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Endangered Species Report from Maple Leaf International School, Dalian, China

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Endangered Species Report from Maple Leaf International School, Dalian, China.

Teacher: Miss McGee


Endangered Species: Snow Leopard
Name: Nura

Grade: 4
Common Name: Snow leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera Uncia

Nickname: Ounce
Species Category: Mammal
Physical Description:

Do you know how Snow Leopard’s look and feel? Well if you don’t read on.

Here are some facts:

The Snow Leopard’s weight is about 50kg on average.

Litter size is 2-3cubs on average, length is mm 900-1350, life span is 15-18 years.

Its tail helps it to keep balance and keeps them warm.

The Snow Leopard has a tongue designed to peel the skin from its prey.
Snow Leopard’s have a loose belly skin so that if anyone hits its stomach it won’t hurt. The Snow Leopard’s coat is very white and thick. It also has black spots on its back It’s also has a white stomach. Snow Leopard’s can camouflage by using the spotted pattern on their back. They can hide in the dark forest snow cover.
Eating Habits and Favorite Food:

You know what food you like, but do you know what Snow Leopard’s like?

The Snow Leopard’s favorite food is mountain goat, deer and sheep. It’s most favorite food is Marmots, but people are hunting down marmots for fur, meat and oil!! Snow leopards love marmots!!!

I think we should not kill MARMOTS!!!! 

Snow Leopard’s can kill an animal 2 times its weight!!
Snow Leopard’s eat all kinds of animals in central Asia.

They are at the top of the food chain and you know what that means? It means that no other animal hunts it.

Snow Leopard are solitary [They don’t like to hang around with other animals].

Normally mothers give birth to 2 or 3 cubs. Snow Leopard’s mate in the spring. Mothers rip off their fur and put it around its cubs. After three mouths the cubs hunt with their mothers. After the first winter the cubs go on their own.


Where do Snow Leopards live?

All Snow Leopards are found in central Asia. Some countries in central Asia are: Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, India and Russia.

Central Asia has more mountains then any other part off the world!!!! So that’s why Snow Leopard live there.



People are killing the Snow Leopards. There are only 6,000 are left!!! Now Snow Leopards are dying!!

The biggest threat is humans. Do you know why? Humans are starting to live in the mountains and are destroying the Snow Leopard’s habitat. That’s no good!!

What can be done?

Poachers are killing Snow Leopards for fur and bones etc, - only for money. Also woman wear fur coats, its like it died for who ever bought the fur coat!!! Oh I wish Snow Leopards were not endangered!!! 
Do you know why I picked this animal?

I picked the Snow Leopard because they’re endangered. They’re nice, sweet and cute. Most of all I wanted to learned about them. I hope these facts help you learn.

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