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For Immediate Release, Alberta – August 26, 2004

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Edmonton’s Newest Golden Girl

For Immediate Release, Alberta – August 26, 2004 – The staff of Field Law were glued to their televisions Tuesday morning at breakfast events in Edmonton and Calgary as 38-year old Lori-Ann Muenzer, a legal secretary with the firm, literally put the pedal to the medal in Athens, winning the gold for Canada.
Lori-Ann, the lone Canadian track cyclist competing in the Olympics and oldest woman in the event at 38, claimed the gold medal in the women’s sprint competition on Tuesday.
“We have closely monitored Lori-Ann’s progress in Athens and to see her achieve one of her dreams and share in her triumph has been an experience we will not soon forget. We are looking forward to providing Lori-Ann the hero’s welcome she deserves upon her return,” stated Bob Teskey, Managing Partner.
To welcome their hero home, Field Law has organized an event for all Field Law family and friends at the Edmonton International Airport tonight (Thursday, August 26) at 10:15 pm. Those wishing to welcome her home are invited to meet on the Arrivals Level, near the Information Booth by the River Bar. Lori-Ann’s plane is scheduled to bring the golden girl home tonight at 10:52 pm.
Lori-Ann will enjoy the rest of her holidays celebrating with friends and family and is planning to enjoy a private reunion with all her co-workers at the Field Law office on Friday to show off her gold medal.
During her time in Athens Lori-Ann has experienced a number of achievements in addition to winning a gold medal. During her 500m time trial on Friday she finished seventh, setting a Canadian record and beating her personal best time.
Lori-Ann Muenzer has a website where she shares her cycling experiences. Please visit to learn more about her athletic career.
For more information, please contact:

Tammy Wiebe, Marketing Director

Field Law, Edmonton
(780) 423-7654

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