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Faculty senate meeting

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Cheyenne Campus Room 2411

April 10, 2009

Call to Order: Chair Cosgrove called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

Sign Attendance Sheet: The attendance sheet was signed.

Senate Leadership Present: Sondra Cosgrove, Chair; Judy Stewart, Past-Chair,

Diana Clennan, (Proxy for Jody Mandel, Secretary).

Senators Present: Shellie Keller, Tom Finneran, Mike Connolly, Sandra Kingma, Joe Miller, Steve Konowalow, Eric Moreau, Patrick Quinn, Robert Aberle, Robb Bay, Bob Gutschick, Terry Pippin, Heidi Schneiter, Tracy Sherman, Judy Scott, Bert Chiasson, Patrick Villa, Chuck Milne,

Sue Blizard, Joshua Levin, Shari Lyman, Diana Anson, Ken Betita, Deborah Mzhickteno

Senators Absent (w/Proxy): Laura McBride (Karen Hyman), Joel Johnson (Billy Duke)

DeAnna Beachley (Fred Monardi)

Senators Absent w/o Proxy: Leticia Llamas, Jennifer Basquiat, Melissa Schalles, Susan Scheublein, Paula Grenell

Guest: Chancellor Jim Rogers, Kevin Anderson, Michelle Wyatt, Ingrid Stewart, Sue Gordon, Jeff Fumer, Steve Soltz, Bill Kerney, Maria Moya, David Waterhouse, Nathaniel Waugh, Prakash Phalke, Kathy Baker, John Mueller, Jim Matovina, Adrian Havas, Alok Pandey, Darren Divine, Fred Jackson, Carolyn Collins.
Welcome and Guest:

Dr. Michael Richards welcomed senators and told them that Chancellor Rogers has been an advocate for Higher Education since he became Chancellor. Dr. Richards will set up Faculty Forums in May to discuss the status of the system. He said they are watching the budget in regards to PERS and PEBP. Dr. Richards introduced Chancellor Jim Rogers.

Chancellor Jim Rogers:

Chancellor Rogers stated the system is dying. He said if we had not fought this past year we would be facing 36% budget cuts. Chancellor Rogers said there were about three or four thousand students in Carson City from UNLV and CSN, protesting the proposed budget cuts. He discussed the funding of other institutions in the country as compared to that of UNLV and other Nevada institutions. Chancellor Rogers said there are two things he would like to see before he leaves on July 1st, (1) discussion of the inequities in funding between the southern institutions and the northern institutions, and (2) he hopes the legislators will do something (so bad) that it will cause the Faculty to get involved. Chancellor Rogers discussed the inequities and the inadequacy of funding. He said 75% of funding revenue comes from Las Vegas gaming revenue and sales tax, however the revenue pays for 100% of Northern Education. Chancellor Rogers said that by June 3rd the Legislature will decide on funding of the system. He said he hopes the Legislature will do something to address the funding inequity issue. After speaking, Chancellor Rogers took questions from Faculty. Before leaving, Chancellor Rogers was presented with a Plaque by Steve Konowalow, Shari Lyman, Alok Pandey, Jim Matovina and Brenda Talley from the NFA.

Chair Cosgrove re-opened the meeting, and welcomed Past-Chair Judy Stewart, returning today from an extended absence.
Approval of March 2009 Minutes: Joshua Levin read a letter he wrote to Chair Cosgrove regarding his concerns regarding the substance of the senate minutes. He would like to have the lengthy deliberations reflected in the minutes. In response, Chair Cosgrove noted that the Senators, who receive the minutes in advance, could suggest changes to the minutes before the meetings. Senators introduced different suggestions for how the minutes should be recorded. Chair Cosgrove will talk with Jodie, Senate Secretary, next month. Joshua Levin said he would be willing to write a by-law, regarding minutes. Chair Cosgrove stated that what the Senate decides regarding the minutes next year should be communicated to Mark, Jodie and Virginia.

A motion to approve the March minutes with corrections was made by Mike Connolly and seconded by Joe Miller. The minutes were approved by majority vote.

Chair Cosgrove responded to Joshua Levin’s allegation of not being impartial on issues and not sustaining the democratic processes. Chair Cosgrove quoted the By-Laws, stating the role of the Senate Chair is to preside over the Senate and to ultimately be responsible for what goes to the President as a Policy recommendation. She also stated the Policy recommendations need to be enforceable, if not; it will go to General Counsel and be sent back to Senate.

Regarding the Out Of State Policy, Chair Cosgrove said she asked Senators not to send it to Faculty before it was evaluated by Senate. Patrick Villa said he was looking for e-mails regarding the Out of State Policy issue and then, received the Policy by e-mail. Chair Cosgrove apologized for not sending it to Senators first.

David Waterhouse, Student Government President

David reported that they have selected a recycling Vendor, Auburn Fibers. He stated that the final cost would basically be the cost of the Bins. The next project they have is the Book Exchange website. He pulled up the test server site on screen and described it. It will be set up to find books and sell books. David will notify faculty when the site is complete.

David also reported that he and student leaders will be doing Bus Lobbying. They are working with Mike Forest to work with K-12 students. They will speak with Legislators and allow students to speak about how budget cuts will affect them. David noted they have fifteen seats left if Faculty has interested students. They are also printing 3500 more post cards faculty and students can mail to legislators. Chair Cosgrove said she will talk to Terri Norris regarding an announcement for DE students on the “all students” e-mail list. She also reported that Mark Rauls, is out of town but would like to continue having the Student Government President attend Senate Meetings next year.
Senate Chair-Elect Candidate Statements:

Candidate Shari Lyman introduced herself and made the following points:

-Need Strong Faculty Leadership

-Wants to Protect Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Shared Governance and due process.

-Faculty needs to protect the mission and quality of education for students.

-Wants to continue fighting on behalf of faculty and students.
Candidate Sondra Cosgrove made a statement, saying everything will be the same as this past year and she feels the Senate needs to be proactive, aggressive at times, and that the administration sees Faculty as allies.
Candidate Bill Kerney introduced himself and stated he plans to lead and inspire Faculty, never placate and manage. He says if you want more of the same vote for his opponents. Bill said he will stand up to General Counsel and will be a fresh voice and a fresh face.
The floor was opened for questions, i.e. how many years they have been at CSN, their Departments, and tenure status. Faculty also asked candidates what they thought the role of Senate Chair is, and how they plan to complete meeting agenda in a timely manner. Each candidate responded to the questions.
Bookstore RPF Updates:

Chair Cosgrove announced there are two Vendors for the Bookstore Contract. They will be coming to campus to do a presentation. We are trying to improve the quality of service. The plan is to have Richard Hinckley attend the presentation in order to check the contract for needed items. Bob Gutschick, Chair of the Bookstore Committee, will attend the presentations. Senator Gutschick has been consistently at the meetings and critical of E-Follet. He feels the Bookstore issues will remain the same and the Vendor will remain the same. It was decided that Senator Gutschick would drafted a resolution representing the Senate. Senator Judy Scott would like to see “bundling” explained to faculty. Chair Cosgrove suggested having CAPE do a workshop regarding the issue. Senator Moreau commented that E-books cost less than the books in the bookstore.

Faculty Evaluation Policy:

Jim Matovina, Chuck Milne and Joe Miller explained the changes made to the Policy:

• Procedural Changes

• Two Appeals (1) Supervisory Review or (2) Peer Review Committee

• Timelines

• Did not change Job Descriptions

•Gave some authority to Chair

•Balance between Quality vs. Quantity

There was discussion and questions regarding the changes.

A motion to approve the policy was made by Shari Lyman and Seconded by Eric Moreau. The Motion passed with 19 yeas, 2 nays and 1 abstention.

Academic Dishonesty Policy-Bill Kerney

Bill Kerney stated the Academic Dishonesty Policy had been tabled by Academic Standards Committee in March out of frustration. It was given to General Counsel, who gave them corrections and told them what could not be done. General Counsel then proceeded to rewrite the Policy. It was sent back to committee. The committee feels this is a sound Policy. Chair Cosgrove said she spoke with General Counsel and was told he would advise the President not to sign it. Send suggestions to committee.

Out of Geographic Region Policy:

Chair Cosgrove related that the feedback from committee, senators and faculty there were ten categories of issues that came up. Almost unanimously everyone asked that the wording be changed to “must” from would or could. The second most popular item was that this should be combined in one policy because there is overlap with other policies (Faculty Evaluation, Workload, etc.) Chuck Milne said most of his feedback is to use the Evaluation Policy to set the standards for evaluation, and let the President decide on other issues. Chuck Milne moved that the discussion be tabled and would like an ad-hoc committee to handle the issue, Joshua Levin seconded the motion. Motion passed with majority vote, with Judy Scott opposed.

Proposed By-Law Amendments

Judy Stewart and Joshua Levin introduced an Amendment to the By-Laws, with the support of past Senate Chairs that still teach here, to add 5.1.2 of the By-Laws, Al Balboni, Candice Kant, Carolyn Collins, Fred Jackson, Joann Vuillemot and Judy Stewart. It will come back as action next month. Senators discussed the issue and noted opinions for and against the Amendment.

Chair Cosgrove stated that Mark has looked at the By-Laws and plans to go through them thoroughly with an ad-hoc committee in September.
Chair Cosgrove said Senate election voting procedures need to have dates and times added. This seems necessary due to electronic voting. She stated that Mark will do an ad-hoc committee in September to update By-Laws. Motion was made to send 4.2 to the faculty for approval, Motion passed by majority vote.

Bob Gutschick read his draft of a Bookstore Resolution. Motion to approve was made by Eric Moreau and seconded by Joshua Levin.

The CSN Faculty Senate supports the bookstore contracting process being open and balanced in accordance with the NSHE Board of Regents policies.  To this end, the CSN Faculty Senate requests that:

  1.  The entire bookstore RFP Committee, as originally appointed by the CSN President, discuss the contract with all qualified vendors.

  2. The bookstore RFP Committee actively participates in the drafting of specific contract terms and conditions.

  3. All CSN faculty be invited to participate in any presentations scheduled for prospective vendors.

  4. The CSN President delay the awarding of the bookstore management contract until the above items have been accomplished, if needed, by extending the current bookstore contract by 30 to 60 days.

Chair Cosgrove briefly discussed Angel Shell Group Functions in regard to committees.

She noted that the groups are treated differently than classes. Once the Curriculum Committee started working on Angel Shell more people were interested in having their groups on Angel Shell. Chair Cosgrove received a four page memo from OTS explaining why they can’t do this. Chair Cosgrove reported that the Curriculum Committee has saved over two-thousand dollars since using Angel.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm

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