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Expertise Statement

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Dr Zheng-Fei Liu


Professor of animal infectious disease

Expertise Statement

Teaching Duties

  • Virology

  • Zoonosis

Research Interests

  • Acute infection, latency, and reactivation of pseudorabies virus (PRV), bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1), and bovine herpesvirus 5 (BHV-5)

  • The intracellular life cycle of Brucella melitensis (B. melitensis)

  • Vaccines and diagnostic kits for animal infectious diseases, such as swine hepatitis E (sHEV), Canine parvovirus 2 (CPV2), BHV-1, and B. melitensis.

Professional Memberships

Other Roles

  • Reviewer of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Ministry of Education of returned overseas students to start research and fund projects

  • Reviewer of peer-review journals, such as Journal of Clinical Microbiology, and Chinese Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Education & Working Experience

  • 2011.12- Professor of animal infectious disease

  • 2004.10-2007.4 Postdoctoral fellow of Shafiqul I Chowdhury’s laboratory in Kansas State University Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, Kansas

  • 2004.12-2011.11 Associate professor

  • 2002.07-2004.10 Assistant professor

  • 1997.9-2002.6 Ph.D student of Veterinary microbiology and immunology

  • 1993.9-1997.6 Bachelor student of Animal science


  • Fan Qiang , Yao Lan, Ding Ming , Wang Dan-Jing, Chen Huan-Chun , Liu Zheng-Fei* . Development of Latex Agglutination Test for Rapid Detection of Antibodies against Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 and Bovine Herpesvirus Type 5 in Cattle. J Vet Diagn Invest, Vol. 24, Number 6, November 2012. In press.

  • Wu Yi-Quan, Chen Di-Jun, He Hua-Bin, Chen Dong-Sheng, Chen Ling-Ling, Chen Huan-Chun, Liu Zheng-Fei*. Pseudorabies virus infected porcine epithelial cell line generates a diverse set of host micrornas and a special cluster of viral micrornas. PLoS ONE. 2012, 7(1): e30988.

  • Zheng Ke, Chen Dong-Sheng, Wu Yi-Quan, Xu Xian-Jin, Zhang Hui, Chen Chuang-Fu, Chen Huan-Chun, Liu Zheng-Fei*. MicroRNA expression profile in RAW264.7 cells in response to Brucella melitensis infection. Int J Biol Sci. 2012; 8(7):1013-1022.

  • Zhang Hou–Yong , Chen Dong–Sheng, Wu Yi–Quan, He Qi–Gai, Chen Huan–Chun, and Liu Zheng–Fei*. Both swine and human cells are capable to support the replication of swine hepatitis E virus type 4 in vitro.Virus Research. 2011, 158: 289-293

  • Liu ZF, Brum MCS, Doster A, Jones C, and Chowdhury SI. A Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 (BHV-1) Mutant Virus Specifying a Carboxyl Terminal Truncation of Glycoprotein E (gE) is Defective in Anterograde Neuronal Transport in Rabbits and Calves. Journal Virology. 2008, 82(15): 7432-7442

Additional Information

  • Lab website:

Contact details

State Key laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology,

Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine,

College of Veterinary Medicine,

Huazhong Agricultural University.

Shizi Shan street,

Hongshan district,

Wuhan, Hubei provine 430070


Phone: 86-27-87282608

Fax: 86-27-87282608


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