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Esol intermediate Trinity Speaking Story. A bad Holiday part One

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ESOL Intermediate

Trinity Speaking Story. A bad Holiday part One



Change the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
Just after Christmas two years ago, Jack and Liza suddenly (decide) to go away somewhere for New Year. They (not want) to stay in a hotel with crowds of people and so they (to be) really delighted when they (see) an advertisement in the Sunday Times for a holiday flat in a village near Oxford.
It (to be) no ordinary flat however. It (to be) on the top floor of an old Tudor mansion. They (book) it immediately and on New Year’s Eve they (drive) there in the car. although It (rain) heavily and freezing cold, they (to be) happy and excited.
After three hours they (feel) tired, when they finally (see) the house in the distance. It (look) magnificent with incredibly tall chimneys and a long, wide drive. They (drive) up to the huge front door, (go) up the steps, and (knock) loudly. Nothing happened. They (knock) again more loudly.

Eventually the door (open) slowly and a small, wild-looking, old lady (stand) in front of them.

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