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FlashMic Records Live Earth Artist Interviews For us radio

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FlashMic Records Live Earth Artist Interviews For US Radio

London-based outside broadcast specialists Wired For Sound used HHB FlashMic Digital Recording Microphones to record interviews with artists appearing at the Live Earth concert at London's Wembley Stadium on July 7th.

Providing remote facilities for the US rights-holder Premiere Radio Networks, the Wired For Sound team issued FlashMics to four roving reporters who returned to the operations room throughout the day, where recordings were downloaded via USB, edited, and then transferred via ISDN or FTP to Premiere Radio Networks' studios in New York. Content was then syndicated to several hundred radio stations across the US.
“The FlashMics made everything easy,” enthused Wired For Sound's Johnnie Dymock. “We set them all to AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and locked everything down so all the interviewers had to do was push record. They were weighed down with wireless talkback systems and walkie-talkies, so they really appreciated the compactness and simplicity of the FlashMics.”
When it came to transferring files, Dymock was equally impressed with the FlashMic's performance. “With no removable media to worry about, all we had to do was plug into the FlashMic's USB interface. All in all, the FlashMics did a great job  so much so that we'll be adding them to our hire stock straight away.”
The HHB FlashMic is available in omni (DRM85) and cardioid (DRM85-C) versions. Combining a studio quality microphone capsule with a 1GB Flash recorder, the FlashMic is equipped to record for more than 18 hours. Additional features including power from conventional AA batteries, a pre-record buffer, a high-speed USB interface, FlashMic Manager software (Mac/PC), one-touch recording and the ability to record in both PCM and MPEG1 Layer 2 formats complete a robust and simple-to-operate portable recorder that commands real attention in the press scrum, and finally banishes fiddly cables to history.
Wired For Sound provides equipment, engineers and project management services on a worldwide basis for remote broadcasts, along with the co-ordination and management of radio activity at special events, mobile studio and hospitality facilities for roadshows, and equipment hire.
Editors' information:
Founded in 1976, HHB Communications is Europe's leading supplier of professional audio equipment to the broadcast sector, post production facilities, recording studios, film and TV sound recordists, and industrial and education establishments. HHB has also established an international reputation as a manufacturer of innovative professional audio technology and recording media, distributed by partner companies in more than 40 countries and relied upon daily by audio professionals around the world. Through its specialist division Scrub, based in London's Soho, HHB serves the equipment needs of the film and TV post-production community while another specialist division, Source, operates as the exclusive UK distributor for many of the world¹s leading manufacturers of audio recording products, supplying the UK market via a network of specialist retailers.
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