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Free Tree Scheme: Tree Planting Information 2015

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Free Tree Scheme: Tree Planting Information 2015

All the trees are two years old and approximately 40-60cm high. Treat them gently, as rough handling or being dropped can shock the roots, and it will take the trees longer to get established.

When you get your trees home, store them somewhere cool, outside. Do not let the roots dry out, so keep them covered. They should be planted within a couple of weeks of receiving them. If you need to store them for longer then give them a temporary home in a pot and remember to transplant them during the dormant season (Dec to March).

If you have a small garden or patio you can put each in a large pot permanently. The size of the pot will determine how big the tree gets, as once the roots have filled the pot the tree will stop growing. If you put your pot over soil, the roots will grow down through holes at the bottom of the pot into the ground so do be careful!

General planting advice:

  • If planting directly into the ground, check distance from your own and your neighbour’s property

  • Make sure your hole is big enough for all the roots to fit in comfortably

  • Once planted, press the soil down firmly around the stem, making sure the roots are fully covered but that all of the stem is above the soil level

  • If the soil is dry, water the tree when you have planted it.

For the first couple of years:

  • Weed carefully around the base of the tree

  • Water the tree during long spells of warm dry weather

Safe Planting distances (or put the tree in a large pot!)

Remember your neighbour’s property too, when you plant!

Safe planting distances depend on the depth of your foundations and the type of soil. Shallow foundations eg for conservatories, and clay soil require the greatest minimum planting distance, making sure the tree is as far from a building as it will eventually grow in height.
If your foundations are deeper than 1m, or if you intend to prune the tree to restrict its height, you can plant closer to buildings than the recommended minimum distances.
Crab Apple: 5-7metres from buildings

Bird Cherry: 8 metres

Hazel: 5-7 metres from buildings

Rowan: 7-10 Metres from buildings

OR as close as you want if you plant them in a large pot on a paved area!
Source: Cheviot Trees, Woodgrow Horticulture Limited and other advisory websites

Information about this year’s trees:

CRAB APPLE Malus sylvestris

The crab apple is a beautiful medium sized deciduous tree that grows to a height of around 5m. White flowers open in clusters during April- May, followed by small hard edible fruits during autumn. The apples are too sour to eat raw, but they can be made into jelly or added to other fruit when jam-making to improve the ‘set’. It is a good tree for wildlife, as bees and other insects visit the flowers and birds and small mammals will eat the fruit.

BIRD CHERRY Prunus padus

A species of cherry, native to northern Europe and northern Asia. It is a deciduous small tree or large shrub 8–16 m tall with clusters of small, white flowers.  The English name refers to the berries, which are astringent and bitter-sweet and eaten by birds.

HAZEL Corylus avellana

A small, fast growing, native, deciduous tree, that will grow to around 6 metres tall. It has edible nuts in autumn and bright yellow lambs tail catkins in February which provide essential early pollen for bees. A hazel tree can be coppiced to produce straight stakes for hedge laying, runner bean poles etc, but also makes a lovely small tree if left to grow. 

ROWAN Sorbus aucuparia

A fast growing deciduous tree that will grow to around 15-20metres.

It will make a fine feature in your garden, with white flowers in spring and fruits which are bright red and are carried on large, dense bunches in late summer and autumn. The blossom, spring and autumn leaves and the lovely clusters of red berries make the tree a year–round feature

Birds love to eat the berries.

They are not edible raw to humans although you can use them to make rowan jelly which goes well with meat dishes.

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