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Exprivia for the Maputo Orphan Project

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HUMANA People to People Italia finances and carries out projects

in the South of the world and contributes to environmental protection.

Exprivia for the Maputo Orphan Project

With an innocent smile

that lives through play
We are different, we are the same

hopeful youth.

We have a mission

in the world, many dreams.

Big hearts
We are the children of nobody

But we keep on dreaming

Hoping that one day we'll wake up

With someone to hug.

Thanks to Exprivia for International Youth Day.

(Domingos Maibasse, 14 - Machava)

Since Christmas 2006, Exprivia has been committed to supporting 100 children orphaned as a result of the spread of AIDS in Mozambique. These children have lost one or both parents to the disease and are cared for by relatives or acquaintances who often do not have the means or resources - not just material - to look after them properly.

The children supported by Exprivia all live in the Maputo area and the project provides them with food, healthcare, education, and the protection of their rights, also engaging them in healthy and educational extracurricular activities in their “free time”.

One of the priorities of this programme is getting the children to study Portuguese. Most of the children come from families who speak the local language and only learn Portuguese at school.

The children also receive an education in personal hygiene such as the importance of brushing teeth and washing. Education in personal hygiene takes place through play, a useful way to make extremely important habits enjoyable in a place where not everyone takes adequate care of health and hygiene.

The involvement of all local adults is of paramount importance for the healthy development of the children. This is why one of the first activities implemented, after the identification of the beneficiaries, was the training of teachers and community leaders who can support or effectively implement the measures proposed by our local partner ADPP Mozambique.

The children, all from the Province of Maputo, are divided into groups and assigned to programme staff. In addition to food, school supplies and medical and psychological care, the children take part in a variety of sports and cultural activities in protected environments.

The practice of sport, in particular, gives the children awareness, values and rules for when they are together.

Over the years the children have pursued various activities including football, badminton, volleyball and table tennis. As well as games and sports there are cultural and creative activities such as reading, dancing, singing, theatre and trips to get to know their local area.

The support of the company and the involvement of volunteers have enabled the children to take part in workshops to make papier-mâché masks and origami: precious opportunities to develop the children's creativity and make their activities visible in the community.

The annual birthday parties, International Children’s Day and Youth Day are events that engage the children and make them the centre of the adults’ attention. For children without parents it is important to feel the attention of the community on them and events like these are useful for raising the awareness of adults about the issues of vulnerable children.

A few small gestures, such as receiving a simple game as a gift, playing with a swing made from a tyre and a rope, or discovering the magic of the cinema, have made the daily lives of these children special and, above all, have contributed to building the self-confidence the children need in order to face the future with optimism. This confidence is based on the continued support of Exprivia and the awareness that they have someone at their side supporting them.

I am a very happy child

Full of joy, goodness and peace of mind

I would like to survive

Like a plant, a flower

That is fine in any place

Like a house painted white

Like the sun that shines on my country

Thank you Exprivia for giving me such a beautiful Children’s Day.

(Daniel Matte, 8, Beluluane)

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