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Mary Garrett @602-432-2010

The Armored Group Completes Up Armor of Mercedes Maybach 57S

(Phoenix, AZ – January 13, 2014)  The Armored Group (TAG) has just announced the completion of a new armored Maybach 57S, which was developed for a high net-worth individual. Though this was the first “up armored” Maybach developed using TAGLight composite. This composite is 63% lighter than conventional ballistic steel. The results were so impressive that it has been added to The Armored Group’s inventory and available to all clients who need this level of protection. The process was done with a goal of maintaining the interior and exterior details of the vehicle; upon completion the armored vehicle is indistinguishable from the OEM vehicle. TAG’s ultra-light composite armored package was used for the Maybach and took approximately 7 weeks from start to completion.
The Maybach will accommodate a driver and one passenger in the front and two passengers in the back. This particular vehicle was created for a high-profile individual in an African country.
“The Maybach is just another of the unique projects that The Armored Group has been tasked with developing. Our team is very specialized; they are experts in what they do. They face numerous challenges combining the protection required while not losing the integrity, design and performance elements of the vehicles,” said Robert Pazderka, owner of The Armored Group. “As we receive more and more requests for both innovative personal security as well as SWAT and law enforcement vehicles, our dedicated team is tasked with finding solutions to meet their needs—while expanding the companys’ inventory of vehicles.
TAG also has a complete non-armored specialty vehicle division. The company builds several different types of vehicles used for serving warrants, conducting raids and transporting people. Their line of Rapid Deployment Vehicles (RDV) is NTOA tested and recommended. Other TAG vehicles are used for Hostage Negotiators, EOD, Command Canters, Crime Scene investigations, and many others.
To receive details on the wide range of vehicles that TAG develops for individuals, law enforcement and special tactical units, contact The Armored Group LLC at or 1 888-997-5607.
To coordinate an interview or for all media requests, please contact Mary Garrett at 602-432-2010.

About The Armored Group

The Armored Group (TAG) has over 20 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and customizing armored vehicles for use by government, military agencies, law enforcement, private businesses and individual citizens around the world. TAG will engineer, design, build or customize any armored vehicle for any terrain or environment. TAG has a full-line of commercial armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers (APC), personal protection vehicles (PPV) like SUVs, Sedans, and Pick Up Trucks, and Cash In transit (CIT) vehicles. Tag has provided such services and vehicles to a vast array of clients including Brinks, Loomis, Dunbar Armored, G4S, KBR, Lockheed Martin, DynCorp, U.S. Army and Air Force, U.S. and foreign governments and agencies such as the DOD, DOS and the United Nations. TAG provides the highest quality armored vehicles available and sets the standard for customization, reliability and protection. To ensure that all TAG vehicles meet the highest standards of safety, Tag has certified Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux armoring solutions to VPAM-ERV 2009/VR7 Ballistic certification and BRV 2010 Blast Certification.

All facilities are ISO 9001 certified and managed by fully qualified and experienced professionals who serve customers around the world.

For more information, please visit the company websites: and or call: 1 888-997-5607 or 602 840 2271.

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