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Faber, Richard L., Differential Geometry and Relativity Theory: an Introduction

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Faber, Richard L. , Differential Geometry and Relativity Theory: an Introduction

Faber, Rodney B. , Introduction to Electronic Amplifiers

Faber, Rodney , Introduction to Electron Devices

Faber, T. E. , An Introduction to the Theory of Liquid Metals

Faber, T. E. , Fluid Dynamics For Physicists

Fadala, Sam , The Complete Blackpowder Handbook, 3rd ed.

Fadiman, Clifton (ed.) , Fantasia Mathematica

FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schafer KGaA , Rolling Bearings and Their Contribution to the Progress of Technology

Fagan, Brian , Time Detectives: How Archeologists Use Technology to Recapture the Past

Fagan, Brian M. , Archaeology, 6th ed.

Fagen, M. D. (ed.) , A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System: the Early Years (1875-1925)

Fagg, Lawrence W. , Two Faces of Time

Fahy, Frank , Sound and Structural Vibration: Radiation, Transmission, and Response

Faidley, Warren , Storm Chasers: in Pursuit of Untamed Skies

Failor, Catherine , Transparent Soapmaking: a Complet Guide to Making Natural See-through Soap

Fain, V. M. , Quantum Electronics, Vol.1: Basic Theory

Fain,V.M. , Quantum Electronics, Vol.2: Maser Amplifiers and Oscillators

Fair, Gordon Maskew , Water and Wastewater Engineering, Vol. 1: Water Supply and Wastewater Removal

Fair, Gordon Maskew , Water and Wastewater Engineering, Vol. 2: Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Fairbank, J. D. , Near Zero: New Frontiers of Physics

Fairbridge, Rhodes W. (ed.) , The Encyclopedia of Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences

Fairchild, Mark D. , Color Appearance Models

Faires, Virgil Moring , Thermodynamics, 3rd ed

Faires, Virgil Moring , Applied Thermodynamics

Fairhurst, Charles , Failure and Breakage of Rock

Faktor, Marc M. , Growth of Crystals From the Vapour

Fakultat fur Brauwesen Lebensmitteltechnologie Milchwissenschaft an der Technischend Universitat Munchen in Weihenstephan , 125 Jahre: Fakultat Fur Brauwesen Lebensmitteltechnologie Milchwissenschaft 1865-1990

Falconer, K. J. , The Geometry of Fractal Sets

Falconer, Kenneth , Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications

Falicov, L. M. , Group Theory and Its Physical Applications

Falk, David , Seeing the Light: Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision, and Holography

Fall, Christopher P. , Computational Cell Biology

Falnes, Johannes , Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Linear Interactions Including Wave-energy Extraction

Faltinesen, O. M. , Sea Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures

Fan, H. Y. , Elements of Solid State Physics

Fan, Hung Y. , Viruses That Affect the Immune System

Fancey, N. E. , The Determination of Geophysical Parameters From Space

Fanchon, Eric , Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules: Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation For Condensed Matter Studies

Fang, J. H. , X-Ray Diffraction Tables

Fanning, Janis , Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles

Fano, Guido , Mathematical Methods of Quantum Mechanics

Fano, U. , Basic Physics of Atoms and Molecules

Fara, Patricia , An Entertainment For Angels: Electricity in the Enlightenment

Faraday Society , The Structure and Properties of Liquids

Faraday Society , Radiation Effects in Inorganic Solids

Faraday, Michael , The Chemical History of a Candle

Faraday, Michael , Experimental Researches in Electricity, Vol. I and II

Faraday, Michael , Experimental Researches in Electricity, Vol. III

Faraday, Michael , Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics

Farag, Mahmoud M. , Materials Selection For Engineering Design

Farago, Francis T. , Abrasive Methods Engineering, Vol. 1

Farago, Francis T. , Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, 2nd ed.

Farago, P. S. , Free Electron Physics

Farber, Paul Lawrence , Finding Order in Nature: the Naturalist Tradition From Linnaeus to E. O. Wilson

Fardo, Stephen W. , Electrical Power Systems Technology, 2nd ed.

Farin, Gerald , Curves and Surfaces For Computer Aided Geometric Design: a Practical Guide

Farkas, Miklos , Periodic Motions

Farrell, Judy , Bioenergy'94: Proceedings of the 6th National Bioenergy Conference

Farrett, Felix A. , Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy

Farrington, Benjamin , Francis Bacon: Pioneer of Planned Science

Fast, J. D. , Entropy, 2nd ed.

Fastovsky, David E. , The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Fathy, Hassan , Natural Energy and Vernacular Architecture: Principles and Examples With Reference to Hot and Arid Climates

Fatikow, Sergej , Microsystem Technology and Microrobotics

Fatunla, Simeon Ola , Numerical Methods For Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations

Faud-Luke, Alastair , Eco Design: the Sourcebook

Faulkenberry, Luces M. , An Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

Faure, Gunter , Principles of Isotope Geology

Fauvel, John , Let Newton Be! A New Perspective on His Life and Works

Fava, R. A. (ed.) , Polymers, Part A: Molecular Structure and Dynamics

Fava, R. A. (ed.) , Polymers, Part B: Crystal Structure and Morphology

Favre, Alexandre , Chaos and Determinism: Turbulence As a Paradigm For Complex Systems Converging Toward Final States

Favus, Murray J. (ed.) , Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diesases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 2nd ed.

Fay, James A. , Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Feather, Norman , An Introduction to the Physics of Mass, Length, and Time

Feather, Norman , An Introduction to the Physics of Vibrations and Waves

Feather, Norman , Electricity and Matter

Feder, Jens , Fractals

Feenberg, Eugene , Theory of Quantum Fluids

Feenberg, Eugene , Notes on the Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum

Feher, G. , Electron Paramagnetic Resonance With Applications to Selected Problems in Biology

Fehner, Terrence R. , Department of Energy 1977-1994: a Summary History

Feifer, Nathan , Let's Explore Chemistry: The Hows and Whys of Chemistry; 200 Safe Experiments

Feigelson, E. M. , Calculation of the Brightness of Light in the Case of Anisotropic Scattering (part 1)

Feinberg, Gerald , Solid Clues: Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, and the Future of Science

Feinberg, Gerald , What is the World Made Of? Atoms, Eptons, Quarks, and Other Tantalizing Particles

Feininger, Andreas , Nature in Miniature

Feininger, Andreas , The Anatomy of Nature: How Function Shapes the Form and Design of Animate and Inanimate Structures Throughout the Universe

Feirer, John L. , Bench Woodwork: a Comprehensive Guide to Basic Woodworking Skills

Feirer, John L. , Cabinetmaking and Millwork

Feirer, John L. , Machine Tool Metalworking

Feirer, John L. , General Metals, 4th ed.

Feirer, John L. , Woodworking For Industry

Feirer, John L. , SI Metric Handbook

Feirer, John , Carpentry and Building Construction, revised

Feitelson, Dror G. , Optical Computing: a Survey For Computer Scientists

Feldman, Ari , Designing Arcade Computer Graphics

Feldman, David , Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and Other Imponderables

Feldman, David , When Did Wild Poodles Roam the Earth?

Feldman, David , How Do Astronauts Scratch an Itch?

Feldman, James M. , The Physics and Circuit Properties of Transistors

Feller, William , An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol.1, 3rd ed.

Feller,W. , An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol.2

Fellers, William O. , Materials Science, Testing, and Properties For Technicians

Felsen, Leopold B. , Radiation and Scattering of Waves

Feng, Zhe Chuan (ed.) , Semiconducator Interfaces, Microstructures, and Devices: Properties and Applications

Fenichell, Stephen , Plastic: the Making of a Synthetic Century

Fenn, John B. , Engines, Energy, and Entropy

Fennelly, Lawrence J. , Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, 2nd ed.

Fenton, David E. , Biocoordination Chemistry

Fenyves, E. , The Physical Principles of Nuclear Radiation Measurements

Ferbel, Thomas (ed.) , Experimental Techniques in High-energy Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd ed.

Ferber, Peggy (ed.) , Mountaineering: the Freedom of the Hills, 3rd Ed.

Fereence, Michael, Jr. , Analytical Experimental Physics, 3rd ed.

Ferendeci, Altan M. , Physical Foundations of Solid State and Electron Devices

Ferguson, Eugene S. , Engineering and the Mind;s Eye

Ferguson, Ian F. , Auger Microprobe Analysis

Ferguson, John , Mathematics in Geology

Ferguson, Kitty , Prisons of Light: Black Holes

Ferguson, Kitty , Measuring the Universe: Our Historic Quest to Chart the Horizons of Space and Time

Ferguson, Phil M. , Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals: With Emphasis on Ultimate Strength

Ferguson, R. J. , K Solver For Windows Student Manual

Ferguson, R. Stuart , Practical Algorithms For 3D Computer Graphics

Fermi, Enrico , Thermodynamics

Fermi, Enrico , Nuclear Physics, revised ed.

Fermi, Enrico , Nuclear Physics, revised ed.

Fermi, Laura , Atoms in the Family: My Life With Enrico Fermi

Fermi, Laura , Galileo and the Scientific Revolution

Fernandez, Jack E. , Modern Chemical Science

Fernando, Antonio , Textbook of Nuclear Medicine: Basic Science

Fernow, Richard , Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics

Ferracane, Jack L. , Materials in Dentistry: Principles and Applications

Ferrari, Domenico , Measurement and Tuning of Computer Systems

Ferrari, Mario , Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms

Ferrari, Mauro , Nanobiotechnology of Biomimetic Membranes

Ferrari, R. L., ed. , Problems in Physical Electronics

Ferraro, V. C. A. , An Introduction to Magneto-Fluid Mechanics

Ferri, Antonio , Elements of Aerodynamics of Supersonic Flows

Ferris, Clifford D. , Linear Network Theory

Ferris, Clifford D. , Introduction to Bioelectrodes

Ferris, Timothy , The Whole Shebang: a State-of-the-universe(s) Report

Ferris, Timothy (ed.) , The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics

Ferris, Tomothy , The Universe and Eye: Making Sense of the New Science

Ferry, David K. (ed.) , Gallium Arsenide Technoloogy

Ferry, David K. , Physical Electronics

Ferry, Ted , Home Safety Desk Reference: How to Safeguard Your Home and Everything in It

Fertis, Demeter G. , Nonlinear Mechanics

Ferziger, Joel H. , Computational Methods For Fluid Dynamics

Ferziger, Joel H. , The Theory of Neutron Slowing Down in Nuclear Reactors

Fetter, Alexander L. , Quantum Theory of Many Particle Systems

Fetter, Alexander L. , Nonlinear Mechanics: a Supplement to Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua

Fetter, Alexander L. , Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua

Fetter, C. W. , Applied Hydrogeology, 2nd ed.

Fetzer, James H. , Computers and Cognition: Why Minds Are Not Machines

Feyeraband, Paul , Agaqinst Method: Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge

Feynman, R. P. , The Theory of Fundamental Processes

Feynman, R. P. , Statistical Mechanics: a Set of Lectures

Feynman, R. P. , Lectures on Physics: Exercises, Vol.2

Feynman, R. P. , Lectures on Physics: Exercises, Vol.3

Feynman, R. P. , The Character of Physical Law

Feynman, R. P. , Quantum Electrodynamics

Feynman, Richard P. , The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Feynman, Richard P. , QED: the Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Feynman, Richard P. , QED: the Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Feynman, Richard P. , Feynman's Tips on Physics: a Problem-solving Supplement to the Feynman Lectures on Physics

Feynman, Richard P. , Feynman Lectures on Computation

Feynman, Richard P. , Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol. 2: Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol. 3: Quantum Mechanics

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol. 1

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol.2: Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol. 3: Quantum Mechanics

Feynman, Richard P. , Lectures on Physics, Vol. 1

Feynman, Richard P. , Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained By Its Most Brilliant Teacher

Fialovsky, Lajos (ed.) , Surveying Instruments and Their Operational Principles

Fiedler, Jannine , Bauhaus

Field, Michael , Symmetry in Chaos: a Search For Pattern in Mathematics, Art and Nature

Field, Nancy , Discovering Volcanoes: a Nature Activity Book, revised ed.

Fiell, Charlotte , Industrial Design A-Z

Fiell, Charlotte , Design Handbook: Concepts, Materials, Styles

Fiero, Bill , Geology of the Great Basin

Figliola, Richard S. , Theory and Design For Mechanical Measurements

Fike, John L. , Understanding Telephone Electronics

Filonenko-Borodich, M. , Theory of Elasticity

Finch, James Kip , The Story of Engineering

Finch, Richard , Welder's Handbook

Fincham, W. H. A. , Optics, 6th ed.

Findlay, Alexander , The Phase Rule and Its Applications

Findley, WIlliam N. , Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials: With an Introduction to Linear Viscoelasticity

Fine, Arthur , The Shaky Game: Einstein Realism and the Quantum Theory

Fine, Morris E. , Introduction to Phase Transformations in Condensed Systems

Finean, J. B. , Chemical Ultrastructure of Living Tissues

Finegold, Rupert , Silversmithing

Finescale Modeler Magazine , The Scale Modeling Buyer's Guide

Fingas, Mervin F. , The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup: With Particular Reference to Southern Canada

Fink, Donald G. , Standard Handbook For Electrical Engineers, 13th ed.

Fink, Donald G. , Electronics Engineers' Handbook, 3rd ed.

Fink, Donald G. , The Physics of Television

Finkelnburg, Wolfgang , Atomic Physics

Finkelstein, Robert J. , Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics: A Short Introduction

Finlay, Mark , Real-World Fractals

Finlayson, Bruce A. , The Method of Weighted Residuals and Variational Principles

Finlayson-Pitts, Barbara J. , Atmospheric Chemistry: Fundamentals and Experimental Techniques

Finn, Robert , Equilibrium Capillary Surfaces

Finnie, Iain , Creep of Engineering Materials

Finnis, Bill , The Passage Maker's Manual

Finniston, Sir Monty , Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of Invention and Technology

Firor, John , The Changing Atmosphere: a Global Challenge

Fischbach, Frances , A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Fischbeck, H. J. , Formulas, Facts, and Constants: For Students and Professionals in Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics, 2nd Rev. Enlarged ed.

Fischer, Ernst peter , Thinking About Science: Max Delbruck and the Origings of Molecular Biology

Fischer, Hugo B. , Mixing in Inland and Coastal Waters

Fischer, J. Cree , Piano Tuning: Regulating and Repairing

Fischer, J. Cree , Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method For Amateurs

Fischer, K. H. , Spin Glasses

Fischer, L. , An Introduction to Gel Chromatography

Fischer, Robert B. , Science, Man & Society, 2nd ed.

Fischer, Robert E. , Optical System Design

Fischer, Roger A. , Successful Air Conditioning & Refrigerator Repair

Fischer-Williams, Mariella , A Textbook of Biological Feedback

Fischler, Martin A. (ed) , Readings in Computer Vision: Issues, Problems, Principles, and Paradigms

Fisher, Barry , Forensics Demystified: a Self-teaching Guide

Fisher, David A. , Rules of Thumb For Scientists and Engineers

Fisher, David E. , The Scariest Place on Earth: Eye to Eye With Hurricanes

Fisher, David E. , Tube: the Invention of Television

Fisher, David , What's What: a Visual Glossary of the Physical World, revised ed.

Fisher, Derek , Cell Separation: a Practical Approach

Fisher, Douglas Alan , Steel: From the Iron Age to the Space Age

Fisher, John W. , Guide to Design Criteria For Bolted and Riveted Joints

Fisher, Len , How to Dunk a Doughnut: the Science of Everyday Life

Fisher, Marvin J. , Power Eelectronics

Fisher, P. J. , The Science of Gems

Fisher, Richard V. , Volcanoes: Crucibles of Change

Fisher, Rick , The Food and Heat Producing Solar Greenhouse

Fisher, Robert A. (ed.) , Optical Phase Conjugation

Fishman, Alfred P. , Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, Vol. 1, 3rd ed.

Fishman, Alfred P. , Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, Vol. 2, 3rd ed.

Fishman, George S. , Monte Carlo: Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications

Fisk, Marian Jacobs' Anderson, H. C. William , Introduction to Solar Technology

Fitch, A. A. , Seismic Reflection Interpretation

Fitch, James Marston , American Building 2: the Environmental Forces That Shape It

Fitch, Val L. , Critical Problems in Physics

Fitchen, Franklin C. , Transistor Circuit Analysis and Design

Fitt, Brian , Lighting Technology: a Guide For the Netertainment Industry

Fitts, Donald D. , Principles of Quantum Mechanics: As Applied to Chemistry and Chemical Physics

Fitzgerald, A. E. , Electric Machinery, 3rd ed.

Fiume, Eugene , An Introduction to Scientific, Symbolic, and Graphical Computation

Fix, George , Principles of Brewing Science

Flake, Gary William , The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems, and Adaptation

Flanagan, Dennis , Flannagan's VersionL a Spectator's Guide to Science on the Eve of the 21st Century

Flanagan, James L. , Speech Synthesis

Flanagan, William M. , Handbook of Transformer Applications

Flanders, Harley , Differential Forms With Applications to the Physical Sciences

Flanigan, Francis J. , Complex Variables: Harmonic and Analytic Functions

Flaste, Richard , The New York Times Book of Science Literacy: What Everyone Needs to Know From Newton to the Knuckleball

Flato, Moshe , The Power of Mathematics

Flatow, Ira , Rainbows, Curve Balls, & Other Wonders of the Natural World Explained

Flatow, Ira , They All Laughed...from Light Bulbs to Lasers: the Fascinating Stories Behind the Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives

Flavin, Christopher , Power Surge: Guide to the Coming Energy Revolution

Fleagle, Robert G. , An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics

Fleck, George M. , Equilibria in Solution

Fleischer, Henry , Manual of Pneumatic Systems Optimization

Fleischer, Suri , Exploration and Discovery: As Reported By the New York Times

Fleischmajer, Raul , Biology, Chemistry, and Pathology of Collagen

Fleischman, M. , Fractals in the Natural Sciences

Fleming, Bill , Mastering 3D Graphics: Digital Botany and Creepy Insects

Fleming, Bill , 3D Modeling & Surfacing

Fleming, J. A. , Waves and Ripples in Water, Air, and Aether

Fletcher, C. A. J. , Computational Techniques For Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 1 Fundamental and General Techniques

Fletcher, C. A. J. , Computational Techniques For Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 2 Specific Techniques For Different Flow Categories

Fletcher, Gordon , Construction Guide For Soils and Foundations

Fletcher, John L. , Effects of Noise on Wildlife

Fletcher, Madilyn (ed.) , Bacterial Adhesion: Molecular and Ecological Diversity

Fletcher, Neville H. , Acoustic Systems in Biology

Fletcher, Neville H. , The Physics of Musical Instruments

Fletcher, Ronald F. , Lecture Notes on Endocrinology, 3rd E.d

Flindt, Rainer , Amazing Numbers in Biology

Fling, Helen , Marionettes: How to Make and Work Them

Flinn, Richard A. , Engineering Materials and Their Applications, 2nd ed.

Flint, H. T. , Wave Mechanics, 9th ed.

Flock, Warren L. , Electromagnetics and the Environment: Remote Sensing and Telecommunications

Flohn, Hermann , Climate and Weather

Flon, Christine (ed.) , The World Atals of Architecture

Florence, Ronald , The Perfect Machine: Building the Palomar Telescope

Florman, Samuel C. , The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

Florman, Samuel C. , Engineering and the Liberal Arts: a Technologist's Guide to History, Literature, Philosophy, Art, and Music

Floyd, Thomas L. , Electronic Devices, 5th ed.

Floyd, Thomas L. , Electronic Devices, 3rd ed.

Floyd, Thomas L. , Electronic Devices, 2nd ed.

Flugge, S. , Handbuch Der Physik Band XII: Thermodynamik Der Gase

Flugge, S. , Handbuch Der Physik: Band XLVII Geophysik I

Flugge, S. , Handbuch Der Physik: Band XXIII Electrical Instruments

Flügge-Lotz, Irmgard , Discontinuous and Optimal Control

Fluke Corporation , Calibration: Philosophy in Practice, 2nd ed.

Flynn, George , MOS Digital ICs

Flynn, John E. , Architectural Interior Systems: Lighting, Air Conditioning, Acoustics

Foa, Piero P. , Ion Channels and Ion Pumps: Metabolic and Endocrine Relationships in Biology and Clinical Medicine

Fock, V. A. , Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

Fogiel Max (ed.) , Handbook of Mathematical, Scinetific, and Engineering Formulas, Tables, Functions, Graphs, Transforms

Fogiel, M. (ed.) , The Optics Problem Solver

Fogiel, Max , Modern Microelectronics: Basic Principles, Circuit Design, Fabrication Technology

Fogler, H. Scott , Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2nd ed.

Fogoros, Richard N. , Electrophysiologic Testing

Foias, C. , Navier-Stokes Equations and Turbulence

Foley, James D. , Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics

Folse, Henry J. , The Philosophy of Niels Bohr: the Framework of Complementarity

Fontana, Mars G. , Corrosion Engineering, 3rd ed.

Fontana, Peter R. , Atomic Radiative Processes

Foot, Christopher J. , Atomic Physics

Forbes, Nancy , Imitation of Life: How Biology is Inspiring Computing

Forbes, Peter , The Gecko's Foot: Bio-inspiration – Engineering New Materials From Nature

Ford, Brian J. , Single Lens: the Story of the Simple Microscope

Ford, Brian J. , Images of Science: a History of Scientific Illustration

Ford, Jerry Lee, Jr. , Beginning REALbasic: From Novice to Professional

Ford, Kenneth W. , The World of Elementary Particles

Ford, Leonard A. , Chemical Magic, 2nd ed.

Ford, R. A. , Homemade Lightning: Creative Experiments in Electricity, 2nd ed.

Ford, Steve (ed.) , Your VHF Companion

Foreign Policy Association (ed.) , Toward the Year 2018

Foreman, John E. K. , Sound Analysis and Noise Control

Foresman, James B. , Exploring Chemistry With Electronic Structure Methods, 2nd ed.

Foresman, Joyce , My Community, Our Earth: a Student Project Guide to Sustainable Development and Geography

Forest Products Laboratory - Forest Service - U.S. Department of Agriculture , Wood Handbook: Wood As an Engineering Material

Forester, John , Bicycle Transportation: a Handbook For Cycling Transportation Engineers, 2nd ed.

Forester, Tom , High-tech Society

Fornatale, Peter , Radio in the Television Age

Fornter, Brand , The Data Handbook: a Guide to Understanding the Organization and Visualization of Technical Data

Forster, Dieter , Hydrodynamics Fluctuations, Broken Symmetry, And Correlation Functions

Forsyth, David A. , Computer Vision: a Modern Approachj

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