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E. Momeni1 *, D. afiuni2, gh. Zarei3

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Comparison of grain yield, and some properties of genotypes, wheat bread, drought tolerant, at terminal season Area, Esfahan

E. Momeni1 *, D. afiuni2 , GH. Zarei3

(Received: May 29, 2010; Accepted: December 14, 2010)


The terminal seasonal drought is one of the tensions which reduces yield of wheat in dry and semiarid areas. Farmers In some areas, including Isfahan, resist irrigating for some reasons like ,lack of irrigation water and coincidence of the irrigation steps of wheat final growth with spring planting.,. And this cause water wheat farms be deprived from one or two terminal season irrigation.. This study was performed with the purpose of selecting of genotypes that are effected by terminal seasonal tension drought, with 16 advanced lines of bread wheat that are of the WS-87 series and are among lines of grain Research Department of research institute of spike and seeds reformation and production . under condition of terminal drought tension (stop of irrigation after appearing the first anthesis) and statistical plans, randomized complete block with 3 replications in crops year of 1387-88 in Agricultural Research Station in Kbvtrabad Isfahan. Studied Traits, seed performance and component performance including number of spikes in unit of area, number of grains per spike and grain weight, and also days traits to heading and days to physiologic maturity were studied. Results showed that differences between numbers from functional point and number of spikes per unit of area ,seed weight , days to heading and days to physiologic maturity at the level of 1 percent error, and number grain per spike, at the level of 5 percent error were noticeable WS-87-15, WS-87-2, WS-87-8 and WS-87-16, lines hat maximum performance with respectively 4655/3, 4505/3, 4486 and 4241/7 kg in the Hktart, and are in a shared statistical group. lowest performance in this study refers to , WS-87-3 line , with the rate of 3383/3 kilograms per hectare that is placed at the E statistical group. According to the performance of components, genotype WS-87 -15 is introduced as most appropriate genotypes for drought stressful conditions, terminal seasonal drought tension conditions.
Key words:wheat, dry tension, genotype, performance

1 - Master of Agriculture Student, Islamic Azad University, meybod Unit1

2 – Faculty Member, , Agricultural Research Center andNATURAL RESOURCES , Isfahan

3 – Professor Assistant, Islamic Azad University, Meybod Unit

*: Corresponding Author, Email:


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