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The Presbytery met at the closing of association 2005 and voted to send ministers cards to Rev. Roy Lambert, Rev. Chester Atchley, Rev. Bill Noble, and Rev. Hubert Hadley due to sickness.

October 20, 2005 we received a letter from Rev. Larry Fields asking us to remove his name from our membership as he was joining the General Baptist. We gave him a letter of dismissal.

January 2006 we received letter from Great Hope Separate Baptist Church asking us to examine Bro. Greg Tharpe as Deacon. We met February 25, 2006 and examined Bro. Greg and found him worthy. May 10, 2006 we met at Great Hope Separate Baptist Church and ordained Bro. Greg. All board members were present at this ordination.

February 25, 2006 we met at Edinburgh Separate Baptist Church at request of the church to examine Rev. Michael Whited and reinstate him as an ordained minister. After examining Bro. Mike we laid hands on him with prayer and the vote was 100% to reinstate him with four members present (Homer Whited, Jimmy Polston, Bill Noble, and Johnny Perkins).

During month of May 2006 we received several phone calls and letters concerning Rev. Larry Fields being called to East Columbus Separate Baptist Church as Pastor. Due to by-laws Article V we voted to not accept him as pastor.

May 31, 2006 Rev. Homer Whited, Rev. Eddie Freeman, Rev. John Perkins Jr. met with East Columbus and explained why we did not accept Bro. Larry and gave advise of calling pastor.

Homer W. Whited

Eddie Freeman

Jimmy Polston

John Perkins Jr.


The SBMI helped the Franklin Separate Baptist Church, in the Central Indiana Association to install an Elevator. SBMI helped the Great Hope Separate Baptist Church in the Central Indiana Association to assist with purchasing pews.

The SBMI met on March 18, 2006 for our Semi-annual meeting at the Mt. Hope Separate Baptist Church in Jamestown, Kentucky. We met with Brother’s Jerry Ridge, Lonnie Palmer and Randy Kennedy. Bro. Jerry talked about his trip to the Ivory Coast and what he got accomplished. He departed on October 15, 2005 and returned back home on December 6, 2005. By God’s Grace he accomplished many things that he had planned to do. He purchased a new truck, met with the Christians at Abidjan – went up country and met with the Christians from various villages, also evangelizing in surrounding villages. He met with Christians whom he has not been able to visit for a few years. He worked on the mission house at Laudi-Ba (on the Wall and Water Tower). He picked up Bro. Lonnie and Sis. Bernice Palmer at the airport in Abidjan the first week of November. He went back up country to continue work. Bro. Jerry also helped the young Christians at Abidjan to find a place to worship. We thank God for the precious souls that were saved, one at De-di and eleven was saved at Kinda-ba. Please pray that God will help Bro. Jerry on his next trip that many souls will be saved and also pray for his family at home. He’s planning a trip back to the Ivory Coast in January 2007.

Bro. Lonnie plans to retire by the end of this year. Bro. Lonnie has accomplished many things as a Missionary. Heaven will be a better place because of Bro. Lonnie’s work for the Lord. Many souls have been saved because of his hard work. May God Bless Bro. Lonnie. All of us will be praying and thanking God for you.

Bro. Randy Kennedy gave us an update on the web-site and good advice on how we should be using it. We talked about putting the pictures from the Ivory Coast on the web-site. Bro. Randy has done a great job of creating our Separate Baptist in Christ Web-site. (

Bro. Michael Hardwick


We want to tell you that we were blessed with another fun and exciting, spirit filled youth camp in 2006. The Holy Spirit came upon us each evening as Rev. Johnny Perkins brought us the Word. Many youth came to the altar each night and we know at least 5 prayed through. We praise God for his wonderful grace! This is what it is all about, showing children the way of the cross. “The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom…” (Matt. 13:38)

We also want to thank Rev. Ransom Covington, Rev. Melvin Underwood, and Rev. Danny Bailey for coming and speaking to the youth this year. Bro. Ransom spoke to the children about the creation. Bro. Melvin shared his testimony of drinking and driving. Bro. Danny tackled the tough subject of sex and how important it is to know the facts. The children paid very close attention to each speaker, and participated in each discussion.

We had 108 campers enrolled under the age of 18 with an average daily attendance of 100. Our theme was “Children of the King”.

We especially want to thank all those who worked so very hard and volunteered their own time to this week of camp. We thank those who worked in the kitchen all day long as well as the teachers who came up with their own lessons each day. We thank the ones that prepared and executed the quiz time, and those that led the music. We thank the workers that worked out in the heat keeping the grounds clean and tidy. We wan to thank you for attending each evening, filling the pews each night. Continue to remember this camp in your prayers, and to support this great event.
Bro. Dan Sink

Bro. Benny Walden

Bro. Allen Wiggington

The board of trustees has finished several projects this past year. We have had the furnaces repaired in the sanctuary, had the kitchen windows and doors trimmed out, replaced all of the smoke detectors in kitchen and class room areas, had the refrigerator evaporator coil replaced, painted the entrance way and the front restrooms, helped Midway church with heating bills, applied for loan at Owen Community Bank, awarded Mr. Tim White the job of installing the new septic system, and have been in touch with the Brown County Board of Health for the permit. As of right now the State Board of Health is looking at he possibility of a revision that was suggested by Mr. White that will save a substantial amount of money now and in the operating cost of the system.

We wish to thank Bro. Don Wiggington and family for keeping the campgrounds mowed, Bro. George and Sis. Martha Lewis for keeping the flowers planted and cleaned, Rev. Ed Tharpe for fixing the leak around the vent pipe, and all who worked to make the painting of the front entrance and restrooms a success. Thank you to all who help clean from time to time and help keep up the building and grounds.

The Trustees have been discussing the possibility of proceeding with the next phase of remodeling our campground which would improve the main sanctuary. We would ask that each delegate go back to your respective churches and determine how much interest there is and what financial support your church would be willing to provide.

We the trustees met September 9th along with the delegates appointed by the churches and elected Bro. Mike Hardwick to a five-year term replacing Bro. Benny Walden. We also voted to reduce our campground expenses by removing the campground telephone.

Benny B. Walden

Randy Polston

Daniel Sink

Greg Tharpe

Kentlin Floyd

The first Youth Union meeting was held at DSI in Columbus, and was hosted by East Columbus. We ate pizza and snacks, played volleyball, basketball and other games. We all fellowshipped together, and attendance was very well.

The second meeting for the Youth Union was held at the Franklin skating rink and was hosted by Mount Zion. We ate pizza, skated and all fellowshipped together. We all had a great time. Attendance was well with 28 people.

The third Youth meeting was held at Johnson County Park, and was hosted by Franklin church. Everyone pitched in and brought a side dish, the church provided hot dogs and grilled them. We played volleyball and other games. The church provided back to school supplies and passed them out to all the kids. We all had a great time and attendance was well with about 60 people attending.
Officers for next year:

President Matt Satter

Vice-President Greg Tharpe

Secretary & Treasurer Susan Wiggington

Asst. Secrectary & Treas. Laura Sink

Song Leader Donnie Wiggington

Asst. Song Leader Ashley Polston
President: John Perkins


The Separate Baptist Bible Institute committee reports that two institute sessions were held at the Edinburgh Separate Baptist Church Fellowship Hall during the past associational year. The first was in the Fall of 2005 and the other in the Spring of 2006. The fall sessions were titled “New Testament Survey II part 3”. Rev. Ransom Covington was the teacher in this study of Hebrews through Revelation. The spring classes were titled “Revelation – No one left behind” and were taught by Rev. Steve Palmer. This was an in-depth study of the first four chapters of the book of Revelation. We plan to offer a continued in-depth study of the remainder of the book of Revelation this fall.

We greatly appreciate the interest and the participation of all the students.

We the committee see a great opportunity for educating people in the doctrine God established in his Word and ask for everyone’s continued prayer and support. We feel this is an excellent mode of concentrated education for anyone who desires to learn more about God, in particular any new converts and young people.

Stacy Wiggington

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