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Education Rose Bruford College

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Shonel Jackson

07949 675 889

D.O.B. 22 January 1983
I am patient, astute and motivated in the workplace. My experience working

as a Supervisor in Odeon Cinema has added to my ability to handle many situations that arise in the workplace and when dealing with members of the public.


Rose Bruford College


DA15 9DF
BA Honours Acting 1st 2004 – 2007

Southwark College


SE16 4EE
BTEC National Diploma Performing Arts Distinction 2002 - 2004


BTEC 1st Diploma Performing Arts Distintion 2001 – 2002

A Level English Language/Literature D 2000 – 2002
GCSE Information Technology B 1999 – 2000

GCSE English C

GCSE Mathematics C

GCSE Biology C

GCSE Spanish C

St. Joseph High, Georgetown, Guyana 1994 – 1998


Tate Entertaining 2008 – NOW

Tate Britain/Modern
London SW1P 4RG
Events Assistant – (Reception, Silver Service, Hosting, Bar, Wine Tasting, etc)

Mark 1 2007 - 2007

Lewisham Shopping Centre

London SE13 7HB
Sales Assistant – (Skills inlcude customer service, cash handling)

Odeon Cinema 2001 – 2006

Surrrey Quays Leisure Park

SE16 4LL
Team Leader and Staff Trainer –

(Skills include customer service, allocation of tasks, administration,

health and safety and cash handling incl. box office)

Royal Court Theatre 2004 – 2005

Sloane Square

Usher – (Skills include customer service, cash handling, health & safety)

Atlantic Clothing 2000 – 2001

26 Rye Lane

SE15 5BS

Assistant Manager –

(Skills included customer service, allocation of tasks, administration,

cash handling and security.)

Other Achievements

  • Received certificate for role of Student Peer Mentor for students on BTEC 1st Diploma Performing Arts course at Southwark College.


  • Achieved over 200 hours as a ‘Millenium Volunteer’. 2002


Roller blading, physical fitness, capoeira, dance, reading, yoga, movies.


Toni Hands

Empire Cinema


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