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For Men's Ministry Leaders

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Great Reading

We're always looking for great resources for guys to inspire and help you get the most out of life. We've listed just a few which are available through Koorong and Word Book stores in Sydney and Australia wide, or your local Christian bookshop. Get reading!


For Men's Ministry Leaders:

  • A Few Good Men - Richard Coekin

  • Drawing Men To God - Sid Woodruff

  • Effective Men's Ministry - Patrick Morley

  • How to Build a Life-Changing Men's Ministry: Bringing the Fire Home to Your Church - Steve Sonderman

  • Men's Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas

  • Point Man – Steve Farrar

  • Why Men Hate Going to Church – David Murrow

General Reading for Christian Men

  • 6 Rules Every Man Must Break (& Every Woman Must Know) - Bill Perkins

  • 10 Lies Men Believe - J Lee Grady

  • Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer

  • Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith - John Osteen

  • Bond of Brothers - Wes Yoder

  • Bringing Out The Best In Your Wife - H Norman Wright

  • Called to Lead - Dr Stephen Adei

  • Courageous - Randy Alcorn

  • Danger Calling: True Adventures of Risk and Faith - James Lund & Peb Jackson

  • Destined to Reign – Joseph Prince

  • Disciplines of a Godly Man - R Kent Hughes

  • Every Young Man, God’s Man - Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck, Mike Yorkey

  • Finishing Strong – Steve Farrar

  • Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart - Stu Weber

  • From Wild Man to Wise Man, Reflections on Male Spirituality - Richard Rohr

  • God's Man (Devotional) - Edited by Don Aycock

  • His Battle - Jacob A Shepherd

  • Just Walk Across The Room – Bill Hybels

  • Man in the Mirror – Patrick Morley

  • Man to Man...About God - edited by Tim Thornborough

  • Men - Firing Through all of Life - Al Stewart

  • Midlife Manual for Men - Stephen Arterburn & John Shore 

  • NIV New Men's Devotional Bible

  • No Man Left Behind – Patrick Morley

  • No More Christian Nice Guy - Paul Coughlin

  • No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You to Be - Tony Evans

  • One Year: Men of the Bible - James Stuart Bell

  • Questioning Evangelism - Randy Newman

  • Six Battles Every Man Must Win - Bill Perkins

  • Strong to the Core (Devotional) - H Norman Wright

  • Tender Warrior - Stu Weber

  • The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make - Bill Farrell

  • The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel

  • The Five Love Languages: Mens Edition – Gary Chapman

  • The Heart of a Godly Man - E Glenn Wagner

  • The Man Code - Dr Dennis Swanberg

  • The Man God Uses - Henry Blackaby, Tom Blackaby

  • The Map: The Way of All Great Men - David Murrow

  • The Masculine Mandate - Richard Phillips

  • The Measure of a Man - Gene A Getz

  • The Measure of  Young Man - Gene A Getz

  • The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

  • The Resolution for Men (Courageous) - Stephen Kendrick

  • The Screwtape Letters - By CS Lewis

  • The Shack – WM Paul Young

  • The Silence of Adam: Becoming Men of Courage in a World of Chaos - Larry Crabb, Don Hudson, Al Andrews

  • The Wild Man’s Journey - Richard Rohr

  • Waking the Dead - John Eldridge

  • Walking with God – John Eldridge

  • What God Does When Men Lead - Bill Peel

  • Wild at Heart – John Eldridge


Reading for Christian Fathers on Raising Children:

  • The Father Connection - Josh McDowell

  • Boom: A Guy’s Guide To Growing Up - Michael Ross

  • What Your Son Isn't Telling You - Michael Ross

  • Raising a Modern Day Knight - 

  • Bringing up Boys - Dr James Dobson

  • Bringing up Girls - Dr James Dobson

  • Boundaries with Teens - Dr John Townsend

  • Bible Bites (Devotions for Aussie Families) - Ladeane Lindsay

  • Rite of Passage - Jim McBride 


Reading for Women about Christian Men:

  • How Women Help Men Find God – David Murrow

  • Bringing Out The Best In Your Husband - H Norman Wright

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