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1985 (1) 2

1986 (2) 2

1987 (3) 2

1988 (5) 2

1989 (4) 3

1990 (6) 3

1991 (1) 4

1992 (3) 4

1993 (7) 4

1994 (6) 5

1995 (5) 5

1996 (4) 6

1997 (3) 6

1999 (4) 6

2000 (3) 7

2001 (5) 7

2002 (1) 7

2003 (3) 8

2004 (1) 8

2005 (2) 8

2006 (3) 8

2007 (8) 9

2008 (6) 9

2009 (4) 10

2010 (12) 11

2011 (12) 12

2012 (11) 13

2013 (10) 14

2014 (11) 15

1985 (1)

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1986 (2)

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1987 (3)

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1988 (5)

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1989 (4)

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1990 (6)

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1991 (1)

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1992 (3)

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1993 (7)

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1994 (6)

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1995 (5)

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1996 (4)

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1997 (3)

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1999 (4)

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2000 (3)

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2001 (5)

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2002 (1)

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2003 (3)

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2004 (1)

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2005 (2)

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2006 (3)

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2007 (8)

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2008 (6)

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2009 (4)

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2010 (12)

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2011 (12)

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