members term of office to expire at each annual association.


Any church applying for membership in this body by letter or delegate shall be requested to give evidence of orthodoxy and agree to comply with the rules of this body before being received.


When any minister seeks membership in this body, or licentiate seeks ordination, his church shall notify the Presbytery by letter, the Presbytery shall be appointed at each association. Not less than three members of the Presbytery shall be present to examine him on his faith and doctrine, his standing in the church to which he belongs, his ability to expound the Gospel, and his educational qualifications. Any minister shall be licensed for two years before being set apart or ordained by the Presbytery. Then if found in complete accord with the association’s Article of Doctrine, able to intelligently expound the Gospel, and worthy, then the Presbytery may if needed ask any ordained personnel of this association to assist in ordination only.


Should any church or any member minister of this body fail to report to this body, the Presbytery shall investigate the cause of such failure and report the same to the association.

If any minister fails to report to the association or fails to pick up his minister’s card within 2 years, they shall be placed on file with the association papers.


When more than one candidate is nominated for any office in the association, the election shall be by ballot.


This body shall have the power to expel any church, minister, deacon, pastor or member from membership in the body for heterodoxy and disorderly conduct, and shall demand the surrender of credentials to the association. No church shall employ a minister as pastor who is not identified with the Separate Baptist Church, except in case of shortage of ministers, and then only by and with the consent and approval of the Presbytery. Said ministers so employed shall sign an agreement that their preaching shall be in accord with the Articles of Doctrine adopted by this body during his pastorate. The Separate Baptist Church is opposed to the doctrine of sanctification as a second definite work of grace and a thousand years literal reign of Christ, and will not permit its being preached in its churches.


In case of a discussion with any church of this body, and inability of the members of such church to settle such discussion, any member of such church shall have the privilege of calling upon the Board of Trustees of this body, and not upon the association, for settlement, upon giving due notice to the church of said appeal from the decision of such church to said board. The board shall take such action as it shall see fit and necessary in the case. Any member or church, if dissatisfied with the decision and action of the board, may appeal the decision of said board to the association.


It shall be the duty of the moderator of each church body to remind the church body to support the Central Indiana Association and Mission Board with their financial aid.

The clerk shall receive one hundred dollars annually for his/her services as clerk and shall draw on the treasury to defray expenses in the printing and distribution of the minutes of the association.


No officer of this association shall hold the same office more than five years in succession.


All elected and appointed officers of this association shall serve the time for which they are elected and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.


This association may act prudently as protectorate for a limited time toward any church of this association which fails to have any meetings.


This association shall not issue minister cards to licentiate ministers.


This association forbids the ordination of women as ministers of this body.


This association prohibits the ordination of homosexuals as ministers or deacons of this body, Also, no person shall be ordained who has more than one living wife or whose wife has more than one living husband.

1. This association shall be opened and closed with prayer.

2. All officers of this association shall be elected by a majority vote of delegates present. No one shall be allowed to vote by proxy.

3. All nominations of officers shall be by delegates.

4. Only members who presented the motion under discussion may speak more than once upon the motion, except when he be given permission by the moderator.

5. Any member wishing to speak shall arise and address the moderator and when given permission to speak, must adhere strictly to the subject without casting any reflections upon any previous speaker.

6. No person shall be interrupted when speaking as long as he adheres to the rules and decorum of the association and is casting light upon the subject.

7. Any delegate shall have a right to rise to a point of order any time one speaking is thought out of order by the objector. When recognized by the moderator, the objector may state his point of order. The moderator’s decision on the point of order shall be final, unless appealed to the body.

8. Creating disturbances, speaking harshly to a brother, sowing discord, talking off the subject under discussion, or any act creating disturbances, shall be considered out of order.

9. There must be at least twenty delegates present to constitute a quorum.

10. All grievances or complaints that come before the association shall be heard by a committee appointed by the moderator and approved by association. Said committee shall immediately hear the evidence on the complaint or grievance and immediately report their decision to the association. Said decision shall be final unless an appeal is taken to the association.

11. Where these rules fail to provide, the moderator shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

12. These rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present at the regular association.

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