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Gil Alkabetz Sweet Home Studio

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Gil Alkabetz

Sweet Home Studio


1957 Born in Kibuz “Mashabei Sade”, Israel

1979 - 1983 Graphic Design studies in the “Bezalel“ Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

1984 -1985 Animator and Director in the studio “Frame by Frame“, Jerusalem

1985 - 1995 Freelance animator and illustrator and animation and illustration

teacher at different art schools in Israel

1995 - 2001 Independent film maker in Stuttgart, Germany

2002 Guest Professor in the Rocky Mountains College of Art and Design, Denver - Colorado, USA

2003 Guest Teacher in the School of Art and Design, Luzern, Switzerland

since 2004 Professor in the HFF, “Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam Babelsberg

since 2005 Teacher in the Filmakademie BW and working on a free film project

Was jury in many international film festivals. Participated in 6 single and group exhibitions. Had many retrospectives in different film festivals.

BITZBUTZ 2:45 Min. 1984

1984 1 Prize for Animation film in the short film competition in Israel

1985 1 Prize for Animation. Short Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

1 Prize. Veyrier Animation Film Festival, Geneve, Switzerland

SWAMP 11:00 Min. 1991

1992 “The Gold Band“ for the best short german film, Bonn, Germany

“Special Jury Prize“ Int. Animation Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada

3 Prize Int. Animation Film Festival, Stuttgart, Germany

YANKALE 9:00 Min. 1995

1995 1 Prize for animation in “Méridiens“, 3rd European Film Forum, Aubagne, France

1996 “International Film Critic Prize“, “Kurzfilmtage“, Oberhausen, Germany

“Audience Prize“ in „Mediawave“, Int. Festival of Visual Arts, Györ, Hungary

1 Prize for Animation, Int. Short Film Festival, Kraków, Polen

1997 1 Prize for animation, Festival on Wheels, Ankara, Turkey

Special Jury Prize, „AnimExpo“, Seoul
ECSTAZOO 0:30 Min. for MTV 1996

1996 3 Prize in the MTV Competition, Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht

1998 1 Prize CARE Category, Promax Europe 1998
RUBICON 7:00 Min. 1997

1997 Mike Gribble “Peel of Laughter“ Award for the funniest film, Annecy

1 prize for animation film, “Filmvideo“, Montecatini Terme

Special Prize of the Int. Jury, Kelibia

Silver Plaque, Chicago

Best Animation Film, Uppsala

Jury Prize, ”Castelli Animati”, Castelli Romani

Audience Prize, ”Castelli Animati”, Castelli Romani

Best int. Animation, Expo Cartoon, Rome

Le Prix Europeen, „Images en Région“, Vendôme

1998 Best Animation Film, „Mediawave“, Györ, Hungary

Title and animation sequences for the live action feature film by Tom Tykwer

TRIM TIME 2:30 Min. 2002

2002 Le Prix Animé, Abitibi-Témiscaminque

TRAVEL TO CHINA 2:42 Min. 2002 Sweet Home Studio Production

  1. „Special Mention“ in the ANIMA´03 - II Córdoba Animation Celebration, Argentina

MORIR DE AMOR 12:40 Min. 2004 Sweet Home Studio Production

  1. Predicate “specially worthwhile” of the “Filmbewertungsstelle” Wiesbaden

“Film of the Month” of the “Filmbewertungsstelle” Wiesbaden, Germany

Audience Award, Dokfestival Leipzig, Germany

Special Mention, Dokfestival, Leipzig, Germany

“Best in its category” (7 to 21 minutes), Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal

“Special Jury Prize”, i Castelli Animati, Genzano di Roma, Italy

“International Audience Award”, Short Cuts, Cologne, Germany

2005 Short Film Prize of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Foundation, Germany

Grand Prix, Bimini Animation Festival, Riga, Latvia

Grand Prize of the Jury, Anima 05, III Jornadas de Animación, Córdoba, Argentine

Platinum Plaque “Short Animation Film – classic cel animation” WorldFest Houston” Texas

Grand Prix “Anifest” Int’l Animation Film Festival, Trebon, Czech Republic

Audience Award “Anifest” Int’l Animation Film Festival, Trebon, Czech Republic

Best Animation Film FICA Festival Interncional de Ciname do Algarve, Portugal

Best Animation, Cracow Film Festival, Poland

Special Mention of the FICC Jury, Cracow Film Festival, Poland

Best Film, CortoDrom, Fasano, Italy

“Best Animation”, International Cartoons & Comics Festival, Dervio Italy

Best film in category III “Films of 10 – 30 minutes” in Krok Int. Animation Festival, Ukraine

Special Jury Prize for high artistic qualities as well as for the funniest film, Krok, Ukraine

Audience Prize, Krok Int. Animation Festival, Ukraine

2nd Premio assoluto (Sez. 35mm.) XVII Fano Int. Animation Festival, Italy

Mention of the "jury Lycéens", “Cinessonne” European Film Festival, Essonne, France

Best Film in Category from 5 to 25 minutes, Balkanima, Belgrad, Serb Republic

Audience Prize (ex aequo) in “24 Hours of Nürnberg”, Germany

The Prize of the Romanian Society of Radio Broadcasting, Alter-Native Targu Mures, Rumania

Special Mention of the Int’l Jury, Short Film Week, Regensburg, Germany

Special Mention of the Jury, Etiuda&Anima, Cracow, Poland

Best Animation, Visionaria, Italy

Trophée Cinécole, Festival du Film de Vendôme, France

2006 Orlando-Preis der Jugendjury, 16. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Germany

Prize for best Animation/Videoart: Golden Spires, Ofensiva Int. Film Festival, Wrocław, Poland

Special International Jury Prize, International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA, Japan

A SUNNY DAY 6:17 Min. 2007 Sweet Home Studio Production
2007 Best Children’s Film, Indie Lisboa, Lisabon, Portugal

Special Mention of the Jury, Anifest, Trebon, Czech Republic

Audience Prize of the ANIMA'07 - IV Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentine
Audience Award – Animadrid, Spain

Best Children's Short Film – Animadrid, Spain

HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of animated programmes, Prix Danube Festival of Television Programs for Children and Youth, Bratislava, Slovakia

HONORABLE MENTIONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY in the category of animated programmes, Danube Festival of Television Programs for Children and Youth, Bratislava, Slovakia

Honourable Mention Short Film - Class A (up to 15 minutes) in Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal
Prize RTP2 - Onda Curta in Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal
“Ulrich-Schiegg-Kinderfilmpreis in Gold” in the Category “Best Animation Film”, in the 5. Int. Ulrich-Schiegg-Filmfestival 2007, Bad-Ditzenbach-Gosbach, Germany
2008 Best Short Children’s Film Award in Anima, Brussels, Belgium
Audience Award for Best Short Children’s Film, Anima, Brussels, Belgium
Best Film for 2 to 5 Year Olds, 10th Annual BAMKids International Film Festival Brooklyn, NY, USA (children’s vote)
Best film for a children's audience, Monstra Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
"Prix Jeunesse" International München 2008, Category "up to 6 Non-Fiction"
Best Short for Children in Rio de Janeiro, audience award, Anima Mundi 2008, Brazil
Best Short for Children in São Paulo, audience award, Anima Mundi 2008, Brazil
Audience Award in the first international animated film festival Banjaluka

Award for the best Animated Drawing in the first international animated film festival Banjaluka

"Best Movie for Children" in the VI International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” St.Petersburg, Russia 2008

The Da Vinci Time Code 3 minutes 2009 Sweet Home Studio production
Predicate „spcially valuable“ of the „Filmbewertungsstelle“, Wiesbaden
„Film of the Month“: of the „Filmbewertungsstelle“, Wiesbaden
Special Award: Music for Animation, in Stuttgart Int. Animation Festival
Special Mention: Dok-Festival, Leipzig, Germany

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