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FY2011 Research Council Grant Recipients Awarded in the Spring of 2011 for the period May 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

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FY2011 Research Council Grant Recipients

Awarded in the Spring of 2011 for the period May 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012
Award Statistics: Total number of awards: 33

Total amount of awards: $110,970

Weighted Average award amount: $3,341
Faculty Research Grants

(Total # of awards – 5; Total amount of awards – $14,557; Weighted average award - $2,616)

Dr. Julian P.S. Smith, III (Biology): “Systematics and Ecology of the Schizorhynchidae (Platyhelminthes)” - $2,388

Dr. Peter J. Judge: “Documenta Q. Part II (Philosophy and Religious Studies): The Beatitude for the Persecuted (Q 6:22-23)” – $4,823
Dr. Mark Emerson Hamilton (Fine Arts): “Yearning” - $1,885
Dr. Jennifer Disney (Political Science): “Comparative Intersectional Feminisms in Africa and Latin America” - $2,500
Dr. Gregory Crider (History): “A Third Way? Peron, Morones, and Attempts to Create and Independent International Labor Confederation in the Early Days of the Cold War” - $2,961
Faculty Research with Student as Co-Investigator

(Total # of awards – 16; Total amount of awards – $58,946; Weighted average award - $3,646)

Dr. Pravda Stoeva-Popova (Biology) and Vivek Patel (Student Investigator): ” Study of the Effect of Gibberellic Acid on the Flower Phenotype and Gene Expression in a Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Tomato Line” - $4,672
Dr. Joseph Rusinko (Mathematics) and Matthew Neal (Student Investigator): “Application of Algebraic Geometery to Phylogeny” - $3,450

Dr. Laura Glasscock (Biology) and Ryan Williams (Student Investigator): “Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-2: Role in Prostate Cancer Prognosis and Tumor Angiogenesis” - $4,644

Dr. Paula Mitchell (Biology) and Alex Ko (Student Investigator): “Diapause Ecology of the Southern Green Stink Bug” - $3,895

Dr. Scott Werts (Chemistry/Physics/Geology) and Nicole Wesselschmidt (Student Investigator): “Elemental Analysis in Holocene Peat Deposits of Congaree National Park, South Carolina” - $4,168

Dr. Scott Werts (Chemistry/Physics/Geology) and Henry White (Student Investigator): “Geochemistry of Endomycorrhizal Fungal Spores in Burned Structures” = $4,136

Dr. Stephen Smith (Political Science) and Andrew Paul Davis (Student Investigator): “Controversial Symbols & Social Movement Efficacy: The Vietcong Flag, the People's Peace Treaty, & the U.S. Movement Against the War in Vietnam” - $2,792

Dr. Gregg Hecimovich (English) and Dylan Phillips (Student Investigator): “Who is "Hannah Crafts"? Finding the Author of the Bondwoman's Narrative” - $5,450

Dr. William Rogers (Biology) and Josh Owens (Student Investigator): “Population Genetics of the Greenfin and Satinfin Shiners” – $2,455

Dr. William Rogers (Biology), Dr. Laura Glasscock (Biology) and Ashley Bateman (Student Investigator): “Stress Levels in Eastern Screech Owls in Various Captive Situations” - $3,099

Dr. Janice Chism (Biology), Dr. Kimberly Wilson (Biology) and Nicole Hoekstra (Student Investigator): “Population Genetics of an Urban Red Fox Population” - $5,330

Dr. Janice Chism (Biology) and Brett Frye (Student Investigator): “Female Dominance in Red-Necked Wallabies (Macropus Rufogriseus)” - $3,359

Dr. Kristi Westover (Biology) and John Beale (Student Investigator): “Coevolution of Viral Infectivity Factor, Vif, and Human Cellular Antiviral Factor, APOBEC3G, in Human Immunodificiency Virus (HIV-1)” - $3,200

Dr. Kristi Westover (Biology) and Amanda Cook (Student Investigator): “The Role of Coevolution Between Trypanosoma Cruzi B13 Antigen and Human Cardiac Myosin Chains: Implications for Autoimmune Induction in a Host Parasite Model” - $3,200

Dr. Aaron Hartel (Chemistry/Physics/Geology) and Amber Wallace (Student Investigator): “Preparation of Mannich Bases and Their Corresponding Silyl Enol Ethers from 2-Acylaziridines Using Silyllithium Reagents” - $2,500

Dr. Laura D. Ullrich (Accounting, Finance and Economics) and Christina Gossweiler (Student Investigator): “The Impact of Merit-Based and Need-Based Aid on Overall Educational Performance and Quality: An Analysis of the Secondary Education System” - $2,596

Curriculum Enhancement and Instructional Improvement

(Total # of awards – 12; Total amount of awards – $37,467; Weighted average award - $3,008)

Dr. Glenn Wood (Finance): “CFP Capstone Course” - $2,000
Dr. Susan Reichelt (Counseling, Leadership and Educational Studies): “Development of a Manual and Display Boards to Improve Teaching and Learning in the Apparel Design and Construction Course” - $2,440

Bonnye Stuart (Mass Communication): “Educational Readiness for Global Students” - $3,000

Dr. Connie Hale (Music): “Orff-Schulwerk Instructional Materials” - $4,219

Dr. Robert Prickett (English) and Dr. Amy Gerald (English): “Teacher Professional Development Initiative” - $3,308

Dr. Sarah Spring (English): “Developing a Hybrid Version of WRIT465” - $6,000

Dr. Marilyn Smith (Management and Marketing) and Dr. Emma Jane Riddle (Management and Marketing): “Developing a Sustainable Operations Course” - $1,390

James D. Connell (Fine Arts): “Handicap/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/ and Other Wrist Related Concerns and the Wedging Process in the Ceramic Classroom and Studio” - $4,340

Shaun Cassidy (Fine Arts): “Development of Course Revisions: Fresman Foundations Curriculum within the B.A. in Art, B.A. in Art with Teacher Certification K12, and B.F.A. in Art” - $2,340

Marge Moody (Fine Arts): “Fine Arts Digital Image Bank” - $2,880

Cherith Lundin (Fine Arts): “Development of New Courses within the Fine Arts Curriculum: Junior and Senior Seminar” - $2,000

Dr. Trent Kull (Mathematics) and Dr. Heakyung Lee (Mathematics): “Developing Capstone Assessment and Seminar Courses For Mathematics Majors” - $3,550

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