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Games, warmers, energizers, coolers, 5-minute activities

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Games for teaching and learning resource booklet
Games, warmers, energizers, coolers, 5-minute activities
It is essential to include games, energizers, warmers etc in order to make learning fun both for the learners and teachers. Many colleagues also ask for activities related to these areas so I decided to put this resource booklet together. It is divided into 5 parts for ease of reference and access.
Part 1 is about pedagogy of using games in language teaching and learning.
Part 2 is about websites that provide printable and interactive games and activities.
Part 3 is about warmers , lead-ins and energizers that are essential for motivating learners.
Part 4 is a special section of files and book links about games/activities for those colleagues not able to download from Mediafire from certain countries.
Part 5 contains a large number of book on Mediafire that provide games ideas and activities in abundance for all levels and for virtually all language topics.
I hope colleagues find this resource useful, at the least it should prove to be a great timesaver for busy teachers.

1. Pedagogy
Review of books about games in language teaching – explains why its important to use games in language teaching. As Kim (1995) states 'There are many advantages of using games in the classroom:

1. Games are a welcome break from the usual routine of the language class.

2. They are motivating and challenging.
3. Learning a language requires a great deal of effort. Games help students to make and sustain the effort of learning.
4. Games provide language practice in the various skills- speaking, writing, listening and reading.
5. They encourage students to interact and communicate.
6. They create a meaningful context for language use.'
A slideshow on why to use games and some examples
A short articles about using games to motivate adult learners.
Ready to use games and activities that make language skills fun to learn.

English brainstormers
Theses abstract exploring the use of games in the ESL classroom

Articles on teaching grammar with fun learning games
Good short collection of games to teach babies and children in a fun way.
Using board games in the language classroom.

2. Games Websites
This is a must visit site as it has a superb collection of games for most occasions. Second link is to short activities as fillers.
In my view this is one of the top most site for ESL materials and this link is for the huge collection of games and other links.
This is a well-known excellent site that offers alphabetically listed games and how to play them.
A good collection of games that can be used using whiteboard, flash cards, playing cards and other resources to make learning fun and effective.
Some more sample games here.
This is an excellent site with games for all levels – most teachers have probably used games from here.
Six computer games to use in an English language classroom. Worth a look.
Is one of the premier websites for accessing games to use with young children and most of you know it well.
Collection of games and activities by language teachers in Japan- many games here.
Rong-Chang has collected many websites that include games and activities for language learning for all levels.
A good collection of games for all levels
This well known site provides games and games boards. I’m sure I don’t need to exhort you to visit this one – Do I?
Another well-known site offering interactive games – particularly for children
Alphabetically listed games and how to play them from general to use of flash cards and songs.
Learn English words and phrases by playing these Spanish/ English language learner games.
You can certainly liven up your classroom form games here.
This website brings together many other sites that offer games.
Huge collection of games and activities for ESL teacher – a must visit.
Another sites that has collected links to other sites with interesting games.
Videos explaining how different games are played. Very interesting and really useful.
A very good collection of board games for intermediate and advanced learners.
This site is excellent for ESL materials and has also collected many games. You need to register but it is free.
Another very useful site offering collection of games.
Interesting board games
174 ESL grammar games lessons reviewd by teachers.
This site brings together the plethora of sites that offer card games.
Elementary to advanced grammar and conversation games – excellent.
Happy house 1 and 2 interactive games for children.
ESL and English games and activities directory – excellent.
EFL playhouse – games for children Good selection, some printables.
This is a list of EFL/ESL flashcard games and activities, that can be used in the EFL/ESL classroom with the majority of structures and vocabulary. These ESL games are based around the use of flashcards.
This is an excellent sites offering many teaching ideas and resources not least these vocabulary games galore.
This site also offers some really great games.
This blog is worth a visit to access some fun games.
100’s of ESL conversation games
These are some English Language Games that you can play online.

Grammar games archive
This is Oxford University Press collection of student sites for their books that includes lots of interactive games. This is the mega site for those teachers that have access to ICT. All levels.
916 grammar games lesson plans reviewed by teacher.

Grammar games or the interactive whiteboard
This sites links to 100’s of games for English literacy activities.
Free online grammar games
Teenagers grammar games
Grammar games
Word Play – fun games for building reading and writing skills in children with learning differences.,M1
Part of Speech Games
Circuits cards grammar game
Card game activities using grammar based dialogue - excellent
games from a UK site for intermediate learners
Games form englishonline
team games
memory games

3. Warmers, lead-ins, energizers etc

ESL warmers
Dave’s café Icebreakers excellent large collection
Ice Breakers, Energisers Warm Ups

4. Games books from internet especially for those colleagues who cannot download from Mediafire
A good list of grammar games for use.
Card game activities using grammar based dialogue - excellent

5. Books and other resources
Back and forth pairwork for language development
board games zip
classroom games
Conversation starter
conversation 1
conversation 1 zip
conversation activities handouts
conversation card responses
efl games
elementary communication games
elementary word games
English basic book ecl course
Esl teachers conversation pack 1
esl teachers conversation pack 2
esl teachers games pack
Five minute activities resource book
Games for beginner and advanced
grammar games and activities
grammar games 1

intermediate communication games
intermediate grammar games
stories for reading comprehension
teaching games and puzzles
Teaching games and puzzles
Timesavers visual grammar
Timesavers games
Timesavers picture prompts
Timesavers read and react
Timesavers mindtwisters and puzzles
Timesavers reading intermediate to advanced
vocabulary games 1 ppt
word games 1 , 2 and 3
writing games

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