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Foam-filling Taylor ta vault Lids

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Foam-filling Taylor TA Vault Lids
2008 06 02 Ver. 1.1 aws

  1. As of now (2008 06 02) we buy Taylor lids from Ferguson and they fill them with foam before we get them. Since we still have lids in the field that need foaming, we expect we will continue to foam lids. This document explains how to do that.

  1. From, purchase ~ 5gallons of Part A and 5 gallons of Part B Foam -0880. Five gallons will fill about 6 lis

  1. Take a 42” Taylor lid and seat it into a 3-rib section of 42” vault ring. The vault ring constrains the lid while the foam expands so the lid doesn’t increase in diameter, which would make it impossible to seat into the vaults upon deployment in the field.

  1. Place a couple of 2’ sections of 4”x4” lumber (or folded cardboard of equivalent size) and flip the lid/ring over so the lid is handle down and relatively level, resting on the 2’ 4x4’s.

  1. As long as the temperature is above 70 degrees F, get all the tools and necessary supplies together in an outside location:

  1. 3/8” chuck (or ½”) electric drill

  1. 2’ paint stirrer bit for the 3/8” drive drill

  1. Sufficient quantity of Foam-0880 from

  2. Gallon of Acetone

  3. Cleaning bucket for swishing paint-stirrer in acetone between foam mixes

  4. Protective gloves, old clothing, respirator to keep from smelling acetone

  5. Tarpolin or ground-cloth

  1. Vault ring consisting of ~3 ribs of 42” vault pipe (the one shown below has a lid inserted in it and turned upside-down

  1. A couple of 5-gallon buckets and a bucket liner for each lid

  1. ~2 1/2” hole saw bit.

  1. Cut two holes w/ the 2 ½ “ hole saw through the inside layer of the lid near the white plugs, but inside the outer shoulder. The two holes should be perpendicular to the handle line and as far away as possible from the handle w/o cutting into the outer shoulder on either side of the handle. The following picture shows the drill bit near the drilled hole.

The following picture shows both holes drilled into the lid. Take care not to drill into the outer lid cover.

  1. Now the lid is inserted into the ring, and resting with the outer handle down on a ground-cloth so that the lid is nearly level.

8) Gather your materials together, check that the paint mixer bit is in the drill and measure 3 quarts of Part A foam and pour it into a bucket liner. Measure 3 quarts of Part B foam and pour it in with the Part A. Immediately begin mixing with the drill – you have very little time to thoroughly mix it (keep it to about a minute)
9) Once the 2 parts are mixed, immediately begin pouring it in each of the 2 pre-drilled holes. Try to get about ½ the mixture in each hole.
10) A helper can clean the paint stirrer bit by stirring it rapidly in acetone immediately after the foam mixing job is complete. Otherwise the paint stirrer bit will be unusable after a couple of batches.
11) Let the foam set up in the lid – should be done in less than an hour. Break off the left-over tabs of hard foam at the pour holes. Use the amount of extra foam to gauge how much to mix for the next lid.
12) repeat this process for each lid to be foamed.

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