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Farewell message from m. Manimohan

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After completing my career in Trichy Unit of BHEL for 33 years and 5 months, I will be laying down my office on 24th May 2012 on superannuation.

I recall with a sense of satisfaction that everyday spent in this mighty “NAVARATHNA”organization has given me rich experience with challenging opportunities for self development and career growth and a feeling of togetherness.

I am indebted to all from Production, HR, Informatics Centre, Accounts, OHS &Model centre, M&S, HRDC, Purchase, Modernization, CBC, PSSR, Piping Centre, IVP Goindwal, Customers, Inspection Agencies and Statutory Authorities, who had helped and guided me in discharging my duty more effectively during my tenure. All this fruitful association and eventful moments will always be cherished in my mind . I enjoyed the freedom to work for any development with the back up and support from NDTL and of all the concerned.

I have immense satisfaction derived from being the coordinator for the One year NDT training programme for Employees wards for eight batches from 2003-2004 onwards and extremely happy and satisfied to see that 116 trainees got employment in India and abroad. I wish to thank Human resource department , BHEL Education Society ,Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing and AGM/NDTL for giving me this opportunity.

In this span of 33 years  I hope that I have  contributed  whatever  was  possible  to my level best to this organization

At this juncture, my family members join with me in thanking Medical, Transport, Canteen, Telephones, Security, Employees Coop Bank and post office personnel who have made our lives so comfortable.

I am fully convinced with a sense of proud that effective and committed team work along with the strategic goals and proactive approach of our visionaries will bring this organization to grow strength to strength, to accomplish greater heights, glory and as a world class company.

While bidding good-bye, I take this opportunity in wishing you and all your family members for good health, happiness and prosperity and offer my sincere thanks to each one of you for the love and affection shown to me all these 33 years of my service in BHEL.

If my service could be of any help to you, kindly feel free to contact me in the following address at any time.


2./31A, Roja Street

Ganesh nagar, Kattur,


0431-2533732 , 09442503011 ,

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