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Frankfurt Book Fair Rights list 2012

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Johnson & Alcock 2012 FBF rights list

Frankfurt Book Fair
Rights list

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Felix Francis

Ursula Holden


Martin Jensen

Courttia Newland

Alex Preston


Phil Rickman

Lawrence Scott


Elizabeth Taylor

[+ 5 other books on the Duke & Duchess of Windsor]

Michael Bloch

David Boyd Haycock

Rob Smyth, Mike Gibbons and Lars Eriksen

William Waterton


Felix Francis
New for 2013, a third pulsating standalone thriller from Felix Francis. Bestseller after bestseller, the Francis name always delivers!
Sid Halley is back.
Sir Richard Stewart, chairman of the racing authority, wants Sid to investigate some dodgy races, but Sid is adamant – he gave up the investigating business eight years ago and he has no intention of getting back into it. But, the following day, Sir Richard is found dead in suspicious circumstances and a mysterious caller with an Irish accent makes threats to Sid unless he delivers a whitewash.
Sid refuses, point blank, and so the Irishman kidnaps Sid’s eight-year-old daughter to make him change his mind. But there is much more at stake than mere race fixing – it is about control, the control of Sid Halley.
Sid is finally forced to act but not before his life is left in tatters and his family placed in mortal danger. Maybe Sid underestimated the evilness of his foe, but has his foe also underestimated the guile and determination of Sid Halley?
Extreme situations demand extreme solutions – and Sid is desperate to get his life back, or die in the attempt.
Felix Francis is the younger son of thriller-writing legend Dick Francis, with whom he co-wrote the Dick Francis novels Dead Heat, Silks, Even Money and Crossfire. Dick sadly died in 2010, but his work will live on through Felix. Refusal is his third solo novel, following Gamble and Bloodline.
[Delivery due March 2013]

UK: Michael Joseph

US: Putnam

Publication due: September/October 2013

All other rights available

Felix Francis
The latest bestseller from Felix Francis, following on from the runaway success of GAMBLE.
Heir to one of the all-time greatest thriller writers, Felix Francis delivers another breathtaking read from the Dick Francis stable.
A stunning addition to the family line.” – Booklist
When Mark Shillingford commentates on race in which his twin sister Clare, an accomplished and successful jockey, comes in third, he can’t help but be suspicious. As a professional race-caller, he knows she should have won. Did she lose on purpose? Was the race fixed? Why on earth would she do something so out of character?
That night, Mark confronts Clare with his suspicions, but she storms off after an explosive argument. It’s the last time Mark sees her alive. Hours later, Clare jumps to her death from the balcony of a London hotel… or so it seems.
Devastated by her death, and almost overcome with guilt, Mark goes in search of answers. What led Clare to take her own life?
Or was it not suicide at all…?
Dick Francis was the master of horseracing thriller writers, and his books sold more than 50 million copies in over then forty languages. His son Felix took over the reigns in 2007 and continues to produce thrillers loved the world over.
Praise for Felix Francis:
Still the master” – Racing Post
From winning post to top of the bestseller list, time after time” – Sunday Times
Yet another winner from the master” – Daily Mirror
The Francis flair is clear for all to see”Daily Mail
A franchise purebred” – Independent
The master of suspense and intrigue” – Country Life

UK rights: Michael Joseph

US rights: Putnam
Material available: HB, PDF
Rights sold: Czech (Euromedia). All other rights available


Felix Francis
The sensational first standalone Dick Francis novel from the master thriller writer’s son, Felix Francis.
After four successful co-authored books, a breathtaking first foray for the heir to the throne.
A solo performance fully worthy of the family name.” Kirkus
As one of the youngest winners of the Grand National, Nick ‘Foxy’ Foxton’s career as a world class jockey is on perfect track until a near fatal accident cuts his dream brutally short. But when he returns to Aintree as a spectator years later, nothing can prepare him for what unfolds.
Minutes before the biggest event on the racing calendar begins, Nick’s affable American colleague Herb Kovak is shot down point blank, the gunman disappearing amongst the stunned crowd. Along with the police, Nick is left baffled as to why anyone would want to kill such a gentle soul.
With the press speculating links to gangland crime and a crumpled note containing a threatening message found in the dead man’s coat, Nick begins to doubt how well he really knew Herb. And on discovering Herb has named him executor of his will, Nick questions why he has been entrusted with his legacy. Is this a generous gift from a friend or a poisoned chalice?
Delivering the suspense and thrills his millions of fans expect from a Dick Francis thriller, GAMBLE is the latest thoroughbred from a bestselling stable.
Praise for Felix Francis:
Felix Francis continues his father's New York Times- bestselling legacy with another edge-of-your-seat read that's classic Francis.” – FictionDB
Those who prefer something less gory will enjoy Felix Francis’s Gamble. Dick, Felix’s late father, would have approved.” – Telegraph
A taut intelligent story full of suspense, danger and mystery.” – Washington Times
Felix Francis provides a winning thriller that his late father will be proud of.” – Mystery Gazette

UK Publisher: Penguin

US Publisher: Putnam
Rights sold: Diogenes (Germany), Euromedia (Czech), Archipel (Holland), Russian (Eksmo), Slovak (Slovensky Spisovatel).
All other rights available


Ursula Holden
2013 sees the relaunch of this classic trilogy. A vivid, dramatic and mysterious story of three sisters coming of age in England and Ireland during the war years.
Born into an affluent family, Bonnie, Tor and Ula have been left to the feckless embrace of the cook and their nanny. Their father is dead. Their glamorous mother is away entertaining the troops.
When their infant brother falls ill and dies, the household disintegrates. In Tin Toys, Ula escapes with Cook, barely out of girlhood herself, and lands at the mansion of an enigmatic matriarch. In Unicorn Sisters, the three sisters are sent to a shabby English boarding school where the pupils are pitted against an anarchic gang of East End evacuees. A Bubble Garden finds the girls in Ireland, where they scrape a life in a crumbling, once-grand farmhouse, while their mother and her new husband are mired in their private traumas.
A uniquely compelling and powerful coming-of-age classic. Now republished with an introduction by Lisa Allardice.
Praise for Ursula Holden
Extraordinarily good in its penetration into a child's happiness and unhappiness. (Molly Keane )

Seriously radiant. (The Times )

Ursula Holden is a highly original writer . . . She has an abrupt, disconcerting wit. (Irish Times )

Superb . . . the deceptively simple style conveys the dark undercurrents of violence, of developing sexuality, and the betrayals and corruptions of the adult world. (Daily Telegraph)

Publisher: Virago

Material: PB, PDF
All rights currently available

Martin Jensen
A brand new historical crime series from multi-award winning Danish crime writer Martin Jensen – available for the first time outside his native Denmark.

The year is 1018 and the young King Canute is on the throne of England. He summons the nobility to Oxford, to lay down the laws of the land. Winston, a lapsed monk and renowned manuscript illuminator, is also called to Oxford by the King’s disowned wife Ælfgifu. On the way Winston meets Halfdan, a noble who has lost his title and estates, and he takes the reckless and destitute youth under his wing.

They arrive in Oxford and attend to the King – but Ælfgifu is nowhere to be found. And when Canute asks them to investigate a recent murder, the question arises – why them? Why not one of the King’s men? These are treacherous times to be on the throne, and all is not as it seems…
Eminently entertaining and enlighteningHelsingør Dagblad
A historical crime novel of high quality, blending a splendid cocktail of fact, fiction and mystery.” Danish National Libraries Report
Martin Jensen keeps getting better and better. On top of a prime crime plot, you have an extremely accomplished and intense novel... I can’t wait for his next book” BT

The second book in Martin Jensen’s new historical series. In 1018 a party of forty Saxon nobles travels to a peace meeting with King Canute in a small northern township. There they are brutally slaughtered, although the King had promised them safe passage. This act of betrayal threatens the fragile peace – can the King himself be behind the massacre?

Two years later, and Winston and Halfdan are stranded in Oxford. King Canute orders them both to go north. On their way they stay the night at the monastery in Brixworth, where a monk has been brutally murdered – found in front of the altar with his right hand severed. What does this death have to do with Winston and Halfdan’s assignment? And does this have anything to do with the ruthless slaying of Saxon nobles two years previously?
A classic story that requires a careful reader… it’s really well done.” Politiken
“Martin Jensen's Viking thriller unfolds like a fine and reliable image of the time… readers of Bernard Cornwell will get as much and more out of their investment in Jensen.”
“Martin Jensen has told a good story, he ties up all the various and intricate action threads with incredible ease… a fascinating story.”

UK/US rights: Amazon Crossing

Material available: Hardback/pdf (Danish);

[English translation of THE KING’S HOUNDS available January 2013]

Rights sold: Danish (Klim); Brazil (Record Editora); Czech (Albatros)
All other rights available


Courttia Newland
A shocking and moving new novel by one of the authentic voices of black British culture.
Beverley Cottrell had a dream life. A prestigious job, a beautiful home, a loving husband and family. It was all taken from her on a cold winter afternoon, when her baby son Malakay was snatched from a parked car.
Time is unkind to Beverley. Her marriage dissolves and her husband immigrates to the US with a new wife. Beverley gives up her job and sells the house, and moves from the leafy suburbs to the inner city, to a west London council estate. Relations with her remaining family become strained.
Beverly cocoons herself in grief, growing more isolated with each passing year. After two decades she gives up any hope of finding her son. Her only friends are an elderly next-door neighbour, a policeman, and her emotionally bereft shrink. She teaches children who have been expelled from school in the local community centre, bright kids thrown on society’s scrapheap. She believes she has pieced her life together until she starts to see the same young man wherever she goes. Beverley is convinced that he’s stalking her.
One dark evening the stalker gets past her security door and calls through her letterbox. He tells her not to be scared. He says that he is Malakay, her long lost son.
The Gospel According to Cane is a novel about love and loss, and inner-city youth in contemporary London. It's a meditation on pain and hope, the burden of heritage, and how the past can blur the present. A novel about trust and the perceived lack of trust, disillusion and its consequences; a world where everyone is the victim, and no one is to blame.
Courttia Newland’s debut novel, The Scholar, was published in 1997 to critical acclaim. He went on to write Society Within and Snakeskin, and two volumes of short stories. He is co-editor of The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain, and has had short stories featured in many anthologies. He teaches regularly at Arvon, and is also an accomplished writer for both screen and stage.
Praise for Courttia Newland:
'Vividly rendered...Strong characterisation and richly authentic dialogue' – Time Out

'A glimpse into an urban nightmare where violence is casual, drugs are the norm...a freshness in the details and in the dialogue - frighteningly believable.' – Independent

'Real tension and suspense... a writer who clearly has important things to say.' – Observer

'A writer with a gift for expressing the ordinary in an original way. Excellent.' – ­Kate Saunders, Times

‘A gripping novel that’s rich with both grief and great love. Courttia Newland is a fierce talent.’ – Victor Lavalle

‘A thrilling read, full of psychological tension and drama, the emotive account of one woman’s response to tragedy.

‘A stylish, confident novel.’ Yvvette Edwards

‘One of the most imaginative, free-thinking writers working today. I love his work’ – Sarah Hall

Publisher: Akashic Books (US), Saqi/Telegram (UK)

Material available: Edited MS

Publication: February 2013

All other rights available

Alex Preston
Shouldn’t there be more to life than this?
Four friends, inseparable since university, are looking for meaning in a dark and disenchanted world.
Marcus and Abby's apparently happy marriage is not what it seems; their friends, Lee and Mouse, have troubles of their own. The Course – a cult with a charismatic leader who preaches of a better life – seems to offer everything this tight-knit group has been searching for.
But as the four of them are drawn more deeply in, lust and betrayal begin to test their love and loyalties, and soon one of them will be in grave danger...  
Alex Preston was born in 1979 and lives with his family in London. His first novel, This Bleeding City, was an international bestseller, won the Spear's and Edinburgh first book awards and was selected as one of Waterstones New Voices 2010. It has been translated into twelve languages. Preston is a regular panellist on BBC2's The Review Show.
Praise for The Revelations:
A heart-stoppingly gripping novel.’ – GQ
‘Preston succeeds in capturing this fundamentalist creepiness, poised to turn sinister … strikingly well-written and intriguing throughout.’ – Peter Carty, Independent
An intelligent, fast moving, thriller-like narrative about four people being hooked ever deeper into a dangerous cult.’ – Henry Sutton, Daily Mirror
‘Alex Preston’s entertaining second novel, The Revelations, has echoes of Donna Tartt’s American cult classic The Secret History Preston is so adept at conjuring atmosphere and psychological tension… He has a flair for vivid characterisation and an acute understanding of the emotions that tend to wash around any form of religious extremism.’

Kate Saunders, New Statesman
Preston writes with black-edged wit about the kind of spoilt, confused young adults bred during the boom years … [a] mature, tightly written exploration of the way spiritual yearning can become indistinguishable from the more destructive aspects of capitalism.”

– Amanda Craig, Prospect Magazine

This is a cleverly conceived novel, pitched between commercial and literary. It’s intensely readable and feels honest and authentic in its intentions and execution … This book is intelligently questioning and analytical” – Viv Groskop, Observer

Rights sold: Faber (WEL) published February 2012, PB July 2012

All other rights available

Phil Rickman
The new Dr Dee mystery from Phil Rickman, sequel to the Amazon No.1 bestseller THE BONES OF AVALON.
All talk is of the End-time... and the dead are rising.
At the end of the sunless summer of 1560, black rumour shrouds the death of the one woman who stands between Lord Robert Dudley and marriage to the young Queen Elizabeth.
Did Dudley’s wife, Amy, die from an accidental fall in a deserted house, or was it a calculated murder? Even Dr John Dee, astrologer royal, adviser on the Hidden and one of Dudley’s oldest friends, is uncertain.
Already depressed by his meagre income, the taint of sorcery and the loss of his first love, the bookish Dee is now becoming afraid that, for him, the veils of perception will never lift. Then a rash promise to the Queen sends him to his family’s old home on the Welsh Border in pursuit of the Wigmore Shewstone, a crystal credited with tuning the mind to higher realms.
With Dee goes Robert Dudley, considered the most hated man in England. They travel with the entourage of a London judge sent to try a sinister Welsh brigand with a legacy dating back to the Battle of Brynglas, in which close to a thousand Englishmen died at the hands of the Welsh. After the battle, many of the bodies were, according to legend, obscenely mutilated. Now, on the same haunted hill, another dead man has been found, similarly slashed.
Devious politics, small-town corruption, twisted religion and a brooding superstition leave John Dee isolated in the land of his father.
And then a vicious trap is sprung.
A thrilling new historical mystery from Phil Rickman, author of the acclaimed Merrily Watkins series. THE BONES OF AVALON was an Amazon No.1 bestseller, and rights sold in eight countries.
Praise for Phil Rickman:
Great... ritual murder, necromancy, witchcraft - it’s all here.’ – Guardian
‘Tudor thrillers are thick on the ground nowadays, but this one is rather special. A wonderfully assured leap into the sixteenth century.’ – Spectator
Chills, thrills and satisfies. A fabulous read.’ – The Huffington Post
Grows through the bones of history like a deadly nightshade.’ – Diana Gabaldon
‘Wonderful. No-one writes better of the shadow frontier than Phil Rickman.’ – Bernard Cornwell

Publisher: Corvus (WEL)

Publication: November 2012

Material available: edited MS

All rights currently available.

Phil Rickman
The eleventh book in the cult Merrily Watkins mystery series, by Phil Rickman.
I absolutely adore Merrily Watkins! Thank you for creating her.’

– Deborah Harkness

SAS secrets, pagan rituals, ancient evils: Merrily Watkins ventures where neither priest nor woman is welcome.
The elite warriors of the Hereford-based SAS know all about pain. Syd Spicer, ex-SAS trooper, has found himself back in the Regiment – this time as its chaplain, responsible for the spiritual welfare of the hardest men in or out of uniform. Faced with a case which would normally be passed discreetly to diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins, Spicer is forced, for security reasons, to try and handle it himself... and is coming close to a breakdown. Meanwhile, the scattered communities along the Welsh border face their own crisis. With recession biting deep, urban crime has spilled into the countryside and old barbaric evils are revived. When a wealthy landowner is hacked to death in his own farmyard, DI Frannie Bliss, the investigating officer, is caught in the backlash, his private life in danger of exposure.

Merrily Watkins is going to have to venture into areas not even she has been, to unearth secrets linked to the pagan past. Secrets which she knows can never be disclosed.

Praise for Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series:
Rickman is a national treasure, the true successor to Dennis Wheatley as a superb storyteller who makes the supernatural all too believable… Spine-tingling, and yet suffused with compassion and charm, this is Rickman at his very best and proves just how compelling and original a writer he is.” The Daily Mail
“Compassionate, original and sharply contemporary, Rickman’s crime series is one of the best around” – Spectator
“Does the supernatural stuff with élan… entertaining, with shivers” – Guardian
Rickman is an excellent writer… terrific on atmosphere” – The Times
“Few writers blend the ancient and supernatural with the modern and criminal to better effect than Rickman… striking and original and consistently intriguing. An absorbing and thought-provoking page-turner.”Guardian
‘One of my all-time favourites’ – Diana Gabaldon
'I love Merrily Watkins...she's bright, quirky and funny, but most of all, she's flawed like the rest of us. Surrounded by a cast of lovely characters, these books are absorbing, entertaining, so interesting, a bit scary... and there are loads of them. Hooray!' – Jo Brand

UK Publisher: Corvus (WEL)

Material available: Paperback, PDF
Rights sold: German (Rowohlt). All other rights available.


Lawrence Scott
A new novel from the winner of the 1999 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.
Trinidad, 1865. Michel Jean Cazabon returns home to be at his beloved mother’s deathbed.
Life on the island seems very different after the freedoms of post-Revolutionary Paris, where his paintings have hung in the Louvre. Despite the Emancipation Act, his childhood home is still in the grip of colonial power, its people riven by the legacy of slavery. Michel Jean finds himself caught between the powerful and the dispossessed. As an artist, he enjoys the governor's patronage, painting for him the island's vistas and its women; as a Trinidadian he shares easy wisdom and nips of rum with the local boat-builders.
But domestic tensions and haunting reminders of the past threaten his equanimity. His fiery half-sister, Josie - the daughter of a slave - still provokes in him a youthful passion; his flirtatious muse, Augusta, tempts him as he paints her 'for posterity'. Meanwhile, letters from his white, French wife and children remind him of their imminent arrival on the island. Caught in the sweep of history and his own intimate dramas, Michel Jean paints the figures in the landscape, the dappled light as it falls through the bamboo grove.
Lawrence Scott was born on a sugarcane estate in Trinidad. His first novel Witchbroom was a BBC Book at Bedtime and nominated for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, which his second novel Aelred’s Sin went on to win. His third novel Night Calypso was published in 2004. Lawrence is also a prolific writer of short fiction, including the award-winning ‘The House of Funerals’. He divides his time between London and Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Praise for Lawrence Scott:
‘This novel shows us the dark "truth of an age" in a small corner of the New World, once dependent on slave labour. Scott doesn't judge. He shows us a world full of prejudice and social injustice, and we feel uncomfortable throughout . And also, like Cazabon, we fall in love numerous times with this complicated world. Scott, born on a sugar estate, knows this society intimately and paints this world with skill and grace.’ – Monique Roffey, Independent
‘Written in a magnificent prose style that matches the art it describes.’ – Guardian
‘A powerful writer’ – Fay Weldon
‘Full of vivid descriptive passages… unfailingly sincere’ – TLS
‘Compassionate, beautifully written… [Aelred’s Sin] will further reinforce Lawrence Scott’s reputation as an established and important Caribbean writer.’ – Trinidad Guardian
‘A stunning, uplifting, galvanic novel’ – The Good Book Guide
‘Filled with all the rich nuances of the Caribbean, creating a convincing backdrop that allows even the most sedentary armchair traveller to visualize each tale's progression’

– Publishers Weekly

UK publisher: Tindal Street Press

Material available: HB, PDF
All rights currently available


Elizabeth Taylor
Celebrating a centenary of her birth in 2012, Elizabeth Taylor is fast being recognised as one of the best loved 2oth century English novelists.
“Elizabeth Taylor is finally being recognized as an important British author: an author of great subtlety, great compassion and great depth. As a reader, I have found huge pleasure in returning to Taylor’s novels and short stories many times over. As a writer I’ve returned to her too—in awe of her achievements, and trying to work out how she does it.”Sarah Waters

  • Devastatingly amusing – Hilary Mantel

  • One of the hidden treasures of the English novel” – Daily Telegraph

  • How deeply I envy the reader coming to her for the first time!” – Elizabeth Jane Howard

  • One of the most underrated novelists of the twentieth century– Antonia Fraser

A Game of Hide and Seek (Virago Designer Editions; NYRB)

An unabashed love story, capturing all the uncertainty and inevitability and deceptiveness of true love, tracking the shifting currents of emotional life, and never yielding to melodrama. Set in Britain between the wars, a time of transition, the book has for a heroine Harriet, the only child of a suffragette, whom we meet as a shy and domestic and not especially smart or pretty girl. At eighteen she falls in love with Vesey, but after Vesey must go away, she marries another man, Charles, and bears a child. Then Vesey returns. Love is at the centre of the book, but so too is Taylor’s extraordinary knack for depicting characters.

Angel (Virago; NYRB; Giano Editore)

Every novelist harbors a monster at heart, an irrepressible and utterly irresponsible fantasist, not to mention a born and ingenious liar. Angel, at any rate, is the story of such a monster. Angelica Deverell lives above her diligent drab mother’s grocery shop in a dreary turn-of-the-century English neighborhood, but spends her days dreaming of handsome Paradise House, where her aunt is enthroned as a maid. But in Angel’s imagination, she is the mistress of the house, a realm of lavish opulence, of evening gowns and peacocks. Then she begins to write popular novels, and this fantasy, and her incredible will to achieve it, becomes her whole life. Angel is confidant, ambitious, selfish, and successful, and she lets no one—mother, aunt, editor, best friend, husband—stand in her way. A self-aware, funny, and subtly layered novel.

– “A masterpiece… Angel is a brilliant creation” Guardian
A View of the Harbour (Virago; Dorlemann)

In the faded coastal village of Newby, everyone looks out for - and in on - each other, and beneath the deceptively sleepy exterior, passions run high. Beautiful divorcee Tory is painfully involved with her neighbour, Robert, while his wife Beth, Tory's best friend, is consumed by the worlds she creates in her novels, oblivious to the relationship developing next door. And Lily Wilson, a lonely young widow, is frightened of her own home. Into their lives steps Bertram, a retired naval officer with the unfortunate capacity to inflict lasting damage while trying to do good…

'Every one of her books is a treat and this is my favourite, because of its wonderful cast of characters, and because of the deftness with which Taylor's narrative moves between them ... A wonderful writer' Sarah Waters
English language publishers: Virago (UK), NYRB (US)

Translation rights sold (various titles): French (Payot & Rivages), German (Dörlemann), Italian (Neri Pozza); Japanese (Shueisha); Spanish (Atico de los Libros).






Michael Bloch
Six books on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, from their official chronicler – now rereleased due to popular demand. The definitive and original accounts of an extraordinary time.
In December 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated to marry the woman he loved, Wallis Simpson. The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (as they became) took place in France the following year, and it was in France that they mainly resided during the thirty-five years of their marriage, except for the years 1940-45 when France was occupied by the Germans and the Duke served his country as Governor of the Bahamas.
After the Duke’s death in Paris in 1972, the Duchess, upset by the appearance of a torrent of disobliging biographies of her husband and herself, entrusted their private papers to her French lawyer Maitre Suzanne Blum, a formidable woman of the Duchess’s own age, and instructed her to have books written putting forward the Windsors’ point of view and exposing the harsh and petty treatment which, following the Abdication, they had received from the British royal family.
During the 1980s, Maitre Blum commissioned Michael Bloch, a young barrister and historian to write these books – the most sensational of which could only appear after the Duchess’s death in 1986. These books are unprecedented chronicles of the Duke and Duchess’s lives, and have been successfully republished in 2012.
WALLIS & EDWARD: LETTERS, 1932–37 was a sensational volume, mentioned on the national news, and subject of the largest sum ever paid for a serial in the UK. It was translated into many of the world’s languages, including Chinese. Apart from making public the living documents of ‘the love story of the century’, it was historically important as it made clear that Wallis Simpson had tried to escape from King Edward and so keep him on this throne. The other volumes are more conventional works of history, but draw on Michael; Bloch’s exclusive access to the Duke Duchess’s private papers.
Praise for Michael Bloch’s Windsor books:
‘A good case for the Windsors which will have to be taken seriously into account by all who write about them in future’ – John Grigg, TLS
‘Beautifully constructed, utterly convincing, and as entertaining as it is perceptive’

– Kenneth Rose, Sunday Telegraph

‘An enthralling portrait of two ordinary mortals trapped in an extraordinary predicament’

– Daily Telegraph

‘Michael Bloch has considerable gifts as a historian and marshals his material with considerable scholarly skill’ – Spectator

UK publisher: Little Brown

Material available: PDF
All other rights available


David Boyd Haycock
A brilliant retelling of the Spanish Civil War through the eyes of the foreigners who were there.
The Spanish Civil War was characterised by the involvement of outsiders. It was Englishmen who arranged the means for General Franco to reach Morocco and lead the rebellion, and when this failed, it was Hitler and Mussolini who provided the aircraft that transported the Army of Africa to Spain. By early 1937, with Russian involvement increasing, Ernest Hemingway was rightly calling it ‘the dress rehearsal for the inevitable European war’.
I am Spain focuses on the experiences of an inter-connected group of writers and artists – some famous, others largely unknown – to tell the story of a fascinating period of history. The book looks at the unique confluence of youth, hope, ideology and creativity that motivated these men and women to offer their lives up to the Republican cause. It uses a wide range of original sources, from personal letters, diaries, memoirs and contemporary newspaper reports, to published biographies and autobiographies. The key figures in the book include George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Robert Capa, Claud Cockburn, John Cornford, Tom Wintringham, Martha Gellhorn and Gustav Regler.
I Am Spain elucidates the national and international politics surrounding the complex events in the years leading up to World War Two, in a captivating novelistic style.
Praise for David Haycock’s CRISIS OF BRILLIANCE

  • Guardian BOOK OF THE WEEK

  • Shortlisted for the Writer’s Guild Non-fiction Prize

'Haycock's narrative of this entangled, war-defined group is so strong that it often has the force of a novel, hard to put down . . . an engrossing and enjoyable book.' Guardian

'A lucid study of the lives behind the art . . . What gives Haycock's book its freshness is that, through skilful use of letters and memoirs left by his five subjects, he injects it with the anxiety, ambition, self-doubt and jealousy that possessors of youth and talent are fated to feel' – Sunday Times

'What a fascinatingly tangled mess of human lives!
Haycock tells the whole story engagingly and unpretentiously: the human conflicts, the clashes of ideas, and the terrible disruptions of war beneath it all.' – Independent
Rights sold: Old Street (WEL)

Material available: HB, PDF

All other rights available

Rob Smyth, Mike Gibbons and Lars Eriksen
The definitive history of one of the great teams of world football.
This book will tell the story of the Denmark side of the 1980s, the last truly iconic international football team.
Although they did not win a trophy, they claimed something much more important and enduring: glory, and in industrial quantities. They were a bewitching fusion of futuristic attacking football, languorous, quintessentially Scandinavian cool and hard-living excess. They played like angels and lived like you and I, which made them everyone’s second team in the mid-1980s. The story of Danish Dynamite, as the team became known, is as much about an array of characters that a scriptwriter would kill for as it is about the football. They were rock stars in a polyester Hummel kit.

The fact that the players were so humble and likeable, everymen off the field and superheroes on it, is in complete contrast with the gaudy excess and charmless arrogance of today’s football stars, and as such adds further resonance. This story simply could not happen any more. The location of the tale accentuated that charm; this was Denmark, a country with scarcely any football history and a population of five million.

The book is a significantly extended version of the ‘Danish Dynamite’ article in the Guardian, which was serialised in Japan and Austria, and was one of the most popular features on the Guardian sport site in recent years.

Praise for the article:
‘An absolutely fascinating account of one of the most brilliant and charismatic national teams in football history… leaves you begging for more.’ – Christian Mohr Boisen, author of Laudrup - a dynasty
‘The Denmark side of the mid-eighties was probably the first team I ever fell in love with… Rob Smyth and Lars Eriksen's wonderful piece confirmed I wasn't alone. All journalism should be like this: passionate and intelligent, detailed without ever losing its drive, affectionate yet balanced, reminding me of things I'd half-forgotten, and telling me things I'd never known: a majestic tribute to a majestic side.’ – Jonathan Wilson, award-winning author of Inverting The Pyramid
‘Few pieces on in 2009 were more viewed – or appreciated… Rob and Lars' piece was so deeply researched and beautifully written, it sucked in almost everyone who read it. If ever a 9,000-word feature left the reader wanting even more, this was it ...’

Sean Ingle, sports editor of

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Publication date: October 2013
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William Arthur Waterton
The classic tale of daring and danger finally republished, with a foreword by Tony Blackman OBE, MA, FRAeS. A must for all aviation fans.
First published in 1956, but still relevant and thought-provoking today, this book is an absolute revelation on test flying with the British aircraft organisations and manufacturers in the 1950s. Written from the pilot’s viewpoint, with refreshing candour and honesty – which allegedly cost him his job at the Daily Express – this account details what really went on behind the scenes in the defence world.
Waterton pulls no punches in recounting the non co-operation of civil servants and designers in improving/altering recognised faults (often minor) when developing aircraft – to the cost of lives lost.

Mainly centring on his work with the mighty Gloster Meteor and the Javelin interceptors, this is an astonishing insight into the workings of the aircraft industry. Uncomfortable reading for many, it was seen by his supporters as a wake-up call at a time when British ingenuity and prowess were being overtaken by the Americans and Russians.

Born in 1916 in Canada, Squadron Leader Bill Waterton entered the Royal Military College of Canada in 1935, eventually being accepted on a short service commission by the RAF. When war came he was with 242 Squadron and flew in the Battle of France. In operations over Dunkirk, on 25 May 1940, he crashed near Dover, suffering severe head injuries.
After becoming a flying instructor, he then joined Air Fighting Development Unit, gaining valuable test flying and tactical experience which he used to great effect with the Gloster Aircraft Company when he joined them in September 1946. He remained there until discharge in 1954 for being far too over-critical of management policy.
He then became aviation correspondent for the Daily Express, barely tempering his comments about the whole of Britain’s military aircraft industry, and the resultant publication of The Quick and the Dead saw him out of a job. He returned to Canada to lead a quiet life, passing away in 2006, aged ninety.

'The welcome reissue of a small masterpiece of unwelcome revelations.'

– James Hamilton-Paterson, author of EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS

Publisher: Grub Street

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UNDER THE RADAR by James Hamilton-Paterson (Faber, May 2013)

A tale of high tension and repressed emotions in the Cold War – from the bestselling author of EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS, a return to fiction for the winner of the Whitbread First Novel Prize and Newdigate Prize.

THE MANGLE-STREET MURDERS by MRC Kasasian (Head of Zeus, July 2013)

The first book in a new Victorian detective series, starring curmudgeonly sleuth Sidney Grice and his feisty amanuensis and chronicler March Middleton. A gruesome murder presents a new case for London’s most famous detective, but all is not as it seems…

BARRICADE by Jon Wallace (Gollancz, 2014)

The first in a trilogy, a bold SF adventure story from a sensational new author – BARRICADE is a savage road trip across the dystopian landscape of apocalypse Britain, narrated by the cold-blooded yet magnetic antihero, Kenstibec.

THE DEATH OF THE POET by N Quentin Woolf (Serpent’s Tail, 2014)

A powerful and shocking novel about love, violence, and the tension between action and inertia – intricate and structurally innovative, this stunning debut weaves a story through the decades from the trenches of the First World War to post-millennium London.

THE FIRE ASCENDING by Chris d’Lacey (Orchard, August 2012)

The seventh and final book in the multi-million selling Last Dragon Chronicles series – it brings together the amazing characters and wonderful worlds that Chris d'Lacey has drawn on throughout the series - in one stunning finale.

GABBLERATCHET by Sandra Greaves (Chicken House, 2014)

A scary tale about two cousins forced against their will to spend their holidays together on Dartmoor. The family conflict threatens to conjure up a horrifying ancient force of evil known locally as the Gabbleratchet.

BOONIE by Richard Masson (Hot Key, Jan 2013)

Stunning debut set in a futuristic world without water. Orphaned and abandoned JD meets a strange man whose mouth has been sewn shut. That man’s secret will save his life. A powerful story of bravery, friendship, loss and hope.

Non- Fiction

MASTERING THE ART OF CHOCOLATE by Chantal Coady (W&N, Oct 2012)

In this beautiful and indulgent book, the founder of Rococo chocolates shares her expertise and chocolate alchemy.
POIROT AND ME by David Suchet and Geoffey Wansell (Headline, September 2013)

Filming is about to commence on the very last episodes of the international television phenomenon Agatha Christie’s Poirot. These final five episodes will mean that all the Poirot stories have been filmed with Suchet in the starring role. In Poirot and Me David Suchet will reflect, for the first time, on the 24 years that he has played the role and the fondness he has formed for the eccentric Belgian detective, and his fans worldwide.

THE GINGER PIG KITCHEN by Tim Wilson and Fran Warde (Mitchell Beazley, April 2014)

The follow-up to the bestselling Ginger Pig Meat Book focussing on traditional recipes and knowledge from the farm kitchen.

PAPER ONLY by Claire Heafford and Louise Hall (Collins & Brown, Oct 2013)

The first book from the founders of the brilliant cult crafts venue, focussing on paper.

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