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Eye makeup and lipstick removal

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(Use this list for all cleansing procedures.)

• disinfectant/sanitizer

• hand sanitizer/antibacterial soap

• covered trash container

• bowl

• spatula

hand towels

• headband

clean linens

• bolster

• gloves

• cotton pads

• cotton rounds

cotton swabs

• plastic bag

paper towels

• tissues


• eye makeup remover or cleanser

facial cleanser

1. Prepare the bed and room.

2. Set out supplies and products on an SMA (sanitary maintenance area).
3. Prepare the client and cover the hair.

Eye Makeup Removal

4. Bring the left hand over and lift the right eyebrow with the middle and ring fingers. With the middle and ring fingers of the right hand, apply the product

to the eyelid with downward strokes (Figure P14–1-1). Use downward movements with the cleansing pad to cleanse the eyelid and lashes. Gently rinse with cotton pads.
5. Move the middle and ring fingers of the right hand over to the left side of the face and lift the left eyebrow. With the middle fingers of the left hand, apply the product to the left lid with downward strokes (Figure P14–1-2). If the client is wearing contacts, do not remove the eye makeup.
6. Repeat this step as necessary to remove eye makeup. While cleansing the eyes, rotate the pad to provide a clean, unused surface (Figure P14–1-3).
7a. Place the edge of the pad under the lower lashes at the outside corner of the eyes, and slide the pad toward the inner corner of the eyes. The mascara will gradually work loose and can be wiped clean. Be especially gentle when cleansing the eyes because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and can become irritated (Figure P14–1-2). Remove any makeup underneath the eyes. Always be gentle around the eyes; never rub or stretch the skin, as it is very delicate and thin.
7b. Use the cotton pad or a cotton swab to wipe inward under the eye toward the nose and then outward on the top of the eyelid (Figure P14–1-5). Making a complete circular pattern.
7c. Rinse the eye area with plain water to remove the eye makeup remover (Figure P14–1-6). Make sure the remover is rinsed off thoroughly.
Lipstick Removal

1. To remove lipstick, apply eye makeup remover or a cleanser to a damp cotton pad or tissue and gently remove the client’s lipstick (Figure P14–1-7).

2. With the index and middle finger (either the left or right side) of one hand, hold on next to the outside edge of the lips to keep the skin tight so it does not move around; then remove with even strokes from the corners of the lips toward the center.
3. Repeat the procedure on the other side until the lips are clean (Figure P14–1-8).
Clean-Up and Sanitation

Follow the clean-up procedure described in the basic facial (Procedure 14–4).

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