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Fort Assiniboine School Council Minutes March 4, 2010 Meeting called to order 7: 00 pm Agenda

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Fort Assiniboine School Council


March 4, 2010
Meeting called to order 7:00 pm
Agenda: Loraine Lovelock motions to approve agenda. Carried.
Minutes: Leah Holmes motions to approve February 11, 2010 minutes. Carried.
Treasurer Report (Kim Cross):

  • Remains unchanged.

Old Business

Update on future of Fort Assiniboine School (Peter Kuelken):

  • Meeting with Woodland County and PHRD on March 8, 2010. Agenda includes discussion the budget figures.

  • May require calling a special meeting to discuss outcome of March 8th meeting between PHRD and Woodlands County Council.

New Business

Principals Report (Allan Menduk):

  • New staff change Mr. Curtis Straub hired to replace Mr. Sano who teaches grade 9 math and science and math 10.

  • Hired Mrs. Debbie Breitkreitz and Mr. Kremp to fill the 0.7 EFT position through the high school completion incentive grant.

  • Noted an importance in helping students with transitioning, particularly from Kindergarten to grade 1, grade 6 to grade 7 and grade 9 to grade 10. As well, for students going from a small high school and community to the larger city center for post secondary education.

  • Recently acquired 5 new students, 2 enrolled in Junior High and three in Elementary. Bringing the total enrollment to 147 students.

  • Mr. Menduk asking for feedback on last year’s Awards Night. It was suggested at the meeting to plan to hold this year’s Awards Night in the last week of June for both high school and elementary. Must first consult with staff and check on the availability of the stage.

  • Grad 2010 tentatively booked for June 26th, but may conflict with Barrhead and Westlock’s graduation ceremonies.

  • Brought to Mr. Menduk’s attention after Northern Gateway’s School Board was audited regarding bussing suggested our own need for bus drivers other than staff members. Based on the rules and regulations regarding bussing, the school is looking for adults willing to drive a bus for extracurricular activities. Please contact Allan Menduk for more information on requirements needed.

  • Next year’s focus will be on the smoking issue. Plans are to get rid of the “Pit” but do not want the students going elsewhere around town to smoke. Looking at offering a program to help those to quit smoking. Diana DeGroot offered to look into this through Aspen Health.

School Council Chair Report (Peter Kuelken):

  • Our responsibility of the school council to PHRD is to help administration achieve the school board’s goals.

    • Increase High School completion rate.

    • Engage more parental involvement.

  • Suggestion was made to elect a parent form each grade to come to the school council meetings as a classroom representative.

  • We must continue to have a good turnout for our school council meeting for Woodland County to believe that they have the community support they need in order to make the decision to help fund the school. Suggested putting a letter in The Express to let community members know their importance in attending our meetings.

County Perspective (Dale Schaffrick):

  • Important to work on a high success rate to attract other students in wanting to attend Fort Assiniboine School.

  • School Review available on March 24, 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next Meeting Thursday April 8, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Kim Cross Diana and Henry DeGroot

Leah Holmes Lynn Marcellus

Sharon Ainslie Sandi Larson

Beth Ann Breitkreitz Peter Kuelken

Ken Porter Allan Menduk

Dale Schraffrick Curtis Straub

James Aitken Louise Ralston

Lorna Penchuk Jacqueline Ralston

Lorraine Lovelock Mel Clasper

Kathleen Norton

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