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Phone Class week 6

October 10, 2013

During the week

Apps to make you smarter
Light bulb buying guide

Replacing a 40-watt bulb: look for at least 450 lumens
Replacing a 60-watt bulb: look for at least 800 lumens
Replacing a 75-watt bulb: look for at least 1,100 lumens
Replacing a 100-watt bulb: look for at least 1,600 lumens

I bought an iPhone 5s, but I returned it the next day
iPhone 5S users report 'Blue Screen Of Death' reboots
Apps on iPhone 5S more crash-prone than other models
Ever wonder if there was some way to protect your smartphone or tablet from water and other liquids


Sometimes auditory processing can be resource intensive – that’s why you should not talk on the phone while driving.
CNet: Our 5 favorite alternatives to the iPhone
Where Windows Phone should go from here
Aviate: an always-changing, intelligent home screen for Android – think about privacy
Pay attention – is it disinformation???

Taskmasters: how Israeli intelligence officers helped inspire the look of iOS 7 see below

Android app - To-do List & Task List

iOS app - To-do List & Task List
Meet Siri

During the class

folders android
folders ios
how do i sync ios7 outlook 2010
itunes playlist to android

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