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East Valley Veterans Education Center

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  1. East Valley Veterans Education Center

480 384 9850

2055 S. Cottonwood Dr.

Tempe, AZ 85282

  • The EVVEC provides educational outreach and college advisement services to veterans and their families. We offer practical information about education, community assistance, and veteran resources found throughout the valley. All services, workshops, and resources are provided at no cost.

  1. Make the Connection

  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the Make the Connection campaign to help Veterans  and their families connect with services that improve their lives. The campaign encourages Veterans and their families to “make the connection”—with other people, with resources, with symptoms of mental health issues, and with treatment and support—to get their lives on a better track.

  1. Department of Veterans Affairs, Phoenix

3333 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012-2436


  • end_of_the_skype_highlightingThe Regional VA office provides benefits and services to eligible veterans and veterans families.

  1. eBenefits: a website service of the Department of veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense

  • A personalized workspace called My Dashboard that provides quick access to eBenefits tools. Using eBenefits tools, you can complete various tasks. You can apply for benefits (including your GI Bill), download your DD 214, view your benefits status, in addition to other actions as needed. This workspace is available to you once you have created an eBenefits account.

Therapeutic Resources

  1. Soldier’s Best Friend

480 269 1738

Soldier’s Best Friend

P.O. Box 6242

Glendale, AZ 85312

  • Assist veterans suffering from both PTSD and TBI by providing service dogs and therapeutic companion dogs at no cost.

  1. American Service Animal Society

480 802 9339

P.O. Box 13525

Chandler, AZ 85248

  • Empower disabled veterans by providing a service or companion dog at no cost.

  1. American Healing Arts Foundation

480 717 9888

  • Free art classes for veterans intended to reunite veterans with peers, away from hospitals and the battlefields in a peaceful environment.

  1. Horse Rhythm Foundation

602 432 2009

  • Horse Rhythm Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization created by veterans for veterans and first responders. The foundation provides Equine Assisted Services in an effort to bridge the gap between traditional healing methodologies and true whole-being wellness of the mind, body, and spirit for veterans suffering from war-time afflictions.

  1. Wounded Warriors

  • The Wounded Warrior Project was established to provide tangible, practical support for the wounded-helping them to heal both physically and mentally.

  1. Arizona VA Vet Centers

Mesa location:

Phoenix location:

West Valley Center:

3 locations in the Greater Phoenix Valley

  • Vet Centers serve Veterans and their families by providing a continuum of quality care that adds value for Veterans, families, and communities. Care includes individual & group counseling, as well as referrals, outreach and education including Post-Deployment health.

  1. Phoenix VA Health Care System

650 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85012

  • The Phoenix VA Health Care System provides a variety of services at its main medical center and outpatient clinics.

Employment Resources

  1. Department of Economic Security (DES)

Numerous locations throughout the Greater Phoenix Valley

Arizona local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP): (list of locations and contact info)

  • Veterans Program supports veterans in obtaining employment and job training in Arizona.

  1. Arizona National Guard Coalition

Arizona Coalition

5636 E. McDowell Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85008

(602) 267-2534

  • The Arizona Coalition for Military Families is a public/private partnership focused on building Arizona’s statewide capacity to care for and support all service members, veterans and their families. The Coalition fosters cross-sector collaboration between the military, government and community. We invite you to learn more about the Coalition and to contact us at any time if we can be of assistance.

  1. Maricopa Workforce Connection
735 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 134

Gilbert, AZ 85234

602 372 9700
MWC West Valley

1840 N. 95th Ave., Suite 160

Phoenix, AZ 85037

602 372 4200

  • Veterans and civilians can register in the Arizona State job site:

  • Maricopa Workforce Connections offer a number of workshops, such as Interviewing Skills, Job Search Skills, and Resume Workshops.

  • Computers are also available: if you are a veteran be sure to let the front desk know.

Community Resources

  1. Save the Family (East valley)

450 W. 4th Place

Mesa, AZ. 85201

480 898 0228 x110

  • Support Services for Veteran Families is a program to assist low-income veteran families. Must meet certain requirements within target veteran group populations.

  1. Disabled Veterans of America, DAV

DAV Department of Arizona

38 West Dunlap Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85021
Phone: 602-678-0333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting

  • Phoenix chapter, Mesa chapter, Glendale and Scottsdale chapters       end_of_the_skype_highlighting provide support and assistance to disabled veterans throughout the Greater Valley community. The chapters hold fundraisers, as well as other events to benefit the local disabled veteran community. Provides volunteer opportunities, job related opportunities, and other necessary resources to disabled veterans in the greater Phoenix area.

  1. Veterans Court

South Criminal Court Tower

175 W. Madison Courtroom 2D

Every Thursday beginning at 2:30 PM

  • A post-sentencing problem solving court for Veterans who are on probation with Maricopa County Adult Probation

  1. Military One Source

  • Military One Source provides assistance nation-wide to active military, as well as veterans within a 6 month discharge period. For veterans past the 6 month transition timeframe, such veterans can utilize Military One Source through providers like EVVEC.

  1. VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars

National Military Services

1 866 789 6333

  • VFW’s National Military Services supports military families while enduring deployment hardships. There are 3 programs: VFW Unmet Needs, VFW Operation Uplink, and VFW Military Assistance Program.

  • Applicants must have been deployed over the previous 36 months and can receive up to a possible $2,500 in financial support.

  1. Mesa Community Action Network

480 833 9200

635 E. Broadway Rd.

Mesa, AZ 85204

  • For nearly 20 years, MesaCAN (Community Action Network) has served…

…low-income Mesa residents from across the state, maintaining its own 501 (c)3 and Tripartite Board of Directors. This community-oriented program has increased the economic stability of thousands of individuals and families in Mesa by meeting their immediate needs and encouraging safe plans for their future.

  • Can often help with utilities and rent.

  1. Tempe Community Action Network

480 350 5890

2150 E. Orange St.

Tempe, AZ 85282

  • TCAA is Tempe’s “Community Action Program”, assisting residents with services to alleviate poverty, hunger and homelessness. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the underserved in our community. TCAA is managed by an Executive Director and volunteer Board of Directors that live or work in the community.

  1. Vista del Camino

480 312 0058

7700 E. Roosevelt St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85287

  • Vista del Camino provides a variety of services to Scottsdale residents to prevent homelessness, meet the basic needs of individuals and families in crisis, relieve economic and emotional stress and assist individuals to maintain self-sufficiency.

Educational Resources

  1. G.I. Bill:

  • Use this website to apply for your GI Bill educational benefits.

  1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Pin Number:


  • Information on your F.A.F.S.A. can help you with college funding, as well as provide you with a possible opportunity to work as a student worker on campus.

  1. Veterans Upward Bound

Irish Hall A North Wing

1250 S. College Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85287

480 965 3944

  • Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is an educational program designed to meet the needs of the veterans who seek to improve their academic skills in English, reading skills, math and computer literacy. VUB provides free instruction, assists with financial aid and scholarship applications, directs veterans to Veterans Administration services, and helps them connect with the educational institution of their choice.

Additional Resources: Nationwide

  1. The University of Arizona

  • This webpage provides a number of links and resources for Family Support, Financial Assistance, Women Veterans, Counseling Services, Mental Health, Employment Services, Family Support, State Resources, Networking, Disability Services, and News.

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