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European union special representative press release

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EU marks Anti-Trafficking in Human Beings Day

Pristina, 18 October 2013

The EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR organised a press conference on the occasion of the EU Anti-Trafficking in Human Beings Day on Friday, 18 October. The event also marked the closing of the month-long public awareness campaign launched on 18 September in Pristina. This year’s National Anti-Trafficking Campaign, Open Your Eyes Kosovo, has been driving forward awareness of exploitation against vulnerable children and young people, and was led by the National Anti-trafficking Coordinator. The public awareness campaign was launched in Pristina on 18 September, with a “human circle against human trafficking” involving 60 kids.
The aim of the 'Open Your Eyes' campaign against trafficking in human beings was to give children and youngsters, their parents and teachers, social and health workers and the general public enough information to be able to recognise the signs of exploitation, including labour exploitation, child begging, and sexual abuse. It also sought to promote the National Anti-Trafficking campaign helpline as the main point of contact for assistance. The helpline number 0800 11 11 2 is open twenty-four hours Monday-Friday; it is now available on all mobile and fixed line networks around the country.
The EU Office in Kosovo has joined the 'Open Your Eyes' 2013 campaign partners and stakeholders that include government institutions, UN Development Programme, OSCE, ICITAP, GiZ, IOM, Terre des Hommes and Caritas Kosova. With the aim of having a strategic and coordinated approach, the EU Office in Kosovo has provided a direct support to the National Coordinator's Office and to this campaign through communication expertise and funds that were used for organising several major activities within the campaign month, like the video and radio messages that are broadcasted on national TVs and radios, a charity concert and workshops targeting Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.
Celebrity Ambassadors from all communities across Kosovo have shown their support, including judo world champion Majlinda Kelmendi and musicians MC Kresha & Hana Cakuli; journalist Budimir Ničić and singer Bajram Kinolli-Kafu from Gipsy Groove. To raise awareness, Celebrity Ambassadors Kafu from Gipsy Groove, and hip hop artist MC Kresha performed in a fundraising concert at Oda Theatre on 4 October. This raised over 1000 euros, which will be shared between two local shelters who provide practical support for the victims of trafficking for their reintegration work.

Trafficking affects all communities in Kosovo. It is not merely a transit country; it is also a source and destination of trafficking. This year alone, 41 of 48 identified victims of trafficking originated from Kosovo. The other victims come from Albania and Serbia, signifying an increased number of victims of trafficking being members of Kosovo communities.

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