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Entrepreneurship through networking

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Program Youth Exchange “Entrepreneurship through networking”

Malmö, Sweden, April 2013

Friday 19 April 2013

Arrival during day. Accommodation at Youth Hostel in Malmö. Dinner in the evening at “La Empanada” in the centre of Malmö.

Saturday 20 April 2013

08.00. Breakfast

09.30. Welcoming and practical information at “Tryckeriet” in Malmö.

10.00. Introduction of local partners, Folkuniversitetet and Nordjobb

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Name game and common rules are made by the participants in groups.

13.00. Lunch

14.00. Pitching of ideas. Every participant gets 3 minutes each to “pitch” his/her project idea.

16.00 Coffee

17.00. What is social impact? Nils Philipps gives examples from the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in Malmö. The participants will work in small groups to give examples of social entrepreneurship in their local communities.

Information about the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship,

Center for Social Entrepreneurship is a resource for people and organizations that have a community development idea. We support social entrepreneurial initiatives in Skåne by offering mentoring and advising on the financing, organization, project management, communication and access to our multidisciplinary network. All our services are free.

Sunday 21 April 2013

08.00 Breakfast

09.30 Workshop: Townsville

This workshop places you in a rural village somewhere in the European Union. The aim is to find a way to develop the village and change a trend of stagnation were the young people leave. The workshop is based on non-formal learning in which their own initiatives and solutions will be crucial for the development of the village.

11.30 Coffee

12.00 Open spaces discussions

- What makes a project successful?

- How to promote my idea?

- How can we benefit from the European Citizenship?

- How can we create a bigger social impact?

The agenda of open space session will be defined by the participants and may be adjusted as the meeting proceeds.

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Common project ideas are developed and discussed by the participants.

This session will be a group work where the participants can create common transnational projects through Youth in Action that helps to develop their local communities. The staff during the Youth exchange will work as coaches.

19.00 Dinner

20.00 European and Nordic Communities Marketplace

In this part of the program every participant exhibit something typical from their local communities they are proud of. It can be food, music, clothes, dances, nature, multiculturalism, democracy, economic development or whatever depending on the participants.

Monday 22 April 2013

08.00 Breakfast

09.30 Study visit at Tepe company

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Study visit at second company

18.00 Bowling followed by dinner at Big Bowl in Malmö

Tuesday 23 April 2013

08.00 Breakfast

09.30 Study visit at Region Skåne

11.00 Study visit at Stapelbäddsparken

Information about Stapelbäddsparken,

Stapelbäddsparken (Stpln) is an opportunity arena that offers current and future players within the cultural sphere a different infrastructure to work on and in. The site provides "project rooms", equipment, facilities, process coaches, mentoring and actual tools to realize ideas and projects. A creative cultural arena for both established and new creators.

Stpln acts primarily in the following areas: art, music and new media/technology. Stpln is an unusual scene for urban culture - unique with its integrated arena for extreme sports and cultural activities. It is a scene where "users are the producers" and were the ideas and experiences of these users help to develop and transform an old industrial area into a "platform of possibilities".

We are managed by nonprofit organizations and sole individuals in close cooperation with the municipal that also contributes with the large part of the financial support needed from a two-year work where the content has been generated by users)

13.30 Lunch at the social enterprise Barista and presentation of the company

Information about Barista,

Barista Fair Trade Coffee is a Swedish coffee bar chain whose mission and concept is to offer coffee, prepared by trained baristas, with an ethical responsibility. The participants will be able to ask questions, give suggestions etc.

16.00 Study visit at Klädoteket

Information about Klädoteket,

Klädoteket is a library for clothes. It is a place where the mother also meets the hippie in a light-hearted but practical response to the throwaway culture. The clothes borrowed instead of bought and shared instead of owned.

Many already have closets overflowing with second hand clothes, but continue to look for fun garments. We asked ourselves the question of a desire for renewal and the desire to express a wearable identity must always involve environmentally and socially unsustainable clothing consumption? The answer was Klädoteket that combines cultural and environmental aspects with a desire to democratize fashion even from an economic perspective.

17.30 Free time

19.30 Dinner

Wednesday 24 April 2013

09.00 Breakfast

10.30 Study visit at Lerbäckskolan in Lund

Lerbäckskolan is a school in the central parts of Lund. There are classes called “basgrupper” for newly arrived immigrants that will be visited as well as the facilities of the school. At the break the participants of the youth exchange will be able to play with the pupils of “basgrupperna”.

12.00 Study visit at ComUng in Lund

Information about ComUng,

ComUng is a collaboration focused on young people who neither work nor study, and through guidance can move on to work or training. The goal is that more young people to reach inside knowledge, that is, self-support and power over their lives. The agent is a coordination center with shared information, guidance and support, as well as a meeting place for young people.

The ComUng staff will arrange a small workshop were the participants can reflect about their potential, their expectations and their dreams.

13.00 Lunch and city tour

14.30 Reception by the major of Lund in the Town Hall

This visit is aimed to “shorten the distance” between European youth and politicians. By seeing that politicians are accessible and human beings as everyone else we want to inspire youth to increased commitment in their local communities and a wider understanding of local democracy.

16.30 Meeting with Asylgruppen in Lund

Information about Asylgruppen,

Asylum group Lund is a religiously and politically independent organization working with asylum seekers and their rights.

We work for a generous and humane refugee policy, a policy where every person gets a dignified treatment and where the rule of law also applies to asylum seekers. Another important part of our work is the fight against racism.

Asylgruppen will have a discussion about immigration to the local communities of the participants.

17.00 Study visit at Mötesplats Maggan in Lund

Information about Mötesplats Maggan,

Mötesplats Maggan was born as an idea of people in the area in light of the problems a segregated environment was leading to. Meeting Maggie is the natural meeting place for inhabitants in the vicinity where people can meet for social interaction and develop new ideas with each other instead of talking about each other. It is a physical place where entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from different backgrounds can act positive role models for others in the area, newcomers and new inmigrants. The project seeks to capitalize the growth potential of the neighborhood by allowing entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to grow and develop their potential through entrepreneurship.

In Mötesplats Maggan a workshop will be organized with simulations of business counseling and simulations of how you apply for jobs. It is a workshop based on non-formal learning in which the youth can experience a real job interview and a real business counseling.

18.00 Study visit at Tamam in Norra Fäladen in Lund

Information about Tamam,

Tamam is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization that works with activities for children and youth, att promoting inclusion and diversity and developing young people's community involvement.

The participants will meet youth in the segregated suburb of Lund called Norra Fäladen during their homework support, organized by volunteers (mostly students). They will be able to speak with the youngsters and help them with different tasks. It will also be organized a small discussion in groups about European identity and European citizenship as an immigrant that is building its future in Sweden.

19.30 Bus to Malmö

20.30 Dinner at “La Empanada” in Malmö

Thursday 25 April 2013

08.00 Breakfast

09.30 Common projects

Continuation of the work in groups to develop own European projects through Youth in Action.

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Pitching 3 minutes.

- What have I learnt during the youth exchange?

- What can I bring to my local community?

- How can I use the network I have just gained through the youth exchange?

16.00 Photos, blogging and tools to spread the project

18.00 Dinner

19.00 Grant and diploma given to the idea with the best social impact.

Friday 25 April 2013

08.00 Breakfast

09.30 Study visit at Somali Information and Business Centre in Malmö (SIBC)

Information about SIBC,

In some parts of the world Somalis are considered to be successful entrepreneurs. In other places they are seen as a group with difficulties to integrate. Somali Information and Business Centre (SIBC) is created to promote and highlight the Somali entrepreneurship. We provide professional business advice and community information in both Swedish, English and Somali, but we also publish own reports about the Somali business. SIBC's work is inspired by the Somali centers primarily in the UK, US and Canada.

SIBC is run by the Herbert Felix Institute and is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), Region Skåne, City of Malmö, Kristianstad Municipality, Employment Office, the County Administrative Board of Skåne and the municipalities of Eslöv and Svalöv. The head office is in Malmö and branches have been established in Kristianstad and Eslöv. The project period will run until 30 June 2014. A representative from each organization that funds the project has a place in the steering committee.

10.30 Coffee

11.00. Study visit at Arbetsförmedlingen / Employment Office. Presentation of EURES and the possibilities to work in Sweden and other parts of the EU.

The participants will be able to ask questions and tell their own experiences of working, studying or travelling in another EU-country.

13.00 Lunch and closing of the project

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