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Ein Bokek to Masada- cycling around the Dead Sea. Aprox 50Km. Rating difficult

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Ein Bokek to Masada- Cycling around the Dead Sea.

Aprox 50Km. Rating difficult.

If you are looking for a more chalanging way to visit Masada, or just looking to get out of the hotel, the Judean Deseret has plenty to offer you. The following is only one of many possible day rides leaving the Ein Bokek area. Remember, cycling in the desert can be a strenuous, make sure to leave as early as possible and to take plenty of water and a map.

Leave the Ein Bokek hotel complex north bound along the water front of the Dead Sea. Two Km north you will reach the trail head marked blue leading you west, this is the hardest part of the ride, it is about 500m difference in altitude. Once you make in up to the plateau, you will overlook the whole Judean desert and Dead Sea. Continue following the blue trail about two km from the top of the hill until you reach a trail marked green heading north. Head north on the green trail, crossing Wadi Mor and Wadi Rahaf. You can leave you bike, and walk down the Rahaf dry river bed, in between the rocks lay pools in the shade, refilled by flood water every year. Continue north crossring Wadi Kanaim, named after the people that lived in Masada, unwilling to surrender to the Roman Empire. Once crossing the Wadi, you will pass several ruins of the Roman League camps, from the time of the siege on Masada. Three km north of the Wadi you will reach road #3189 leading to the Roman rampart, built to allow the Roman forces to climb the mountain and end the rebellion. From here you can walk up the rampart and visit the site, or continue around the fortified mountain. Follow the “runners path” used for communication between the roman camps surrounding Masada, it will eventually lead you to the access road and back to the shore of the Dead Sea. Follow road 90 south for 15 Km until returning to the hotels in Ein Bokek.

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