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Faqs: Advising for School Administration/Supervision

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FAQs: Advising for School Administration/Supervision



My state requires a “certificate” or “credential.” How does this compare to the VA “license” in school administration?

Liberty’s School Administration program is approved for a VA license, which is reciprocated by all other states. VA uses the term “license”, but it is the same credential as a “certificate.”

Must I quit my teaching job to do the internship?

There are two options to complete the degree at Liberty:

  1. Register for EDUC 699 and fulfill intern requirements for licensure.  If you are teaching full-time, that would require the support of your administrator. Teachers can arrange for a half-day load plus summer - perhaps working as an assistant administrator.  (Internship requirement cannot be met with planning periods only. Summer school must be in session to count summers.)

  2. Register for EDUC 698 and complete the degree without licensure.  This does not preclude you from pursuing licensure later.  We can verify that you completed the coursework and could be hired on temporary license for one year and then submit Work Experience form for licensure.

The intern is to serve in the acting position of an administrator or shadowing an administrator.  We have had people in teaching positions that also worked in the role of the administrator part of the day or something along these lines and then complete a longer internship to complete the 500 hours.  But it is inappropriate (and outside the VA-DOE guidelines) to be a full-time teacher during the internship.

I already have a master’s degree and don’t want another one. Can I just take the courses I lack for licensure as an administrator?

Candidates must complete a degree at Liberty in order to for us to submit the licensure paperwork confirming completion of a state-approved program.   There are 2 options:

  • Option 1 [recommended]: The candidate follows the M.Ed. program plan for Admin [for licensure purposes only].  The candidate fills in courses on the program plan already taken at previous institution and submits the remaining courses to Scott Watson for approval in the Ed.S. degree plan.  Upon completion of Ed.S. (which includes the courses for administration) the licensure paperwork will be submitted with transcripts from both institutions to verify completion of a state-approved program.

  • Option 2 [not recommended]: The candidate takes only the courses needed for licensure and submits the transcript to the department of education.  Liberty will NOT submit the licensure paperwork confirming completion of a state-approved program. [Candidates who need more than 6 credits for licensure must apply to a degree program even if they plan to stop after completing the courses required for licensure.]

[Candidates who have completed one degree at Liberty are eligible to complete only the courses required for licensure - completion of another degree is, however, recommended.]

May I get licensure in school administration while also earning my EDD/EDDS?

In order to receive the license in Administration, you would need to download the M.Ed. program plan and make sure that you have taken all of the equivalent coursework at the EdS/EdD level. Included on the program plan is EDUC 699 (internship requirement).  For a Virginia license you must be a licensed teacher and have at least 3 years teaching experience. The internship would need to be for a semester in an accredited school where you would intern as an administrator.  You would complete the Gate 3 application packet that is provided on the Advising Page website in order to be permitted to register for EDUC 699 and complete your internship.  Completing the equivalent courses and internship for the M.Ed. program (and - for administration only - passing the SLLA for Virginia) are the requirements to receive a license for administration through LU. 

Can the internship be waived?

We do not waive the internship, but you may complete your internship on the job.  The program requires 36 hours including the internship, so you would have to take an extra course to replace the internship.  If your employment is not in an accredited school, you would register for EDUC 698 Practicum in place of the internship.

If I am already a school administrator in a non-accredited school, may I do my internship in my present school and still be licensed?

No. If you must do your internship in a non-accredited school, you should register for EDUC 698 to complete your degree.  We will sign your verification form that you completed all coursework for licensure but did not complete your internship under LU supervision.  In some states, you could be eligible for licensure, or at least for provisional licensure, without the internship.  After the school is accredited, and/or you have completed your experience in the accredited school, you can submit the Work Experience Form for licensure. --- Your other option is to arrange to complete your internship in an accredited school.

Must I take the SLLA?

You are required either to take the SLLA or a comparable test required by your state if you are from outside of Virginia

Where can I get current program documents including information about internships, etc.?

Nearly every document you would need to get information about your program, course schedule, internship, etc., may be found on the following websites: and

If I choose to earn the M.Ed. without the licensure track, will that limit my job opportunities?

Very possibly!  Because the non-licensure track is a risky route to take, we always caution candidates that eventual licensure depends on their ability to be hired with only a temporary license. 

How many total field experience hours do I need and how do they relate to the internship?

You need a total of 500 field experience hours. 180 of them may be accumulated before the internship. The internship is to be 320 hours concentrated into one semester (16 weeks). The majority of internship hours are to take place during school day, in concentrated blocks of time when preK-12 students are present.

After completing this program, are there any other requirements necessary before I can work in a school system?

Liberty's program is fully approved for licensure, so there are no additional requirements beyond our program requirements in order for you to be licensed.  No matter what state you live in, you may be licensed upon completion of our program as it is fully reciprocal with all states.

What are the exact licensure requirements for my program?

Go to the following website and look under the School Administration/Supervision program requirements:

(FOR NON-VIRGINIANS: All of our licensure programs are approved by the state of Virginia and are fully reciprocated by all other states. Some of our non-Virginia candidates avoid the VA license and directly get their own state’s license. If you choose this direct route, you can be assured that LU’s program is accepted by all states, but you must check to see if your particular state requires a specific licensure exam. After your internship is complete, you may submit your own state’s application for licensure to LU’s licensure office. Once our dean signs off on it and we send it to your state’s DOE, you will then receive your state’s license.)

Will my license be valid in other states?

YES! You have two choices, either of which will ensure that you are licensed in any of the U.S. states:

  1. You may follow Liberty’s requirements for VA’s licensure program. Once you earn a VA license, you would then apply to have it reciprocated through the Department of Education of your state. A VA license is fully reciprocated in every other state. (This is the simplest route and costs you only the extra cost of the application to apply for reciprocity in your state.)

  2. You may check on your state’s specific licensure requirements usually available on your state’s Department of Education website. Ensure that you meet their requirements, which might involve a specific licensure exam other than the SLLA. When you finish your M.Ed. here at LU, you may submit your state’s licensure paperwork to LU’s field experience office for verification. We submit to your state for you, which will ensure that you receive your license. This route avoids your having to go through VA license. Every state accepts LU’s program as long as you meet their specific requirements, such as their state license exam.

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